How To Withdraw Money From PayPal In Kenya

How To Withdraw Money From Paypal In Kenya

So how can one withdraw money from PayPal?

This post was last updated on 23rd June 2015 and gives you current and most accurate information on how withdrawal from PayPal is done.

The Problem

PayPal withdrawal has been one of the toughest things for most freelancers to get by.

Unfortunately, most of the very professional freelancing websites pay by PayPal. Therefore, getting this cash from the internet to M-Pesa, local bank account or via a Kenyan ATM has been one of the most sought after services.

Due to the laws of demand and supply, there are a few who have discovered loopholes and gotten a lot of money through withdrawing PayPal cash for others and charging them insane commissions.This post will help protect you from such people while directing you to Kenya’s most trusted PayPal withdrawal options.

The worst problem is that many people have been scammed through fake PayPal withdrawal services. Make sure you read this post carefully so that you’re never scammed.

The Myths

Don’t let anyone lie to you that there is a bank in Kenya that will help you withdraw your money from PayPal. It is still impossible to go to PayPal, click “withdraw” and have the money in a Kenyan bank account.

Browsing through the internet, you will see a lot of sites talking about direct PayPal withdrawal through Safaricom’s M-Pesa Prepay Safari card, or the KCB Prepaid Debit Card. Well guess what? All these are not true.

What these cards will do is they’ll help you buy stuff online through Visa but not direclty withdraw PayPal cash. You can also link them to PayPal when verifying your PayPal account.

The Truth

There are four real methods that you can use to withdraw money from PayPal in Kenya. These are:

  1. ePay-Kenya and other PayPal to M-Pesa services
  2. Payoneer – A trusted method that no longer works for new applications
  3. Equity Bank
  4. My services

The only direct withdrawal method is withdrawing through Payoneer, the rest are all indirect.

 1. How to Withdraw Money From PayPal Through ePay-Kenya and Other PayPal to M-Pesa Services

I single out ePay-Kenya since it is the among most trusted out of all these Kenyan PayPal to M-Pesa services. The others may work, but you’ll need to be extra cautious with them. Check them out here. 

Here I’ll only cover ePay-Kenya since I have your best interests at heart.

To register, simply go to their website and sign up. After that you’ll need to submit a scanned copy of your ID (both sides) to When they receive your scanned ID, your account will be verified.

With a verified account, you will be able to “withdraw” your money from PayPal.  Just send them an email through the email address above or their online ticketing system and they will walk you through how you’ll be able to receive your cash in Kenya.

Advantages of Using ePay-Kenya

  • You get the cash within an hour or two via M-Pesa which makes it the a very fast, trusted method of PayPal withdrawal in Kenya
  • They will never scam you
  • They have a great support team
  • You can set it up easily and quickly. I personally set it up and withdrew in a couple of hours.
  • They can send the cash to your M-Pesa, Skrill, Airtel Money and Chase Bank accounts among many others options
  • You get to take advantage of the numerous ePay-Kenya services.

Disadvantages of ePay-Kenya

  • They have high commission rates. Currently, they charge 9% plus 3.0 USD from the time you start withdrawing to the time the cash is in your phone. Remember M-Pesa will also charge you to get the actual cash therefore cutting off an additional percentage.
  • You can only withdraw up to 500 USD in the first month after signing up. This amount is too low for some big-time freelancers who earn thousands of dollars per month.

2. How to Withdraw Money from PayPal using Payoneer

Unfortunately, this method was stopped by PayPal in 2014. It no longer works for new applications. Guys who were using it earlier can still continue using it.

Payoneer is a friendly payment processor that is accepted by many freelancing websites, online payment platforms and even PayPal itself used to accept it. It is the most trusted and ONLY method of withdrawing PayPal money directly. Here, I mean that it is recognized by PayPal and you can withdraw by going to PayPal and clicking “withdraw”.

To use this method, you first need to apply for the Payoneer MasterCard which can be used to withdraw money from ATMs worldwide, including here in Kenya. This card is also provided by other major freelancing websites.

It is not mandatory to get the card through a partner website, you can click here to apply for the Payoneer MasterCard. Note that applying for this card through any of my links will earn you a free $25 once your cumulative withdrawal adds up to $100.

Currently, when you apply for the card, you also automatically apply for the US payment service. It is this service that will help you to withdraw money from PayPal.

In case you already have the card as you’re reading this and don’t  have the US Payment Service, simply send an email to Payoneer through their online contact form and they’ll get you sorted out real quick. You can also feel free to call or chat with them.

Advantages of Using Payoneer’s US Payment Service

  • You are given an actual account number which you will fill on PayPal‘s withdrawal page. Therefore you don’t need to worry about PayPal closing your account due to the use of indirect methods. Once you withdraw, the cash comes directly to your Payoneer card and you can withdraw through local MasterCard branded ATMs (Currently Barclays, PesaPoint and CfC).
  • They have negligible commissions. You only get charged 1% and then withdrawal at the ATM will cost you $3.15. Another charge is the $30 activation charge which will be deducted once as soon as you have that cash in your Payoneer account.Their figures are still very good since if you are using ePay-Kenya and you withdraw $200 per week, you are giving them more than $20 every week in commissions. With Payoneer, you’ll be giving them less than 5 dollars a week if you are withdrawing the same amount.
  • You can withdraw the cash through any MasterCard ATM worldwide.
  • You can also use the card to buy stuff online.
  • You have no limit to the amount of cash you can withdraw.
  • Click here for more benefits of the Payoneer card. When checking out that post, you’ll realize that it is verified by Payoneer staff in the comments section.

Disadvantages of the US Payment Service

  • When you withdraw the cash from PayPal, you will get it after 3 business days. Therefore, if you withdraw the cash on Tuesday, you’ll get it on Friday morning, assuming no US holiday falls in between. This period may be too long for some people.
  • After application, it takes one month for you to receive the Payoneer card in Kenya. The one month may also seem too long for some.

3. Equity Bank

Equity Bank is the latest and cheapest option for withdrawing PayPal cash. For more about Equity PayPal withdrawal, click here.

4. My Services

I also provide PayPal withdrawal services. The main thing about my services is the fact that you’ll get the best dollar rates out there (second to Equity). Click here for more about this.

Bottom line

All these methods are great for withdrawal in Kenya.

It may be advisable to have all these accounts ready since that way, if you have an emergency you can make a quick withdrawal via ePay-Kenya.

On the other hand, when withdrawing volumes of cash, you can use Equity or Payoneer due to the low commissions. Remember Payoneer no longer works for new applications.

The Equity option is also great for those who would want to access loans in future…and you know how hard it is for freelancers to get loans.

My services are great for those still waiting for their Payoneer cards but still want great dollar rates.

At the end of the day, the great thing is that these are legit ways through which you can withdraw money from PayPal in Kenya without being scammed. You can check out this post on how to bring PayPal money into Kenya for more details.

NOTE: I keep updating the figures above whenever they change both for ePay and Payoneer to reflect the latest charges. Since these figures may keep changing, always feel free to contact the support pages of these sites for further clarification. Also remember that if you apply for the Payoneer card through this link, you get free $25.


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  1. Timothy M says

    Hey man, that’s great Info. Many things have changed since then like No more Paypal to Payoneer transfers. Need to update this. Thanks

  2. Bonface says

    Hallo Walter…

    Just received this email…

    We’re writing to let you know that changes we’ve made to comply with U.S. banking regulations may impact your ability to withdraw funds from your PayPal account. To ensure your future withdrawal attempts to a U.S. bank account are not impacted by these changes, we need your assistance in updating your current address information.

    For security reasons, we can no longer accept a PO Box address on your PayPal account if you wish to withdraw funds to a U.S. bank account. This means if you have a PO Box as your address and you wish to withdraw funds to a U.S. bank account, you will need to provide a street address instead.

    To prevent any delays in completing withdrawal transactions to your U.S. bank account, please update your account with a street address.

    Does Kenya has ‘street address’? if not what can one do in this case? Thanks..


    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi Bonface

      Yes, you can use your physical address e.g. 123, Makongeni, Jogoo Road, Nairobi. It will then work perfectly.

  3. wmuhanga says

    Thanks for the information. I have been doing academic writing on a site I am not sure if it is a legit site. They do not have a facebook page but instead they communicate using skype and e-mails only, can you please help determine if it is legit or not?

  4. joel macharia wachira says

    I am grateful this information.I started using online payment methods soon.Am interested in learning more..

  5. janyce says

    Kudos walter, your blog looks awesome. I never knew we had such great potential in kenya. Also, I never imagined that there were any trustworthy fellows out there. I dream of owning my own blog someday. I think you should write about your success tips when it comes to blogging. It will be very helpful. I think it could also be important to update that epay-kenya has not yet resumed their services.
    Nevertheless, am so glad I withdrew $22.10 today and got the cash instantly. I could not believe it. I never thought it was possible to withdrawal such minimal amount. I will keep with your services whenever the need arises.
    You are really blessed. Thank you such much in helping kenyans with our paypal nightmare!

  6. says


    Good design – and great content – its very inspiring and we are redefining blogging in Kenya. And yes, guys can comfortably get their money from Paypal depending on any described choice above

  7. says

    Very interesting article. Thanks for sharing this post. However, I was wondering how to SEND money using PayPal in Kenya. So far all I am reading discusses WITHDRAWALS. I have someone in India whom I would like to send some funds. Any assistance/advice would be much appreciated.

    • Walter Akolo says


      Sending is easy. As long as your account is verified, put some money in the bank account attached to PayPal, log in to PayPal and send the cash.

      PayPal will take money from your local bank and send it to the recipient.


      • mary wambui says

        well ,actually I meant,,before I used to receive money from abroad via PayPal,to my safari com M-pesa, I was wondering if the same can apply with Airtel? thank you o

        • Walter Akolo says

          Hi Mary,

          There must be some confusion here. You cannot receive money via PayPal to your Safaricom M-Pesa, unless someone withdraws and sends it to you.

          So, you cannot receive via Airtel Money neither.


  8. kennedy Ochieng owino says

    Loved your article and the useful content contained in it. However, I would like to work online and seems like Odesk which apparently takes very long before confirming my job request is doing me a disservice. Could you please help me identify another legitimate online sites which I can work from please

  9. Samuel says

    By the way Walter, what is it with I&M online system nowadays? You reload your Safaricard and they don’t update your balance??? Since back in June, they started by delaying, till u send them an email only then they would update it for you. Now it seems the service is being suspended? I sent two support emails- even called them…they said they are experiencing technical difficulties of which they are repairing. But days later, service is still not functioning. I am already late in doing some online purchases. How frustrating. Is anybody else undergoing this? Thank you.

    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi Samuel,

      I have never heard of this issue. Thanks for letting us know and please keep us posted on how things work out.


  10. Samuel says

    Hi Walter. I am Samuel, and I have undergone all these processes and frustrations of waiting endlessly for Payoneer approval, PayPal saying “you can’t add a bank account at this time”, but patience and insistence won. I finally received the Mastercard 2 months ago. For those encountering the PayPal error, try calling them by phone and/or using the contact webform they use on their website repeatedly. Finally they will do a manual adjustment and add your US bank. Good luck!

    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi Samuel,

      Thanks for your comment. I am glad you received your card.

      You are on point about the PayPal error. Calling them is the simplest option, they sort it out on the call.

      Have a good one :)

    • Calvin says

      Hi samuel, thanks for sharing. I just called them and they helped add US a/c. however, i have not managed to withdraw from paypal to the US bank stating my account is not verified. they need paypal code which they provide by charging a small refundable fee.the problem is, my payoneer card is not funded therefore they can charge my ac.was hoping to transfer from paypal to US bank before I verify ac using did you handle that?

    • Antony Mathenge says

      Oh. Oh.

      I think I spoke too soon.

      I attempted to withdraw 1 US dollar from the pay pal account into my US bank account and the transaction went through.

      Then drama. My account was immediately limited and the transaction reversed.

      I was asked to perform a series of security actions which included confirming my credit card account, change my security questions and a change of password, to which I duly complied to.

      Did I do something wrong? Is the account now limited for the full six month period.

      • Walter Akolo says


        Shocked to read these two posts. First things are fine then the limitation!

        PayPal must have read the “hate” part of your previous post :(

        Anyway, with a limitation, you just have to go with the drill. Follow whatever they say and work closely with them.

        Kindly click here and see if you committed any of the deadly sins that would warrant immediate limitation.

        Let me know how things go.


  11. Antony Mathenge says

    Good evening Walter,

    Finally, I have received my payoneer card after having requested for one through your link.

    However, there is a procedure where I have to fill in my US bank details on my pay pal account’s profile section.

    After filling in the details, I have on three occasions received the following message:

    “You cannot add a bank at this time.”

    Kindly let me know what I am doing wrong.

    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi Antony,

      Thanks for asking. I also appreciate the fact that you used my link.

      You are not doing anything wrong. Kindly click here to see exactly what you can do to sort that out.

      Let me know how it goes.


  12. Matts says

    Hi Walter,
    when you Google the USD in KES rates you tend to get relatively high rates almost on a daily basis compared to the actual rates that payoneer offers. Google gives above 87/= but Payoneer fluctuates between 82 and 85 of course depending on the bank you are withdrawing from.

    However, my question is, what is the actual payoneer withdrawal cost from local ATMs because on their webiste it is stated $3.15 but here I see you are saying it is $2.15. And the annual fee was it really scrapped off?

    Lastly, which is the best local ATM to withdraw payoneer cash based on your experience and dollar rate?

    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi Matts,

      You normally get the current rate with Google (or a Windows 7 Desktop Gadget). Of course MasterCard, just like all the other banks and services, picks its own rate, thus the Sh. 84 that has been there for some time.

      We had the $2.15/3.15 debate with one commenter once. What we ended up realizing is that it is actually $2.15. When you withdraw, go to your account, click on “view transactions” and then click on your latest withdrawal. You’ll see it written “amount less charges of $2.15” or something like that.

      I heard that MasterCard determines the dollar rates so you get the same rates across the ATMs.

      Thanks Matts.

  13. Austin says

    Hi Walter,good work you got on going there..I must say I have gained a lot..ok,am trying to apply for a payoneer mastercard card then this question of home street address comes up..I have gone through the various questions and answers you have provided to the other guys but am still not understanding something..please explain to me how I am to fill in the home street address slot considering the restricted number of characters required in that box..thank you

    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi Austin,

      Thanks for your kind words.

      Just put your actual street address there e.g. Makongeni, Phase 4, Jogoo Road. Don’t use P.O Box for now. Use that on email when they approve your application. You’ll just respond to their email stating that you’d prefer to receive via P.O Box and go ahead and give them the box they should use.

      Don’t worry, they’ve delivered 100s of cards here so they’ll understand.

      Cheers :)

      • Anne says

        Hi Walter,

        My phone cannot support the payoneer app and I would like to know the currency exchange rate that I should use whenever I want to withdraw. Is there a site that I can get the right exchange rate? Kindly assist. Thanks.

        • Walter Akolo says

          Hi Anne,

          Google can help you convert currency. Just Google, 1USD in KES and you’ll get the current dollar rate.

          The MasterCard dollar rate is different though. Right now it is at Sh. 84 per dollar. There is no site that can help you calculate that. Whenever you withdraw, check your Payoneer account and see how many dollars came out then calculate what dollar rate you got them at. That’s how I personally do it.

          I hope this helps.

  14. Derdus says

    Hi Walter.
    I successfully linked my Coop bank visa card but i am not able to add my bank account because i do not know what the routing number is.

    Kind Regards

    • Walter Akolo says


      You can’t add your Kenyan bank account in PayPal, you can only use a US Bank Account.

      Please refer to the post above on how to get the US Payment service.


  15. says

    Hey there,
    Thanks for being honest. For more than three years now I have wondered about how to get money from my paypal account. I have been to all major banks in Kenya, and sometimes bankstaff look at me as though I had sprouted horns in my nose, whenever I enquired about paypal payment.

    I had a oDesk payoneer card (this got lost) but recently I applied for another card. Hoping to get it any time from now. Last time it did not work for me because I did apply for a US bank account. I have already done that now. I have had to live many jobs because the employers insist on paypal payment only

    The article is informative, candid and to the point.

    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi Tom,

      Thanks a lot for your humbling words.

      I am so sorry to know that you’ve suffered this long. I am happy though that you’ve found multiple solutions that work here in Kenya.

      All the best and stay blessed

  16. Matts says

    Hi Walter/Albert

    I am also experiencing the same issue of # digits for PayPal code.How did you go about it bro?

    Thank you

    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi Matts,

      You need to go to the banking hall and get your statement. Take just the latest one. You’ll see PP*CODE1234. Enter the four digits and you’ll be through!

      Let me know how it goes.

  17. Anne says

    Hi Walter,
    Thanks for the link. It was them and that’s how they carry out their transactions. I’ve seen that they are good to use in an emergency because they send within the same day it’s just that they’re are rather costly to be used regularly. I hope my Payoneer card comes soon.

    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi Anne,

      I am glad you were sorted out.

      Your Payoneer card will be in soon. Don’t worry.


      • Anne says

        Hi Walter,
        i received my Payoneer card but it seems Paypal still is having issues as it’s not allowing me to add a bank account or even a new card. I tried chatting with Payoneer guys and what I understood is that I’m supposed to load some funds on the card for it to be accepted but they didn’t give me a clear way to do this. How do I go about using funds in my Paypal account to activate my Payoneer card?

        • Walter Akolo says

          Great to hear you finally received it Anne.

          Kindly click here to see how to sort out the problem you’re experiencing.

          Payoneer usually does not allow you to link your card till you have received some funds. Just use your local ATM cards for now with PayPal. The above link should help you with the bank account option.

          Let me know if that helps.


          • Anne says

            Hi Walter,
            Thanks a lot for the link. I followed the info and at first it didn’t work when they made the changes but the second time it worked yaaay :). I now have a US account. What is the next step to follow? Can I withdraw funds from Paypal to the account and use the payoneer card at a KCB ATM or how do I go about withdrawing?

          • Walter Akolo says

            Hi Anne,

            That is brilliant news. I am glad it worked.

            You cannot withdraw at a KCB ATM as of now but you can withdraw to the account, then use the Payoneer card at a Barclays, CfC, PesaPoint or I&M ATM.

            To withdraw from PayPal, just add the bank account to “Profile” then be going to “Withdraw” whenever you want to withdraw it.

            Let me know if you have any more questions.

  18. Anne says

    Hi Walter,

    I have applied for the Payoneer card but i haven’t received it yet so in the meantime i’d like to use ePay. I have completed the registration and I’m even verified. Now to withdraw I receive mail telling me to go to a web address they’ve given me and select an item valued at the amount given then follow instructions. Is that the normal procedure to get the money or is this someone else who has intercepted their site and I’ll be purchasing stuff online that I don’t want nor need as opposed to getting my money? Please advice. Thanks.

  19. M Quest says

    Hi Walter, I used your link to apply for the Payoneer card. The thing is, I did not see a check box to tick for me to automatically be registered for the US Payment Service. I will try sending them an email as you have suggested in earlier posts. After sending the email, is there anything else am supposed to do or is that it?
    I also tried verifying my Paypal with my equity bank visa card with no avail. I am made to understand the Payoneer card can be used to do that.

    • Walter says

      Hi there,

      After you send the email Payoneer guys will communicate back and tell you what to do.

      You can’t verify PayPal with the Payoneer card: call Equity and ask them to enable your card for online transactions.


  20. Bonface says

    Hallo Walter, I have just applied for Payoneer card and it has been approved waiting for its delivery. My question is related to Paypal; how can i verify the account? Can i use payoneer card to verify? if not, which specific cards can i use to verify? Thanks…

    • Walter says

      Hi Bonface,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I am glad the Payoneer card has been approved.

      To verify your PayPal account, you’ll need to use your local ATM, you can’t verify using the Payoneer MasterCard.

      Here’s what you’ll do:

      Check the back of your ATM card and call your bank to see if its enabled for online transactions. If not ask them how to do it or register with another bank such as Equity where the card is automatically enabled.
      – Login to PayPal and click on “Link and Verify Credit Card”
      – Follow the prompts.

      Let me know how it goes.

      • Bonface says

        Thanks for the response. Now, another question, I got this from payoneer, “Your card will be shipped by Regular mail”. Does this mean they will use my P.O Box, or what is this “regular mail”…..

        • Walter says

          Hi Bonface,

          Thanks a lot for your question.

          I can’t be sure. You’d have to ask them in a response and the good people there will sort you out.

          Let me know how it goes.

          Cheers :)

  21. Tox Connoisseur says

    Hi Walter. I want to apply for this Payoneer US payment Service. But I have a few questions. First, how can I get them to send me the card via p.o box and not street address since street addresses are a myth in Kenya. Second, can I wait for the card and use it to verify my Paypal account in Kenya? Third, how long will I have to wait? Thanks

    • Walter says


      1. Use street address on application. When they send you the approval mail. Respond by telling them to send via P.O Box and give them the details. They already know that so that’s no biggie.

      2. You can’t use the card to verify your PayPal account. For that you’d need a local card. Simply do the following.

      – Check the back of your ATM card and call your bank to see if its enabled for online transactions. If not ask them how to do it or register with another bank such as Equity where the card is automatically enabled.
      – Login to PayPal and click on “Link and Verify Credit Card”
      – Follow the prompts.

      3. You will have to wait for a month.


      • Tox Connoisseur says

        Much appreciated. I have just applied through your link and hope I will receive the bonus when my account is active. However, I am unable to apply for the US payment service because on clicking the link, a Microsoft outlook email starts. Do you apply for the Us payment service via email, if so what details do you send? Thanks

        • Walter says

          Thanks for applying through my link. You’ll also get the bonus!

          For US Payment service, yes, you apply via email. Just say that you want to apply for the US payment service, one sentence is enough.

          They’ll take it from there.


  22. samuel says

    Hi Walter, i need your help in withdrawing money from my paypal account. Just started some freelancing work and am being paid in euros. That said, i was wondering if you deal in euros. Thanks

  23. Maya Kihiu says

    Hi Walter.

    Firstly, I’m begin to feel the beginnings of an addiction to your site. If it wasn’t for this page, I would be fretting and sulking about how I can’t get my money from paypal so thanks. On that note, I used your link for a payoneer card but I am wondering if I should give them my p.o box address instead of my physical address since they said they would send it via “regular mail”? Which did you use to get yours?

    • Walter says

      Hi Maya,

      I am glad you found my site useful. I used my Box address. When you reply to one of their mails, just tell them you’d want to receive it via P.O. Box. They’ll ask you some few questions, answer them and you’ll get your card in a few short weeks.

      Thanks once again and feel free to ask more questions.

  24. says


    Avoid Nationhela At ALL costs. I had a balance of 1k and on Saturday I loaded my card with 12k, to my surprise When I checked my balance an hour later, it was 11k. I called them and they told me some crap about my card having a negative balance before I loaded it.

    I called them continuously, yesterday I even went to their card center at Nation Center 8th Floor and talked to several of their agents. They promised me they would generate a statement end of day and update my balance accordingly.

    As of now NOTHING. In their online portal all my last month’s transactions are not showing.

    This is the 3rd time they are doing this to me. Last time I assured them I would not leave their offices if they did not give me my money. They eventually had to after they realised I wasn’t going anywhere, which is more proof that they know what they are doing and it may be deliberate planned system failures to steal a few hundreds or thousands from clients that may in the midst of many transactions go unnoticed. Unluckily for them I check every single line of my statement

    • Walter says


      I know NationHela has disappointed people before but I never thought they could stoop this low.

      I am so so so sorry Omar for what you’ve gone through. Thanks for updating us on that and I hope they up their game so that they can save their already tainted name.

      I hope things are now sorted out.

      • says

        Imagine The money was to buy my younger sister her wedding dress :(

        Alhamdulilah(Thanks Be to Allah) I got my Payoneer card, unfortunately None of the U.S dollar ATMs were working. I had to settle for KSh at bad rates :(

        I opened a USD account with Gulf African Bank (No monthly fees 😀 )
        For large amounts I’ll be doing a bank transfer directly from On oDESK it’s free to transfer to kenya 😀

        • Walter says

          Sorry once again about the money. I really hope all goes well.

          I am happy to hear you finally got your card. The rates should be the best in the market so far.

          Let us know how it goes with Gulf and the direct transfers.

  25. says

    Btw, out of topic,

    Has anyone ever bought stuff from let’s say ebay or amazon?

    If so, how much did you pay for import fees and agent fees e.t.c ? (For the Tax exempt stuff)

    I’m scared of ordering something then have it end up stuck in KRA and eventually in some rich KRA boss’s kid’s bag

    • Walter Akolo says

      Hey Omar,

      Unfortunately I have not bought anything from eBay. I’ve bought eBooks from Amazon but those do not require shipping. I think it should be smooth though.

      You can try asking Felix Okoli of Make Money Kenya

      He states that he’s bought lots of stuff from eBay.

      Just go to his blog and look for his contacts on the contact page.

      Let me know how it goes.

  26. Zephania says

    Hello Walter, it’s Zephania here, I applied for a Payoneer card through writerbay, but I have not received it. I did send screen-shots of my account on April 16th showing the balance to be paid. They have not responded to that mail up to now. Also what do you know about Webmoney? Is it useful to a Kenyan who may want to transfer money from a writing company like Writerbay?

    • Walter says

      Hi Zephania,

      Sorry you’ve not received the card yet. It normally takes a month after approval for you to get it. You can talk to Payoneer support in case it takes too long.

      Sorry I don’t know about Webmoney and how it works in Kenya. I know Payoneer and Moneybookers have worked well for Kenya for a long time.

  27. says

    Hi guys, awesome post By the way

    This is my 4th Payoneer card I’m ordering. The first one was for oDESK, it apparently reached Kenya But I never got it, so they sent me another one, over an year later I’m yet to get it.

    I then ordered The Freelancer One, this time they added a “Click here if you want your card delivered via P.O Box” Section, So I’m hoping I get This one this time round.

    And Oh yeah, I ordered another via your link. If I get both I’ll decide which to keep, freelancer or This one(I’ll load 100$) for the bonus. The Freelancer Card is cheaper 9.95$ initial fee, then 1$ per Month if I’m not wrong.

    Another Thing, a pal of mine, a developer who works on freelancer a lot told me he withdraws in U.S dollars from some Bank’s ATM here, I think he told me it was Chase Bank. He tells me you better better rates (Only significant if you are withdrawing over 200$)

    • Walter says

      Hi Omar,

      Thanks for your comment.

      4th Payoneer card? I really hope you get it this time around. About the fees, I believe Freelancer Payoneer card should be the same to the normal Payoneer Card, unless things have changed. The monthly fee is usually between $1 and $3 depending on your level of activity.

      I’d really like to know which ATM withdraws in USD. Kindly confirm and let us know.

      Cheers :)

        • Walter Akolo says

          Hi Omar,

          I’ve tried a Chase Bank ATM but it doesn’t withdraw in dollars, maybe there is a specific one somewhere. Ati they give loans in dollars? Will find out more about that.

          Otherwise, once you clarify things, feel free to post back here.

          Cheers :)

          • says

            Hi all. I hope I can be of help here. ePay is an agent of Chase Bank and we have been with the bank for 12 years now and never heard of USD ATM or USD load facilies. I will however make one phone call tomorrow (Monday 1st July) to the Head office to confirm this and will certainly post the response here.

          • Walter Akolo says

            Hi Esther.

            Thanks a lot for the comment. We will appreciate your most valued feedback tomorrow.

            Blessed Sunday.

          • Esta of ePAY says

            As promised, here is the confirmation: USD ATMs, negative; Loans in USD, positive.

  28. Dennis says

    Hi Walter,
    It’s me once again. I got the bonus this morning $25 did you get? I am now fine and happy.

    • Walter says

      Hi Dennis,

      I am sure it feels really great to have gotten that. I am happy for you also.

      Yes, I also got the bonus at the exact same time when you got yours. Payoneer guys are doing an awesome job :)

  29. Dennis says

    Good evening Walter,
    System test complete. Payoneer took their close to $30 today. Our local KCB ATM never worked with my card. I had to go to next town to look for another ATM machine, I did find Barclays and I asked the soldier to allow me use their ATM. He did, I was glad. I withdrew the money with no difficult. I am now waiting for my $25 bonus. I now want to be very serious with freelancing now that have confirmed the system is working fine. I am even planning to find time and have writing refresher training.
    Thanks for bringing me this far.

    • Walter says

      Hey Dennis,

      Great to hear you’ve completed the test. It seems like not all KCBs work but good to hear you managed with Barclays.

      Are you sure you used my affiliate link to apply? You and I should have received the $25 immediately like the tonnes of others who have used my link. In case you did, you may need to contact Payoneer support they sort you out.

      Good to hear that you are willing to get time and do some training.

      As always, it was my pleasure to be of help.

      God be with you always :)

      • Dennis says

        Year I used a link in this blog I know how Affiliate marketing works so I couldn’t have gone anywhere. You need to know that I didn’t load all the money to the card since I was testing the system. So am sure it has not reached $100 but you wait in a few days I will load again and the bonus will come.

        • Walter says

          Oh okay Dennis. I’m sure that now that you’ve found out it’s working fine you’ll be using it for all your PayPal needs.

          Cheers :)

  30. Dennis says

    Hi Walter, its me
    I did exactly how you directed me to do. I loaded my card but they’ve not cut their annual fee why? because i thought that is the first thing they should do. Another thing is this, in addition to the $30 the card is supposed to chew, how much can I add to that I can the $25 bonus. In this case $70 or $100. I want to walk to our Local ATM with caution which banks you mean any ATM as long as Mastercard branded you mean equity, KCB or Coop this are only banks in my village.

    • Walter says

      Hi Dennis,

      Unless they changed their system today, they should cut the $30 activation fee. Just log in to Payoneer and see how much is there.

      To get the free $25, load $100. After you withdraw you’ll get the $25.

      All ATMs with MasterCard signs should work apart from Equity. So, in your case, KCB should do. Others to look out for include I&M, CfC, Barclays or PesaPoint.

      Let me know how it goes.


  31. Antony says

    Good afternoon Walter,

    I have just visited and found the following message on their home page.

    We regret to inform our customers that we will be suspending Paypal withdrawal services with effect from Monday 8th April 2013. We will announce the resumption in due course. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Do we have a problem here that we should be aware about?

    What are your thoughts.



    • Walter says

      Hi Antony,

      Yes, they have posted that update and just like it says, they’ll inform us when they resume their services.

      I also put up the update on top of this post and another one to make readers aware.

      ePay-Kenya always does a great job and I’m sure they’ll be back soon.

      Cheers :)

      • Anne says

        Hi walter, I love the articles.

        I have a problem i’d like you to help me with. I have an account on and the payoneer mastercard. some clients however pay me through paypal. i cannot be able to withdraw cash from paypal to my mastercard, yet it is verified. I have contacted freelancer and they say it should be able to.

        I am still waiting for payoneer to respond to the US payment system. In the mean time, how can i get my cash from pay pal to payoneer?

        Thank you.

        • Walter says

          Hi Anne,

          Sorry for the challenge you are facing.

          The only way to send money from PayPal to Payoneer is through the US Payment service. Once they respond to your request, they’ll tell you exactly how you should do it. You can initiate a live chat with Payoneer right now and they’ll tell you the status of your US Payment service application.

          Meanwhile, you can use my services or other PayPal to M-Pesa services to get your cash. In a few days/weeks, you should have your US Payment service and will be able to withdraw cash easily from PayPal to Payoneer.

          I hope that helps.

  32. Dennis says

    Okay now! I have the payoneer card with me I have activated fine! but I don’t understand anything more than that. I have tried going paypal to send money there but don’t understand a thing. Guys if you’re still there just tell me how to proceed I have been depending on you so much anyway complete the job. Help me load this card.

    You know I thought this card was just like the local ATMs but its very different, my friend said this is a smart card is it true? Mine is also very brittle than a local ATM, which is abit hard. Anyway if anyone doesn’t have this card let them know they’re missing something nice. In fact, this month I have freelanced very little this month but when I saw this card was motivated, I have to fill it with money.

    • Walter says

      Vipi Dennis,

      Good to hear you got the card. Below are some simple steps to help you:

      – Activate the card with the instructions you received
      – Use the US Payment service details you were given to add US Bank account on PayPal
      – When withdrawing cash, click on Withdraw then send to that bank account
      – You can also link the card to Fiverr (if you are a level 2 seller), Freelancer, Elance etc.

      Let me know how it goes.


  33. gabriel says

    Hey walter..You mentioned that 30 Dollar is charged to your payoneer account once you load that amount…What if you load less than 30 dollars to the account will it still be charged?

  34. Walter says

    Just open both right now. Both will be active immediately but you’ll get your Payoneer card in a month.

    Your Co-op card should work fine. Just do as the article says.

    It will take you 1 month 3 days to make the first withdrawal then the rest will be in 3 day intervals. More details on these methods in the article below:

  35. Dennis says

    As new as I am in Freelancing between opening PayPal account and Payoneer/US Service account which one should I start with which one takes long to own. Exactly how many days will take for me to withdraw after I start applications. I have Co-op bank Visa atm card can I use this or I need to open a fresh co-op junior innovators account. Your help is appreciated.

  36. Dennis says

    I have loved the article as the newest freelance writer you can imagine how help full in this blog from all bloggers and their posts. thank your very much on my way to payoneer

  37. benleem says

    Hi Walter,
    Hope you have been well. Just collected my Payoneer card today, activated it and added it to my Paypal account and waiting confirmation but all is ok. I give God the glory for that. I’m sure it will help me save almost 2k per withdrawal now. Apart from the $30 one time payment, kuna zingine? Anything else I should do/know?
    Thanks sana sana!

  38. Albert says

    Hi Walter,

    Everything’s fine now; I’m finally verified! In fact, I’ve just made my first withdrawal through Payoneer. I’ll keep you informed when I get the money in my hands after ATM withdrawal. By the way, which companies are the best to write for? Any ideas besides Elance, Freelancer and iWriter? You seem like the person who’d know more. If you continue like this, we’ll vote you in for president!

    Thanks and regards,

  39. Albert says

    Well, I’m already exhausted with the whole Paypal thing; that aside, I’m on M-banking but it’s giving me just three digits. Is there a way to check my statement online (guess I should be asking my bank this)? Well, I may have to go to the banking hall for the statement or wait for it in my mail. I’ll keep you posted. Thank you very much!

    • says


      Sorry about the hustle. The good thing is that you do it once and forget about it. Don’t give up yet.

      In case 3 digits still appear, you can contact PayPal support and ask them for assistance.

      Yeah, please keep me posted on your progress.

  40. Albert says

    Hi Walter,

    According to Paypal, the code should look like this: PayPal*1234 CODE or PP*1234 CODE

    However, what I’ve gotten is *123 i.e. a star and only three digits. How do I go about it? Do I just key it like it is? I’ve already tried twice and failed. The third fail would make them dismiss my card. What should I do?

    • says

      Hi Albert,

      Did you get the statement from an ATM? Make sure the date and time is right. It should start exactly as PayPal instructed and I believe they should all be digits, no star. You may need to rush to the ATM again and get another statement to just clarify.

      I would also advise you register for M-banking, that way you’ll be receiving SMS notifications of your account activities. Personally I got the text with the code in less than one minute.

      Kindly keep me posted.

  41. Albert says

    Hi Walter,

    Albert again. I just used the 16-digit number at the mid-section of my card and it went through. They’ve just charged the $ 1.95. Let me wait for it in my statement. If it goes through, I’ll link and let you know asap.


  42. Albert says

    Hi Walter,

    Like you told me – see 22/08/2012 – I’ve gone to my bank and asked for online banking, which has been granted. However, as I try to use the Equity Bank Visa Debit card, for paypal verification, I get the message, ‘Card Number: You have entered an invalid or partial credit or debit card number. Please check your entry and try again.’ What could be the problem? I thought my verification problems would be over by now. For the card number, I’m using the number right below my name. Please advise.


    • says

      Hi reedfanuel,

      I am so happy that it went through :). I believe it’s not been an easy journey for you.

      To log in, go to and click on “Access my Account”. Use the password they sent you on SMS.

      Remember to also apply for the Payoneer card and the US Payment Service.

  43. benleem says

    Hi Walter. Just received mail from Payoneer approving my card and they will be sending it by late next month. They also sent another mail with US Payment Service information (BANK NAME, ACCOUNT TYPE, ACCOUNT,ABA(Bank Routing Number)) but I have to verify.
    To verify this service and begin receiving payments:
    I have to complete the US Payment Service Questionnaire
    Submit a copy of government-issued photo ID

    Did you all go through this process? What did you fill in the questionnaire.


      • says

        Hi Benleem and Reedfanuel

        Yes, with US Payment Service you have to fill in the questionaire. Reedfanuel, are you on the US Payment Service program? If not you need to apply through the link below:

        It is better if you receive both the US Payment service and your card at the same time.

        Benleem, just fill it in with the correct information. Is there a specific question that you find difficult?

        Feel free to ask any questions?

      • Carol says

        Hi Walter,
        I’m in the same boat as Benleem.
        My question is what direct link do I put in showing an example of my products, services or other online activity?
        I write articles part time but I receive and send the articles via email so I don’t have a link as such.

        • says

          Hi Carol,

          Thanks for your question.

          Do you write the articles for clients from Freelancer, Fiverr or any other website? If you do, then give them the link to your profile page.

          I hope that helps.

  44. George says

    Hello Walter, I see you bought a domain…congrats!! I Great site for Kenyan Freelancers. I visit quite frequently to update myself. Thumbs Up!

    • says

      Hi George,

      Yes, I did. Planning on doing some more upgrades in future.

      Thank you very much for your support. Keep visiting and invite your friends. There are even better things coming up.

  45. says

    Walter, after the hassle i decided on buying nationhela card. hope it will work well for verifying my paypal account though their paypal withdrawal services have been stopped. My question is about the password. Is it the one given during registration ?

  46. says

    Hi Walter, the issue with using the KCB cards has been a daunting task. I have not succeeded in activating my Paypal account. The KCB bank told me that the card are already activated for online transactions so their was no need to activate it.

    • says

      Sorry for that. I guess they want to market their general purpose card and therefore don’t grant access to the rest.

      You can do the following:

      1. Buy the General Purpose for 1k and some monthly fees 2. Buy the NationHela card for Sh. 500, get the Sh. 500 back in the card. Use it to verify PayPal after 3 days. This works fine and may be the easiest option. 3. Join Co-operative Bank, Young Innovators Account (Free to join, no monthly fees). Ask them to grant the card online access and use as soon as you receive your ATM card.

      I really hope that things work out well.

  47. says

    Hi walter, i just called the KCB contactcentre and they told me that they i should buy the general purpose card for online use. this issue is proving to be hell-like. more recommendations?

  48. says

    @Walter and @Benleem, you guys are so great. Thanks for your support all through let me weigh all the options you have provided and find the best option. I will update you when am done with this thing. It is proving to be a daunting task but i will have to undertake the situation. About epay, Benleem, thanks for that good news. They have better services though their fees are high, but we looking forward for the drop.Thanks.

  49. says

    Totally agree Benleem, reed should weigh the options.

    I personally use the normal Visa card. It took me less than 5 minutes to get online access and less than 3 minutes to verify PayPal. I have bought a lot of stuff online with the card with or without PayPal. Below is the link to KCB contact center. Call them now and see if they can grant you access without you having to go there.

    You can also use the NationHela card. Buy it for 500 and get the 500 back in the card. After 3 days you can use it to verify PayPal. Another free option for you there Reed. A friend of mine used it last week and had his PayPal verified in minutes.

    Benleem, thanks for the good news about ePay. I can’t wait to hear about their new rates.

    Many good things coming up on freelancing in Kenya!

  50. benleem says

    The GPS from KCB takes about a week and it comes with a lot of advantages and you hardly need a bank account to use it-some use it as one. However, weigh your options and have Walter’s suggestions, above, in mind. There are so many ways of verifying Paypal. You can even talk to E-Pay for it and I believe it is much cheaper. Be wise about it.

    That reminds me, the word in the street is that Epay will be making adjustments to their charges soon; can’t wait to see whether they beat the problematic Nationhela.

    • says

      Yeah, most don’t know anything about PayPal. Have they granted your card online access? After they grant it, you’ll just go to PayPal and verify yourself. Their role in this is to just give access so that you can be able to make online transactions. Once they grant it you’ll be able to also make non-PayPal transactions. Many guys have successfully linked KCB Cards so don’t worry, it should work out.

      • says

        No Walter, they haven’t. Today i have spend my day at K.C.B but never was it successful.its because they no nothing about it, may be if i could get a reliable person to seek help from. My question is, how can i explain to them so as they can understand or how is it done? I have funds hanging in paypal for long.pls help.

        • says

          That’s so strange. It should take them minutes to do that. Behind your KCB card there should be some contact numbers. Those should lead you to their card center. Call them and ask them how you can go about getting online access.

    • benleem says

      Reedfanuel, do not ask them about a card to verify paypal. Ask for KCB Visa General Purpose Card and for just a thousand bomb, you will be ready to go. I used it to verify Paypal and do some online purchases. The person you contact is specifically from the Card Center and not the usual PR guys you find hapo mbele kwa bank. They will give you their contact including some way of accessing the cards hotline or customer experience center among other things.

        • says

          Hi reedfanuel,

          KCB general purpose card is an option but not the only one. I normally ask why buy when you can get free. There are two cards which you buy for that 1k, the KCB one and another I&M one in case you want to buy. Feel free to either buy or use the one you already have as long as it is branded VISA. Both are in the article above.

          You cannot use Payoneer Card to verify. After verifying PayPal with the option you choose (either free card or the bought ones) you can apply for a Payoneer Card and the US Payment service using the links in the article.

          Keep us posted on how it goes.

  51. Anthony says

    Personaly I wouldnt mind waiting up for three days to save the extra bucks that I would end up losing through epay. Payoneer is my choice. I just dont understand why local banks have been left behind by the new trends in international money transfer.

    • says

      Thanks for your comment Isaac.

      I normally advise readers to exercise caution when using services not endorsed by FreelancerKenya. I hope no one will have a negative experience using kenyapesa.

      All the best in everything 😉

      • Isaac says

        Thanks Walter.

        We do our best to make sure all of our customers have a great experience while using our service.

        Anyone with a question or concern about our services, feel free to contact me on the site.

  52. Albert says

    Hi Walter,
    I just got my Payoneer card and the virtual US account, which I’ve already added to my PayPal account. However, PayPal has limited my account to zero for withdrawals, pending verification. Do you think you can advise me regarding the loading of the Payoneer card? Please PM me so we can talk about finer details. I’m stuck with money on PayPal and I don’t want to use e-pay again. As usual, thanks again for your wonderful insights.

    • says

      Hi Albert,

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

      I am so happy you have received the card. It is quite easy to verify PayPal. What you need to do is first go to your bank and ask them to allow your debit card online access. You can choose either temporary or permanent access depending on your preference.

      Next, go to PayPal and log in. You’ll see a link allowing you to verify your card. Click on that link and follow the instructions. You will need to have at least Sh. 200 for you to verify. PayPal will withdraw this cash from your bank and deposit it in PayPal. Your account will then be verified and you’ll be free to send and withdraw as much as you want.

      All the best :)

      • Albert says

        Many thanks Walter,

        I’ll do just that and start enjoying PayPal withdrawals. I’m so glad because I suffered so much in the past.

        Continue with the good work.

        • says


          I understand what you are saying. PayPal withdrawals in Kenya can be a hustle for someone who does not have this information.

          Stay tuned to the blog. More great stuff coming.

          Thanks and stay blessed.

  53. Albert says

    Hi Walter,
    I just got my Payoneer card and the virtual US account, which I’ve already added to my PayPal account. However, PayPal has limited my account to zero for withdrawals, pending verification. Do you think you can advise me regarding the loading of the Payoneer card? Please PM me so we can talk about finer details. I’m stuck with money on PayPal and I don’t want to use e-pay again. As usual, thanks again for your wonderful insights.

    • says

      You are welcome. Please first of all log in to your Payoneer account and check out the fees which apply. The first withdrawal will be much less then the rest will be smooth. Cheers.

  54. says

    Just spoke to a NationHela customer care dude and he told it is possible to top up my card with any Paypal account. I think it works. I’m still a little bit apprehensive but it happens every time there is a new kid on the block. Happened to me in 2009 when I started using Epay but I have never had a reason to mistrust them. I believe this will work as well. Otherwise I’m really happy for what is happening in our country. Thanks for your continued hardwork and industry, we are the reason everybody wants a chunk of us.

    • says

      Thanks a lot Benleem for looking out. You have been so kind and it has been very sacrificial of you to dig out this information for us.

      I have just read the article and it looks promising. Now what’s left is actual user reviews. From the few comments below that article, guys seem to be complaining of high charges.

      I believe it is a great idea though and that it opens doors for more legit investors to come up and end this major PayPal withdrawal problem that has been with us. I’ll also be gathering more information about it and then add it on my blog with full details.

      Thanks again Benleem and feel free to share more information as it comes.

  55. George says

    Thank you Walter for the feedback, but i see they don’t accept P.O Boxes in their application form, how about that. how will the card be delivered. thanks

    • says

      Most welcome.

      They accept P.O Boxes. Tell them on your email that you wish to use a P.O. Box. They’ll ask for some physical address details. You can give them your physical address, it’s alright for their record keeping reasons. An example would be Something like Makongeni, Block J4, Jogoo Road. After they get those details they’ll agree to send via P.O. Box.

      Feel free to ask any more questions

    • says


      Follow this link to send an email to Payoneer requesting for a MasterCard. They’ll reply with a few questions which you’ll need to answer properly.

      Once they approve your card, even before you receive it in your mail, follow this link to apply for the US Payment service. Alternatively, you can still send them a 2 sentence email requesting for this service (note: do this after they approve your MasterCard)

      Your card should arrive in your postal address within a month. By then your US Payment Service will have already been approved. You’ll be given instructions on how to add this US Bank to your PayPal and will then be able to start withdrawing cash through this service.

      Feel free to ask any more questions

  56. says

    As usual, I put a disclaimer on offers such as the above. FreelancerKenya is not responsible for any losses that accrue from contacting personal commenters for services. You can do it at your own risk. All the best :)

  57. Zeph says

    I have used e-pay to transact money to and from paypal account. I have also used moneybookers (skrill). Skrill is very convenient and the fee charged is low compared to others. I am looking for a way to withdraw from paypal to Skrill, so that I can then withdraw from skrill to my bank account here in Kenya. I have come across this post that claims you can attach a credit or debit card, then transfer funds from Paypal to Your card.
    Check and confirm whether this is true and how are the charges

    • says

      Hi Zeph,
      Thanks for your comment. I have checked out your link. There are some things there that are not true.
      1. You cannot transfer cash from PayPal to Skrill.
      2. If you get the Payoneer card, you can use it to withdraw in MasterCard branded ATMs and not Visa.

      I have indicated the fees in my post above but I always advise you crosscheck with ePay or Payoneer in case there are any increases. Personally I recommend Payoneer due to their extremely low fees and you can withdraw in any MasterCard ATM in whichever country you are in. Even if you are in Tanzania for a vacation, you can just go to a Barclays ATM and withdraw Tanzania Shillings!
      Feel free to ask any more questions.

      • Zeph says

        Thanks Walter, However, I have checked my Paypal and Skrill accounts and they both have an option of attaching a debit card. So I was wondering, is it possible to attach the same card in Paypal and Skrill, then transfer money from Paypal to the debit card, and then from the debit card to Skrill.

        • says

          You are welcome Zeph.

          They have the option of attaching debit cards. Sorry I am not sure if you can send the cash from your Payoneer debit card to Skrill. I believe you should so you can try it out and let us know.

          One thing I can advise you is to eliminate middlemen as much as possible. PayPal to debit card will cost you something, debit card to Skrill will cost you something else then Skrill to bank will be another cost. You can eliminate these extra costs by just doing PayPal to card and withdrawing then deposit to your bank personally for free. On the other hand you can be doing Skrill to your bank account straight without going through anything else.

          Another thing with Skrill is that they have a standard fee of Sh. 600 or something like that when you deposit to your account. Therefore avoid depositing small amounts since this amount is fixed whether you withdraw 20 dollars or 1000 dollars. You can confirm about the fee if it is still the same through your Kenyan bank, it may have changed.

  58. says

    Mob blessings Walter – been googling the whole week looking for a solution to withdraw some money from my paypal account – can second you on the “No Kenyan Bank” can help you withdraw from paypal. Thanks for your help.

    • says

      Thanks a lot Mungai for the blessings. I thank God for his wisdom.

      I went through the same thing for sometime so when I got the right solutions, I decided to share with everyone. Share this post with your FB friends e.t.c. so that everyone may know these methods.

      All the best :)

  59. kawumah says

    Hey walter, always thanks for replying ma articles. you’re rely helpful to goin’ to be straight to that question. am stuck. since 2009, i have been marketing online but i can’t be paid because i can’t even verify my account!!!!!. can u imagine that.! so in papal i opened my new account but i changed my country. i put there that am frm Kenya.after that i clicked on add account then i saw a word like ‘US account”. help ..

    • says


      You are most welcome. That’s why I created this blog in the first place.

      Sorry for your frustrations.

      You can simply contact Payoneer Support through the links provided in the article above. They will help you get a free MasterCard and a free US Payment Service which is sort of a virtual US Bank Account. Additionally, you’ll be given step by step instructions on how to add that account to PayPal. After this is all set up, you’ll be able to send cash from PayPal to your card and withdraw from any MasterCard ATM worldwide. You don’t even have to change the country, name or anything, just use the real ones.

    • says

      Hi Kawumah,

      The above process will help you get a US Payment service which is similar to a US Bank Account. You’ll add it to paypal where it says “Add Account”. It will be treated exactly like a US Bank in many platforms. You can also check out different known banks such as Barclays and see how you can open an offshore account. Opening an actual US Bank account may require you to actually go to the US and open one. That’s as much as I know of it.

      May I ask, what exactly do you want to open the US account for?

  60. Albert says

    Hi Walter,
    Is it possible to load one’s Payoneer card using a Debit card? I’m expecting my card soon and I intend to verify my Paypal account through it. I’m sure you’re aware that Paypal charges a refundable charge for verification.

    • says

      You can load your Payoneer card using a debit card but it has to be MasterCard and not Visa. You can’t verify your PayPal account through the Payoneer card, it will not work, just use your normal debit card, whether it is for Equity, Barclays e.t.c.

      Yeah, PayPal charges a small 1.95 fee that they’ll deposit in your PayPal account.

      Feel free to ask any more questions

      • Morris says

        Hi Walter,
        I actually contacted them and my card is on the way they say by 01/08/12.
        Let’s see how it goes I will report back of my experience with payoneer right here.

      • Pato says

        Hello Walter,
        it has become impossible for me to verify my PayPal. i don’t have any debit card but i have a payoneer card and i would like to use it to withdraw money. Can i use a family members card to verify PayPal? it is now impossible to withdraw money from PayPal to payoneer without first verifying the latter. i intend to receive the next payment via moneybookers instead of paypal and then send the payment to payoneer, which i can then use to verify paypal. then again, is it legal to remain with a unverified moneybookers/skrill account and be transferring payment to paypal.?

        • Walter Akolo says

          Hi Pato,

          Sorry about the challenge you’re facing.

          Please DON”T use a family member’s card, unless they create an account under their names.

          My best advice is you go and apply for an account in a good bank like Equity, get your card and use it to verify PayPal.

          On your other query, you cannot send money from Moneybookers to PayPal.


  61. says

    Thank you once again Morris for your link. Personally I am doing this
    good review since I have been with them for a long time and they have
    resolved all my issues well. Their customer service has been great. In
    fact you can go to their contact page right now and start a chat with
    their reps, they are very professional and helpful. That’s my personal
    experience. I am objective though and will always keep a keen eye. In
    case of any issues you’ll see it here. I advice you check for more
    reviews from different sites to make an objective decision. I
    RECOMMEND THEM FULLY. All the best!

  62. Steve says

    Hi; thumbs up 4 the good job; ur an invaluable asset to the online community; barclays claim that they are able to directly charge deposits from paypal to your ban k account, is that true?; someone told me the same about kcb; could you please clarify that;what about the payment options in banks like equity and kcb;

    • says

      Hi Steve.
      Thank you very much, I really appreciate.
      You may get some uninformed staff in Barclays, KCB e.t.c. who will tell you that. Here’s the truth. LET NO KENYAN BANK lie to you that they can help you to either deposit or withdraw from PayPal. An antifraud legislation has to be passed first for the banks to be allowed to deal with PayPal. The only thing you can do with your ATM card is to link and verify your account, period. The two ways above are the only legit ones in Kenya. Be sure that as soon as the Kenyan banks will be allowed to transact, you’ll see it here first.

  63. writermsa says

    Great stuff here freelancerkenya. Just a question, am new to freelancing so just opening my paypal account. Do they accept debit cards from Kenyan banks? Meaning can I link my debit card from my local bank to my paypal account? Or must it be a credit card? Have tried filling in the debit card info and it keeps on saying “error”.
    Kindly advice.

    • says

      Hi writermsa,
      Thanks for the complement. Yes, they accept Kenyan debit cards. Go to your bank first and tell them to open your card for online transactions. This is free and will take you a few minutes.
      Feel free to ask any more questions.

  64. Nelson says

    i would like you to clarify more about how the card is shipped into the country… how should i write the physical address. I gave one but somehow the card has never arrived. so am told to provide another physical address.

    • says

      Hi Nelson.
      Good to read from you.
      Now, the card is will be posted on your mail. The physical address is where you live, whereas the mailing address is the P.O. Box. This is just a formality. Let’s say you live in Example Estate, Mtihani Road, you can provide this as your physical address. They won’t send it there though, they’ll still send the card on your P.O. Box after 30 days.
      Feel free to ask more questions.

  65. says

    Hi Ikram,

    You can use the card itself to buy things online as a Visa card. In short, you can use it independent of PayPal. As for PayPal, you can link the card with PayPal, that will just get your PayPal account verified but you won’t be able to either deposit cash with the card or withdraw with it. Let me know if you have any more questions.


    • ikram says

      HI again,
      just need some clarification, what do you mean by :”but you won’t be able to either deposit cash with the card or withdraw with it” ;say if i load my mpesa prepay safari card can i use it through paypal to purchase.hope not bothering with noob questions!

      • says


        Do not hesitate to ask questions, I will answer all of them.

        If you load the card you will just use the card to purchase, not PayPal, those are two different things. Purchasing through PayPal will require you to load your PayPal account. When there is cash in your PayPal account, then when purchasing something, just look for the PayPal button in the payment section.

        In case you have money in the card, you can still buy stuff online. Instead of using the PayPal button, you will use the Visa/MasterCard section. Here, you will give your details such as the card number, name e.t.c. Check out this link for more about the card:

        The only part where the card and PayPal can cross fingers is when you want to verify your PayPal account. When you sign up with PayPal, you are given a withdrawal limit of $500. To lift this limit, you’ll need to link and verify your credit/debit card. You can use either that M-PESA Prepay Safari Card or any other ATM card to do this. You can also find out more on that from the links below from PayPal itself.


        Feel free to ask any more questions Ikram

  66. ikram says

    just want know if possible to use mpesa prepay safari card with paypal for buying anything online (overseas)

  67. Andrew Mun says

    Hey have Freelancer Kenya, I have a odesk payoneer card wil that allow me to withdraw money from my paypal account?

  68. Moses says

    Am in the process of setting up something more concrete, so was hopping this will work in the mean time. As I have stated, mine is more of a barter trade thing and further more am there in person and the exchange takes place in real time(no waiting or sending through some media). Anyway thanks for giving me audience.

    • says

      OK. I understand. So you don’t have any commissions or any charges? Someone just sends you money on PayPal and you give him in Kenya shillings? You are welcome. I like supporting Kenyan acts.

    • says

      Hi Moses. I have checked out your Facebook page. I hope you offer legit solutions. I always advice people to be careful when dealing with individuals so that they avoid any rip offs.


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