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Hey, I'm Walter!

Welcome to FreelancerKenya

My name is Walter Akolo and I am a freelance writer, techpreneur and internet marketer. I am also the founder of FreelancerKenya which is a friendly website focused on helping Kenyans to make money online.

Transitioning into Freelance Writing

Online freelancing is fast becoming a lucrative trend. Many people are making money online working from home. Some, like me, even quit their full-time jobs and pursued their dreams online.

So how can you make money online using your writing talent?

First, join my FREE mini-course for writers, and I’ll be sending you valuable emails. To join, simply add your name and email below and click sign me up.

FREE Mini-Course for Writers

Second, check out the different articles on the site.

FreelancerKenya will take you through a lot of information on how you can make money online. You’ll also get tips and tricks about online withdrawals, and freelancing websites, among other things.

My main goal is to create millionaires who are making most of their money online.

If you are not a Kenyan, don’t worry, the tips you’ll get here at FreelancerKenya can work wherever you are. Therefore, make sure you memorize the name of this blog and bookmark it.

Kindly note that if you purchase anything through the affiliate links here, FreelancerKenya may receive some referral commission which will be highly appreciated. It’s at no cost to you, but it keeps us going.

Get ready for epic posts that will definitely help you grow and develop your online empire.

Why Should You Read from Me?

Why FreelancerKenya

Well, I am a Kenyan freelancer making a full-time living online. Therefore, I have the experience needed to help you to become successful. Here are reasons why you should keep it FreelancerKenya:

  • Expertise: I don’t just work online. I am a successful freelance writer and internet marketer.
  • Experience: I am an experienced freelancer who went through the same problems that you may be going through.
  • Communication: I strive to respond to all comments, questions, emails, Facebook messages and Tweets. Consider me your personal coach.
  • Concern: I started this blog after having major challenges in my online businesses. I therefore decided to do something to make sure no one else goes through what I went through. It is my business to make sure you succeed online!

Don't Hesitate! Talk to Me

In case you have any questions or comments. Feel free to send me an email at You can also connect with me via social media.

Once again, remember to subscribe to my free mini-course for writers below to get outstanding real-time updates.

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