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Today is Jamhuri Day and Kenya turns 50.

We thank God for bringing us this far.As we celebrate this great day, there are a lot of great stuff flying around. Below are some great news from the above named sites.


I have just launched my new eBook called Top-Level Freelancing and Internet Marketing in Kenya. It talks about how you can get top clients and start earning consistent income as an internet marketer.

Top level freelancing and internet marketing in kenya

It goes for only Sh. 1,000. To purchase simply send the cash to 0720754933 and I will email you the eBook. You also get 3 more eBooks including my former eBook as bonuses.

Additionally, I have reduced my PayPal withdrawal rates to become among the lowest in the country. Click here to learn more.

ePay-Kenya Affiliate Program

I am elated to announce that the ePay-Kenya affiliate system works perfect. I have been their affiliate (top affiliate :)) For the last few months and today I received my first affiliate commission. As usual, I strive to test things before I refer them to you.

For those who do not know what this means, if you refer anyone to ePay-Kenya and they sign up with your affiliate link, you will be getting 0.5% commissions from each of their withdrawals. Here is the link to sign up to ePay Affiliates.

Skrill Unleashes the Skrill to M-PESA Service

Skrill just announced a new Skrill to M-Pesa service. This is an official service where you transfer cash from your account to an M-Pesa account and it’s available instantly.

iWriter will Deposit “Free” Money to Your Account

Yes, if you have an iWriter account, they can deposit money directly to your account. This will be as a reward to you spreading word about them. Click here to learn more about this.



Join us, get two free eBooks and get valuable insights that go beyond the articles posted here.


  1. Amoit says

    Thanks for the information, its enlighting, though will you please help me get a reliable e-writing job? I hate office centred works….

  2. edwin says

    You have good advise. I used to post articles at but have earned little. Help me find somethng or a website that an amature like me can make somethng

    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi Edwin. You can start by freelancing through sites like and then in future you can create your own money making blog.

  3. says

    Having worked online for many years i can only say “brilliant idea” You are god sent. I will start using these service as soon as possible.

  4. Eng Kigunda says

    Hi Walter,

    am a Kenyan in Rwanda with lots of free time in the evenings, internet access and laptop. advise me on where to start on this internet business.

    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi Eng Kigunda. I would advice you start by joining my mailing list so that you can be getting free updates on how to make money online. You also need to identify your where your passion lies. Are you a writer? Graphics person? Web designer? Finally, you need to decide how much you want to make per month. These will help me to be able to help you more.

  5. edwine omburo says

    A bonus complementary for the host brethren Walter.My subscription tags would be, perhaps my company and I may have perched behind by the call of time for the anticipations of a basic blogging site for Kenyan and more so African pedestrian writers are becoming more of a heart affair rather than the Mind shops Socrates and co used to suggest as food for the soul.Maybe and we’d all agree that ignorance has mapped adjectives on our women who reflect the men there are in the black room of our galaxy.
    Encourage our borns dear brethren.

  6. John Mungai says

    Evening walter. Today i signed up for freelancing with iwriter but every time i try to log in i get this comment that it’s forbidden and that i dont have permission to access the server. what would be the problem

    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi John,

      They blocked most mobile IPs. I suspect you are using Orange or Safaricom.

      I suggest you use an Airtel modem and you’ll never have trouble.


  7. mandela says

    I am a SEO writer how can I withdraw from skrill to e-pay Kenya or how can I withdraw my money the best way in Kenya.

    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi Mandela,

      Talk to ePay guys through their support link and they will let you know how you can do that.

      I can also help you out on this. Email me if interested.


  8. Matts says

    Hi Walter,
    Happy new year by the way.
    i have a question about iwriter.
    I have been getting notifications since December on my email account about some requesters sending special requests to me but when i log in to my iwriter account i find no work though it indicates that there are special requests on that bracket.

    How do i go about this because i feel like am jeopardizing my relationship with the requesters as well as loosing on great potential of earning.
    thanks in advance

    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi Matts,

      Sorry for what’s happening. You may have to contact iWriter support for best information on this.

      There may be two issues. 1. The requesters send the projects to many writers at once so others pick before you or 2. there is an error with the system.

      Support should sort you out.

      • Ambrose says

        Hi Walter, your input is again spot-on. I also had an issue similar to Matts’ and when I contacted the client, he confirmed that he sends a special request to several writers so that the work gets done in the shortest time possible. The only option for Matts is to be more vigilant in monitoring his email so that he can write as many of the articles in that special request as he can, before others “snatch” them.

        • Walter Akolo says

          Hi Ambrose,

          I understand. I get that all the time.

          I still believe there may be an error with the site since there is a specific client who even if I go immediately I receive the email, I still find the article unavailable.

  9. Yvonne says

    Hi Walter, hv read your infromative article. I however no idea how or where to start.Hv never done tis kind of thing before but need the money badly.Willing to learn and learn fast.Whwere do i begin.Yvonne

    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi Yvonne. Don’t worry about it looking all jumbled up right now. All you need to do is decide on where to start. You can buy my latest eBook which will guide you with all you need to know about freelancing and internet marketing. The difference is that freelancing can give you instant cash but needs constant work while internet marketing may take time to build but eventually will give you more passive income. Feel free to ask more questions.

  10. Jarred says

    Hey Walter,

    i believe that you are well and anticipating good tidings in the new year 2014. i would like your candid advice before i make a withdrawal. i have some dollars in my paypal account and would like to withdraw. However, am not sure between payoneer and equity withdrawal system, which will give me more cash and less expensive. kindly advice hoping that the equity system is working. May God bless you cz you have been a rare diamond for us freelancers. Thanks.

    • Walter Akolo says


      It doesn’t work. I’ll post an update when it does. Feel free to join my mailing list on the sidebar to get regular updates.

    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi Felix. I just confirmed with Safaricom that Srkill to MPesa direct doesn’t work. It is advertised by Skrill but doesn’t reflect on M-Pesa’s side. If you follow the instructions on the Skrill website, the money will just end up in someone else’s Skrill because they will be asked to open a Skrill account.

  11. Omande says

    Very informative piece.. However, I need your help in tweaking my airtel internet connection so as to boost my speeds. Came across a post you put up on the group “Business 101” on fb when you mentioned you get better speeds with airtel… Thanks!

    • Walter Akolo says

      Thanks Omande. Yeah, Airtel is the best. You can go to settings, then network settings and select “UMTS only”. This way, it will always run on a 3G network.

    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi Chris. I’ve looked at it. It doesn’t seem to work. I have contacted their support team and will update you once I’ve gotten a response.

    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi Victor,

      The bonuses come with the new eBook. However, go through the one you bought and feel free to ask questions.

      My aim is to make sure you make it online therefore feel free to ask as much as you’d want on email.

      You can make a decision to either read the first one, finish and implement or buy this one and read both. Let me know what you think.

  12. matts says

    hey walter
    hope you are doing great and thanks for the update about the book (i am buying it soon)
    however my question is since you have been in this industry relatively long could you tell the peak and off-season days for article writing jobs especially on elance and iwriter?

    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi Matts,

      Thanks for your kind words. I’ll appreciate the purchase. In fact, I will appreciate more seeing you earning more online.

      There are no peak and off seasons in article writing. It’s not like academic. Jobs are almost evergreen.

      iWriter sometimes has less jobs due to too many writers so sometimes the queue is relatively empty. Try being nocturnal and you’ll get more jobs.


    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi Hellen,

      Thanks for your comment. Please feel free to browse around and you’ll learn a lot.

      In case you’re interested you can buy the book or training from me for more guidance. Meanwhile, you can take your time and browse around for ideas.

      Always, always feel free to ask questions.

  13. says

    This is interesting about mpesa-skrill transactions. Does it mean that if I have cash in my skrill account I can send the same to my phone using the mpesa option. That would mean no need of the long withdrawal procedures.

    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi Millicent,

      Apparently, you can’t send it to your own M-Pesa, you have to send to someone else. According to the site (link above), it should get to their phone instantly. However, I am testing the service to see how it works and will get back to you.


  14. Laban says

    I am kinda new to freelancing. Been writing articles for oDesk and iwriter for a while, yes I pay my bills but I want something bigger or more financially lucrative.I Stumbled on your blog and as much as I find it informative, I would like to know if there is indeed a potential of making freelancing a career. I mean a long term thing for a rookie like me would be interested in rather than pen push for some company, paying me minimum wage.
    So really my question is, will getting your ebook able to transform my earnings to 50k as you say?
    What are the main advantages of your ebook? Is it something I go home, take hours to read read and not able to understand, a money back plan or guarantee?

    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi Laban,

      I appreciate your comment.

      I am glad you stumbled upon my blog.

      Yes, getting the eBook and implementing what it says will help you to earn 50k and above.

      The main advantage is that the tips I put in there help you to stop being a normal freelancer to a top freelancer. You learn how you can get top clients who pay more than clients in sites like oDesk. I also train you on how you can earn passive and active income as an internet marketer.

      The money back guarantee works like this – if you read, implement and after 6 months you feel like it was not of help to you. You can ask for your money back.

      However, as you read, you are free to ask for my guidance through it.

      Thanks and feel free to ask more questions.

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