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How to Make Money Blogging in Kenya With a Free Blog

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

There are many Kenyans who make money blogging. Setting up a free blog is a simple thing that can be done in a matter of minutes. You will then need to create content, drive traffic and monetize your blog.

There are two types of blogs you can set up. These include a free blog and a self-hosted blog. In this post, we will look at how make money online with a free blog.

Free Blogging Platforms

The two most popular platforms offering free blogs are Blogger and WordPress.

1. Blogger

Blogger is great because you can still advertise in their system using AdSense regardless of the fact that it is free. On the other hand, there are many who feel like they do not have the best themes and therefore their outlook is not as attractive visually.

I’ve never used it, nor do I recommend using AdSense. So if you’re to set up a free blog, below is my recommendation:

2. WordPress

I recommend WordPress over Blogger any. This should not be confused with which provides free blogging software that can be used on self-hosted blogs. The free WordPress blogging platform is found over at

It has the best themes and is very easy to use. They also allow you to monetize your site. The other great thing about WordPress is the fact that you will get some basics on how to use the WordPress system. This information will be very crucial when it comes to setting up your own self-hosted WordPress website.

Learn With A Free Blog

Therefore, feel free to start a free blog right now so that you can learn the tips and tricks of blogging.

You can use the free blog as a learning ground since you don’t pay for your domain name or hosting. Nothing to lose, apart from your time and energy. You still need to study out the basics of blogging so that you do it well. The support pages of these platforms have all the info you need to set up and get going.

FreelancerKenya started as a free blog and later moved on to being a self-hosted site. This does not mean that you should opt to start with a free blog as I did. A free blog is great but the problem is the fact that it has limited options.

You can therefore start decide to start with a free blog and later upgrade it or just go straight into a self-hosted blog. The world’s top earning blogs are self-hosted, so aim to get there soon.

How to Make Money with a Free Blog

There are different methods which you can use to make money with a free blog. These include:

1. Using Google AdSense and Other Advertising Networks

In Blogger, you can set up a Google AdSense account and start making money with your blog. You can also search for other advertising networks that work with Blogger.

I don’t recoommend AdSense though. Most people earn peanuts with it. Those who earn well can earn better using other methods.


You get paid a few cents per click. In most cases, these don’t add up to anything much. However, if those clicks were linking to affiliate products or your own products, you’d earn much more.

That said, do your own research, and make an independent decision on whether or not you’d want to use AdSense or any other advertising network.

2. Advertising Your Product or Service

You can start a free blog that focuses on your business or service.

We can look at the example of a restaurant owner’s blog. The owner can set up a free WordPress blog, give it a great theme and be posting updates about his own restaurant.

He can also post other crucial information that attracts restaurant lovers. This way, his blog can be a great source of clients.

You can also market your digital product, such as a course, ebook or software, and market it through your blog.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Here, you simply refer people to products you love, and earn a commission when they buy it.

You can do this in both WordPress and Blogger.

Check out the WordPress advertising policy to know precisely what kind of affiliate marketing you can do.

4. Mentions and Sponsored Posts

Once you have a popular blog, you will get people who will pay you to just mention them in your site. Always include your genuine contacts in your blog so that people can contact you for all sorts of stuff.

Be very careful about mentions. I personally would not mention a poor product or a product I have no information about; no matter how much money I am being paid. Value your readers more than money.

You can also be contacted by companies to do sponsored posts. These are awesome and can get you some decent cash.

Bottom Line

You can use the above methods to make money blogging with your free blog.

I recommend free blogs mostly for practice. There you can learn how to write blog posts, search engine optimization basics, adding images and multimedia, monetization social media marketing etc.

If you want to increase your revenue streams, it may be inevitable for you to move to a self-hosted blog. In fact, if you can start with a self-hosted blog, start with it instead. Download my free blogging eBook for more info.

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This is very helpful. I just started writing on WordPress and am looking forward to greater success using these tips. Thanks again, Walter.


Hi Walter.

I am finally starting to understand exactly how to do most of what you have covered here.

You recently approved a request for digital marketing services for my company.

We are going to build a master blog with lots of information broken down into blockbuster blogs that I need a good digital marketing strategist to run.

With tips like this, we will be able to finally create a blog where we can both promote our own products and engage in affiliate advertising work.

Again, Great Tips!




Still following, great tips to keep beginners on toes.

Lenrie Ogot

Hi Walter,

I think this was a ton helpful to me, having just started blogging like a couple of months ago. Traffic is still low and i’m still quite just trying to figure everything out. On monetizing my blog, that might take a long time coz i’m really so green about everything at the moment. Hope i figure it out soon though.

Lots of thanks for this.

Reply to  Lenrie Ogot

Very helpful. Just started my blog and I hope I will get to work through it soon.
Be blessed.


Hi Walter,

I have created a blog site with word press but i dont know how to go about it.
kindly assist



Hi Walter, i have followed you from facebook and created my free blog but i don’t know where to go next. I sell a variety of items and i would like to market them on my blog.


AdSense seem not to be accepting new entries am having difficulty getting a good alternative think al start on jumia affiliates now


hey! does this jumia affiliate pay good?

Samuel njenga

I think making money via AdSense in Kenya requires a huge number in traffic which is kind of hard to achieve especially for new blogs.


Much obliged for such posts. you are in reality taking me some place i had needed to be however did not know how.I feel honored and regarded to be a piece of your preparation. you in reality are GOD sent.


Hi walter,
T.hanks a lot for such posts. you are indeed taking me somewhere i had wanted to be but did not know how.I feel blessed and honored to be part of your training. you indeed are GOD sent.


Nice work out there.It’s when am getting started.Am confident I will make it as i have seen you grow in this profession.


Nice work out there.It’s when am getting started.Am sure I will make it as i have seen you develop in this calling.


Quite informative… Thanks for that!


A debt of gratitude is in order for the blogging advice.I have an inquisitive question on how your blog produces income and it doesn’t have adsense for cash.

Chissano felix
Chissano felix

Nice work out there.It’s when am getting started.Am confident I will make it as i have seen you grow in this profession.
Thank you Sir.


Hi Walter. Great article, thank you.. Please does it take less efforts to move from a free to a self-hosted, compared to moving a Blogger account to either a self- hosted WordPress account or any other self-hosted account? I’m planning on starting my blog soon, and doing research. Thank you once again.


Nice post walter.
we are offering jobs for people who are looking to change their carrer, also for people who love to express themselves in tecnical industry.


Hi Walter.

Thanks, that’s so profound.

Looking for more insights to build my blog.


Wow Walter awesome post dear.


Hi Walter,
You are among a few Kenyans doing a great job.
May the Lord bless you. you have helped many people especially youths across Africa


Hi my blog is called I want to know how to reach more people and how to make it a blog that gets mentioned please advise. My email is

Reply to  Walter Akolo

Not so great what could be the issue?


I have a wordpress blog, just started…wanted to know if i should switch to blogger because my main aim is to make money, or is there a way i could increase my earnings in wordpress.


Hi Walter you have written a good post and it sounds easy to make money online but how will I mkr money from my blog if for the last three months I have been posting and received no comments at all


Hi Walter
Thanks for the great post, i have learned a lot.


can I be able to earn through my blog above?


This year, I have realized one thing that is beneficial to almost all bloggers (newbies and pros alike).

That is reviewing how one spends their time growing their blog – with the aim of doing away with the 80% of things we like focusing on – the kind that rarely benefit the blogger or the reader.

This way, one learns to focus on their topic, going in-depth, and making their blog a useful resource for the people they are targeting.


Hello Walter

I happened to pass by your blog while exploring freelance writing field. Information in your articles is really useful, and a boon for beginners searching online options.

God Bless!



Hi Walter good job


Hi Walter,since i read about you early this year,you are my mentor and role model.Thats why am here to start where you started and am sure following your steps i will make it,but if i may ask,it take six months to be approved for adsence.does it mean i cant make any money till my blog is 6 months old?