Payoneer for ClickBank Payments – Hope at Last for Kenya and Other Countries Not in ClickBank List

Receive ClickBank Payments with Payoneer
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This post is both for Kenyans and other countries that are not in ClickBank’s list of countries. There is some hope for affiliate marketers from these countries in terms of joining ClickBank, promoting stuff and getting ClickBank payments through Payoneer.

Affiliate Marketing is the Way to Go

As most of us may know, you may not earn enough money doing active freelancing. The best way to get some passive income online is to do affiliate marketing on top of active freelancing (writing, graphic design, web design e.t.c.).

For the longest time, most huge affiliate marketers have been making most of their money from ClickBank. Unfortunately, Kenya is among the countries that are not in ClickBank’s list yet (:.

I have taken a lot of time researching on how Kenyan affiliate marketers can make money through ClickBank. I have also gotten many mails and even calls from people who want to promote ClickBank products but they couldn’t. It was even sadder for those who went ahead and registered on ClickBank, promoted stuff and got commissions; only to realize that they can’t access their cash due to the former 2 check policy.

Difficulty in Accessing ClickBank Cash

ClickBank had a 2 checks policy where before you could add a bank account, you needed to cash 2 checks under your name. In short, if you promoted Affilorama for example and got your $65 affiliate commission, you’d get a check in your mail that would need to be cashed in a country that is in ClickBank’s list. You therefore would not access the cash from Kenya.

Why? Kenya is not in their list of countries. You would need a bank account under your name from one of the countries in their list. In essence, you would need to create a US account under your name and cash 2 checks there before you could add the Global Payment Service from Payoneer. This is the service that will help you receive cash on your Payoneer account.

Good News for Affiliate Marketers Not in ClickBank’s List

On December 6th, 2012. ClickBank announced that it no longer has that 2 check policy. This means that you can go ahead and register a ClickBank account and add the Global Payment Service as your bank account. It also officially announced the fact that you can receive ClickBank payments with Payoneer.

What to Do

As stated before, I will be doing a lot of posts on affiliate marketing. These will hardly be enough since affiliate marketing is a whole ball game on its own.

My advice is you sign up for Payoneer using by clicking on my Payoneer referral link here. Once your account is approved, you’ll get access to the Global Payment Service (sort of a virtual US account). This will enable you to receive payments from lots of sources such as ClickBank, Amazon and many others.

Final Thoughts

Kenya is still not in ClickBank’s list of countries therefore we still remain hopeful.

The fact that ClickBank accepts Payoneer is great since it gives some possibility of Kenyans receiving their commission through ClickBank one day.

However, I don’t encourage you to join ClickBank yet since we’re officially not supported. My role here was to just break this news and hope that soon we will be added into the ClickBank list of countries.

Meanwhile, I recently contacted ClickBank requesting them to add Kenya. They stated this may be done soon but didn’t indicate the time. I will follow up with them and ask whether Kenyans can start promoting products using the Payoneer option. Once I get the official communication, you’ll be the first to know!