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All About the Certified Internet Marketing Course in Kenya

Internet Marketing

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Internet Marketing

I am here looking at this certificate and smiling. I recently completed the CIMP course at Computer Pride. CIMP simply stands for Certified Internet Marketing Practitioner. As I write this there are only 3 certified practitioners in Kenya.  Join this course soon and you may be among the first few! Simply download the form below, fill it and send it to me at [email protected] and I’ll make sure you’re sorted real quick.

Internet marketing training

Yeah, you will then be able to show your mom a certificate so that she can see that online work is serious.

It is not just about the certificate. You will also be able to implement the actionable skills that will help you to build an online empire.

I heard about this course a few months back and thought I must get to it at some point. However, this has been a tight year for me financially. I sadly (so sadly) lost my lovely wife in February and was personally very sick in April so I promised myself I’ll do it later.

However, as a blogger on this niche, I was proudly sponsored to do the course, which was one of the best things for me this year.

So, why do you need this internet marketing training? What does it entail? How much does it cost?

What is CIMP?

CIMP = Certified Internet Marketing Practitioner.

It is simply a program that can help you learn different ways of marketing online. It will help you create a profitable internet business or to be able to use the internet to market your offline business.

Some of the concepts you will learn include:

  • Lead generation
  • Marketing automation
  • Web analytics
  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Blogging

Below is a video that will show you more of what this is about.

What internet marketing skills will you acquire?

After the training, you will be able to acquire the skills below:

  • Effective communications skills – Learn how to communicate with customers online to generate leads and revenue
  • Business strategies to suit your industry – Learn how you can create web property and proper marketing for your specific business and interests
  • Proper tracking of your marketing campaigns – Learn how to measure the success or failure of your marketing methods
  • Increased product awareness – Be visible all over and be seen by the right eyeballs
  • Mobile marketing techniques – Everything is going mobile; see how you can capitalize on that
  • New ways of making money online – There are websites making millions online; learn how to create successful online businesses
  • Skills to increase your search engine rankings – Make your websites and blogs more visible on Google and other search engines

Who is it for?

CIMP is great for anyone who wants to take up internet marketing as a career or to use internet marketing to increase their profits.

Some of the people who this training is recommended for include:

  • Freelancers who want better ways to source for clients and market for their online services. Note that it pays more to market yourself as a brand than as a worker in an online work platform.
  • Managers of different firms dealing with online marketing such as e-commerce, web-design, sales teams and general management.
  • Finance managers who want to increase profitability of their companies
  • Businesses and entrepreneurs who want to make the most out of their marketing budget

Duration of the course

The course goes for 5 days. It is not done online at time of writing this post, so you need to avail yourself to Computer Pride at ICEA Building, 1st Floor to take the training.

It goes from 9am to 5pm. Yes, this was hard for me too as a freelancer who loves working at night but I hacked it. You can too!


Yes, there is an exam. It has 100 questions and the allocated time is 4 hours though you will probably finish in a shorter time. The pass mark for the exam is 70%. At the time of writing this I haven’t yet done the exam so I only have the certificate of completion. You can do it at your own time after the course so that you can be a certified CIMP.


The price for this course is Sh. 65,000, inclusive of the exam fee.

This is a training that goes on all over the world and was designed by the EC Council.


I would recommend this to anyone who wants to be an internet marketing expert in Kenya and beyond. The current local trainer, Alex Maina is one of my mentors and worth his salt in the internet scene. The training is brief, to the point and very actionable. Do you want to be a certified internet marketing practitioner? Click on the button below, download the form, fill it and send to [email protected] I will then forward it to the relevant Computer Pride party. You won’t regret the decision you’ll have made!

Internet marketing training

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Wow! Walter you first piece on how to make money online got me exploring the internet and self teaching myself on blogging, SEO and internet marketing as a whole. you gave me this zeal. Av even created my website all by myself. Now i know alot. I needed a certification to show. is there a way i could book for exams without the clases?


this is amazing .Is the training still ongoing and at what cost


Only 3? Wow! And congratulations you managed to get certified early. Just goes to show how serious this internet thing is – especially to the Kenyans who are all about “papers”.


am now getting the facts about OWP thanks Walter i appreciate this info,, courtesy of SAMA school in Kenya Methodist university

Alex Bengo

The skills I have about internet marketing, SEM, SEO and Social Media Marketing are self taught and mostly out of passion. I have never known there is an institute in Kenya that actually trains people in these specific sections. This is worth checking out.


Sounds like a great course. The figure is high though. Is there an option of taking the course without the exams at a reduced figure?


Congratulations Mr Walter. I have heard some good things about this Alex guy. i would like to attend the course some day.

Joshua Okute

Hello Walter, Thanks for the information. Indeed with the rate with which technology is moving, such a course is invaluable for anyone interested in the internet business. Personally I would go for it as long as I have that cash. Keep up the good work bro.

Caroline Gikonyo

Welcome back Walter and thanks for the great info. Too bad the course is in Nairobi (I’m based in Mombasa), but I’ll check out the other links.


Hey there Walter,

Glad you are back. Also because you are swinging hard out of the ashes in your recent past– like the proverbial phoenix.

Excellent info. A certificate in Internet Marketing is, in my own purview, more potent than a bunch of offline college degrees some intitutions are offering. Hopefully the course makes good value for that 65k. Oh… and maybe my mum won’t be asking me to seek fir a “real job” no more.



Hello Walter i would like to purchase a dormain…are there any charges that i may incur for hosting it with go daddy?

Victor Nyorani

I’m glad to find out about this. I’ll plan for this course, one of this fine days.


This is helpful info Walter. As usual, never disappointing to read through it. Thank God for enabling you rise from your personal challenges earlier in the year, notably losing your dear wife. Keep up the good work!

Reply to  Walter Akolo

Always welcome. I enjoyed the comment on showing mom a cert so she can know this is serious biz, along with “being seen by the right eyeballs”; very telling indeed…


Great stuff here Walter.


65,000? for a 5 day course? well, i don’t get it. It would be understandable if it was 2months.

Reply to  Walter Akolo

Okay, lemme look into that. I know of ADMI (Africa Digital Media Institite) which offers 2 week bootcamps, in fields of online marketing and stuff.

Michael Karemi
Michael Karemi

Very nice info Walter. Thanks for sharing.


Hey Walter, this is a great article about the CIMP course, proud to have been in the same class with you, among the pioneers. 🙂 Now my dad will believe that there is actually a job where I sit behind my computer all day in my pjs. 🙂

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