Jasper Review: Is This AI Writer Worth It in 2023 and Beyond?

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Artificial intelligence is the future of content writing. With the increasing need for companies to generate more content to educate and keep customers in the know, AI is doing well in easing the burden.

The tech industry is experiencing a rise in AI writing tools just as companies are increasingly adopting them to create content. 

One of the best AI tools I’ve encountered as a seasoned writer is Jasper (formerly known as Jarvis). I’ve been using Jasper for over a year now, and I love it — it literally blows every other AI writer out of the water.

In this article, I do an in-depth Jasper review that touches on everything you need to know about this epic AI writing assistant.

If you’re a content writer who’s skeptical about whether to use AI to create content, or wondering how much it would cost, you’ll get all the answers here. 

I’ll answer the BIG question: Should you use Jasper for your client’s work?

Sign up for a Jasper AI FREE trial to get a clear picture of how it would help you create more content within a short time.

What is Jasper AI? (Formerly Jarvis AI)

Jasper, formerly known as Jarvis, is a content writing tool that uses the power of artificial intelligence to write content automatically. 

Jasper was created by a team of developers who are experienced in growing online businesses using automation tools. They know how important it is for your business to have high-quality content on your website, blogs, and social pages, so they created this tool with you in mind.

Being the best AI writing tool on the internet, Jasper AI can help you ace high-value content in a matter of seconds. It eliminates the need to waste hours doing research and then more hours doing manual writing. All you need to do is provide information about the type of content you want and let the AI software work its magic! 

With a simple interface and a wide variety of features, Jasper saves you the time and energy you’d spend on content creation and lets you focus on other critical tasks like product research and improvement. 

How Does Jasper AI Work?

Jasper AI is a tool that allows you to gather data and information from a variety of sources. It harnesses the power of a linguistic model called the third generation of Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, or GPT-3.

GPT-3 is a machine learning model trained to generate large volumes of relevant text and data based on the original input text. It then uses this data to create marketing reports, blog posts, and more relevant content. 

GPT-3 is currently the strongest neural network of machine learning in the world, with about 175 billion machine learning parameters. This makes it the most powerful form of artificial intelligence that can produce content close enough to human-written content.

Jasper AI can boost your social media presence, supercharge your website’s traffic, and help with research for your next writing project. All you need is a topic and a few keywords to get started. 

It begins by scouring the internet for the most relevant and up-to-date information on your topic. It then analyzes this information and presents it in an easy-to-read format. 

You can use Jasper AI to generate text, graphs, charts, and tables, export your data into Google Sheets, or share your findings with others through email or social media. 

It is the perfect tool for writers who want to save time in their content creation process. It does most of the work for you and lets you spend more time writing and less time searching for information. 

Unique Features and Capabilities of Jasper AI

What features of Jasper AI make it unique among other AI writing tools in the market? 

Long-form Content Assistant

Unlike most AI writing tools, which only generate AI content worth a few hundred characters, Jasper can generate long-form content worth up to 3,000 characters. 

If you go with the Boss Mode, you have full access to the long-form content editor, which can enable you to write an entire blog post in a few minutes. 

The long-form editor can also help you generate landing pages, sales pages, or website copy with just a few prompts. Unlike copywriting templates, the long-from assistant is open-ended and has more integrated tools you can use when generating content. 

On the other hand, the Starter plan can only produce content up to 600 characters long per generated output. If you’re a content writer who writes long-form blog posts, Boss Mode will help you create quality content more efficiently and within the shortest time.

In-Built Content and Copywriting Templates

Whether you purchase the higher Boss Mode plan or go with the Starter plan, you’ll have access to over 50 short-form copywriting templates you can use to create various types of copy. 

Accomplishing your copywriting tasks becomes easy and fast with the inbuilt templates. Whether you want to create social media posts, email copy, website copy, or a sales page, Jasper AI templates will save you the hassle of creating a format from scratch before filling in all the details.

What Content Templates Does Jasper AI offer?

Jasper Templates

Jasper content and copywriting templates

10 of the most useful copywriting templates you can find in Jasper include:

  1. Email subject lines
  2. Blog post outline
  3. Blog post intro paragraph
  4. Blog post conclusion paragraph
  5. Product description templates
  6. SEO-optimized title tags
  7. Website subheadline
  8. Google Ads headline and description
  9. Facebook Ad headline and primary text
  10. PAS framework

As an internet marketer and Jasper lover, I use the in-built templates on my Jasper Boss Mode to create marketing content such as emails, social media posts, and ads. 

This saves me so much time and lets me share content with my audience consistently without compromising my output on client work.

If you want to know how you can create short-form content with Jasper AI copywriting tool, take a FREE trial today.

Ability to Rephrase and Rewrite Sentences 

Jasper AI has a rephrase feature that enables you to highlight a sentence or paragraph and command it to rephrase. The software will rephrase the sentence and rewrite it in different wording while maintaining its original meaning. 

If you have a complex sentence or paragraph that you want to be simplified, you can click the ‘Explain it to a child’ button, which is close to the rephrase button. 

The software simplifies paragraphs by replacing complex words with easier-to-understand words and breaking them into shorter sentences. This makes it simple and digestible, even for a fifth grader.

Powerful Paragraph Generator

Every content writer knows that captivating and engaging paragraphs are the backbone of a compelling blog post. When your paragraphs are weak and fluffy, they pass no meaningful message and add no value to your readers. 

That’s why Jasper AI has a powerful paragraph generator that harnesses its GPT-3 AI to produce paragraphs packed with value.

Jasper's paragraph generator

Jasper paragraph generator

All you need to do is input some keywords and give a prompt, then wait for the AI software to generate authoritative paragraphs for your blog post. The paraphrase generator comes in handy when writing about complex and unfamiliar topics.

Supports Over 25 Languages

One of the coolest features of Jasper AI is that it helps you break through the language barrier. Regardless of your native language, you can choose the language you want to write in, and Jasper AI software will create clear and accurate content in that language.

I’ve only used Jasper to produce content in English, but I find it so cool that it can generate AI content in over 25 languages! 

As a writer or an online business owner, you can quickly write content in different languages to cater to audiences from non-English-speaking countries.

Customizable Voice Tone

When creating content with Jasper AI, you can select the tone of voice you want. Its in-built GPT-3 data enables it to mimic the tone of voice in an existing sentence or paragraph and incorporate it into the rest of the content. 

The AI software recognizes adjectives that describe voice tones, helping create content in a tone that relates perfectly to your target audience. For instance, you can select a friendly, professional, witty, serious, interesting, or informational tone depending on the type of content and your target audience.

Can Integrate with Surfer SEO

Every website owner and content marketer wants their content to rank on search engine result pages. That’s why we heavily invest in tools like Surfer SEO which helps to optimize content for higher ranking. 

Surfer is, by far, the best on-page content optimization tool on the internet that content writers use to optimize blog posts and web content. I’ve also been using Surfer for a while and it’s a stroke of genius!

For example, here’s my Surfer score for this article:

Surfer recommendations

Instead of producing content with Jasper and copy-pasting it on the Surfer SEO, you can directly integrate the optimization tool in the Jasper AI long-form assistant. This makes it easy to optimize your blog posts for SEO while writing and saves you time.

However, note that the Surfer extension is an optional add-on that’s exclusive from your standard Jasper subscription charges. If you’re serious about creating SEO-optimized content with Jasper, you can add the base Surfer SEO plan, which will charge you an additional $59/month.

See examples of blog posts written by Jasper AI here

Integrated Grammar Checker

As a writer, you can’t underestimate the importance of producing content that’s free of grammatical errors. One of the best tools that saves us from this struggle is Grammarly. 

Passing your sentences on this powerful grammar checker helps you construct grammatically correct sentences and eliminates spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure errors.

Grammarly integrates directly into Jasper’s long-form editor for free and will consistently check your content and correct grammatical errors as you write. 

A great Grammarly alternative is ProWritingAid. It gives more reports and has a lifetime version. Try ProWritingAid here.

Can Integrate Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is a vice. Before I started using Jasper AI, I was worried about the originality of content generated through AI assistants. I thought they would literally copy-paste sentences from different websites and package them into paragraphs that look original. 

However, I tried Jasper and confirmed that their content was original and non-plagiarized. Its GPT-3 database and AI-powered machine learning algorithm enable it to produce unique content every time.

To prevent accidental plagiarism, the Jasper AI team has partnered with Copyscape, the best plagiarism checker in the industry, to ensure that your content is always unique and original. You can integrate Copyscape into your Jasper AI plan and scan your content for plagiarism right within the writing software.

Like Surfer SEO, Copyscape integration is not free. You’ll need to load credits, which are charged at $0.03 for the first 200 words and later $0.01 for every 100 words.

If you’d like to confirm the originality of Jasper AI content, get a FREE TRIAL today and get first-hand experience.

New Image Generator (Jasper Art)

Jasper art

Image: The new Jasper art

Jasper has a new feature called Jasper Art, which enables it to generate unique images from simple text inputs. 

You can get high-quality images from your text that you own and can use anywhere without copyright issues. 

With this new feature, you won’t need to produce plain-text blog posts, emails, and marketing content. You can accompany your message with stunning art in seconds to make your content visually appealing and attractive to your target audience.

You, therefore, won’t need to go hunting for free stock images, which are common and shared by every other content writer on the internet.

Unlimited Workspace Documents and Folder

As a writer, you probably know how you can produce so many documents, and you have to organize them into project folders for easy access. 

When you subscribe to Jasper Boss Mode, you can keep your account organized with unlimited project folders. You can also produce as many documents as possible without running out of storage space within the software.

Frequent Live Training and Chat Support

Another thing I love about Jasper AI is that the team is always available to train and support their clients. The tool has an excellent chat support feature where you can send your queries any time and get the answers you need. 

They offer frequent live training on using their tools and the best practices to follow when using the software. If you’re a Jasper member, you’ll frequently enjoy free training on critical topics like SEO and content marketing through Jasper AI bootcamp without paying a dime. 

I think Jasper has the most passionate team that always wants to see its clients excel in what they do.

If you’d like to experience their energy, join the Jasper AI Bootcamp for free lessons and learn how to write effectively with AI.

One-Shot Blog Post

The one-shot blog post feature is another new and perhaps the coolest feature in the Jasper AI writing tool. 

If you are a blogger who writes many blog posts, this feature will help you write an entire blog post with a single click. All you need to do is input your blog post topic, your desired tone of voice, and your intended audience and watch the software ace out an entire blog post with an introduction, body, and conclusion.

As usual, what it produces is not 100% accurate. You’ll still need to copy-edit and fact-check.

What are the Benefits of Using Jasper AI?

If you’re a professional writer, chances are you’re always looking for ways to optimize your workflow and produce better content more efficiently. And if you haven’t tried using Jasper AI yet, you’re seriously missing out. 

Here are some benefits that Jasper AI provides:

Finish Writing 10 Times Faster

Creating content can be time-consuming. You research your topic, create a list of ideas, edit your draft, and publish your piece. After that, you have to start over again for your next piece of content. 

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a tool that could speed up the entire process? 

Welcome to Jasper! The tool that makes you finish writing content ten times faster. 

Jasper gives you access to a library of high-quality, pre-written paragraphs you can use as starting points for your articles. 

So, instead of starting from scratch every time, you can simply search for the type of paragraph you need in Jasper’s library and insert it into your article. This will save you hours each week and help you increase your writing output.

Additionally, Jasper has a built-in editor that allows you to edit and format your blog post quickly. The editor includes features like spellcheck, grammar, and keyword density check. And if you need more help refining your articles, you can always contact the Jasper team.

Generate More Content Ideas

Jasper AI’s got you covered if you’ve been struggling to come up with blog post topic ideas. 

With either pricing plan, you can simply type in a few keywords related to your topic, and Jasper AI will generate a list of potential ideas for you to choose from. No more staring at a blank screen for hours trying to figure out what to write for the next blog post. 

Less Time Spent on Research

Once you’ve chosen an idea, Jasper AI can help with the research process by finding and organizing all the relevant information for you.

Jasper lets you spend less time on research by giving you access to over a million high-quality articles, images, and videos that you can use in your content. This means you don’t have to waste time searching the internet yourself—Jasper does most of it for you! 

You only need to give it a little background information and a command on what you want to write about and let it do the legwork for you.

Background and command for Jasper

Image: Tell Jasper what you want it to write

Not only does this save you time, but it also ensures that your content is packed with value.

Once it does its thing, you’ll still need to edit the content to ensure everything is factual and up to date. 

Create Content That Ranks for SEO

Another benefit of using Jasper is that it helps you create blog articles that rank for SEO. This is because Jasper allows you to incorporate the right keywords into your pieces so they will more likely show up in search engine results pages (SERPs).

For instance, if you’re writing an article about tennis shoes, you would want to include the keyword “tennis shoes” throughout your article to increase its chances of ranking when someone searches for that term on Google. 

You can also integrate your account with Surfer SEO to track your SEO optimization as you continue writing.

Jasper's integration with Surfer

Image: Jasper AI + Surfer SEO generate optimized content

Boost Ad Conversions

In addition to helping you finish your articles faster and creating SEO-optimized content, Jasper can also help boost ad conversions if you run online ads. 

This is because you can easily insert powerful calls-to-action (CTAs) into your articles through the platform. CTAs are an effective way to encourage readers to take action after reading your article.

Jasper has some proven writing framework templates that you can also use for your ads. These include famous frameworks like pain-agitate-solve (PAS) and attention-interest-desire-action (AIDA).

When used properly, they can significantly increase your ad conversion rate. 

With Jasper, you can create various copy types faster and test them to find the ones that will boost sales and maximize your returns on ad spend (ROAS).

Scale Up Your Content Marketing

Jasper AI can significantly scale up your content marketing efforts. This is because it allows users to create multiple versions of each article with different word counts and tones of voice.

Diverse content is helpful, especially if you’re looking to repurpose content for social media or if you want to try out a fresh approach to your content. 

Jasper AI also scales up your content marketing efforts by enabling you to create more blog posts and social media posts within a shorter time than you used to. The one-shot blog post feature literally does magic!

End Writer’s Block

If you’ve been blogging for a long time, chances are you’ve experienced writer’s block at least once or twice. You want to produce quality content, but the ideas just aren’t coming. 

When writer’s block strikes, it can be debilitating, leaving you feeling frustrated. 

Luckily, there are ways to overcome writer’s block, and Jasper is one of them. By providing you with a wide range of content ideas and templates to choose from, Jasper can help jumpstart the creative process and get those ideas flowing again.

I also use this tool to kill writer’s block when writing for clients. Even though I may not take everything it suggests, it helps me quickly fill up a page and gives me useful direction. 

Penetrate the Language Barrier

Good content should be accessible to as many people as possible. However, this can be hard to achieve if your target audience speaks a different language than you. 

Jasper’s translation feature helps break down language barriers by automatically translating your content into multiple languages. 

This ensures that your message gets across loud and clear, no matter the language your readers speak. The language translation feature supports over 25 languages across the globe, instantly increasing your potential customer base.

Jasper language translation

Image: Jasper AI language customizer

If you’re looking to take your content creation efforts to the next level, Sign up for the FREE trial and see how much time you can save by using this powerful writing assistant tool.

Jasper AI Pros and Cons

Let’s explore the pros and cons of using Jasper AI so that you can make an informed decision about incorporating it into your writing process.

Jasper AI Pros

There are many advantages of using Jasper AI to create content, including the fact that Jasper:

  • Saves time: Jasper AI saves you lots of time you’d spend researching, deciding on a unique angle, and writing content. It helps you churn out high-quality content in a matter of minutes. This frees up your time so that you can focus on other aspects of content marketing. 
  • Generates decent content: The content generated from Jasper is decent. It makes far fewer mistakes than other AI writing tools I’ve encountered. No AI can give you 100% accurate content, but with Jasper, you may spend way less time editing content.
  • Fixes your grammar: Not everyone is a grammar wiz, but thankfully Jasper AI can help catch errors in grammar and spelling before your work goes to the world. Jasper is the only AI writing tool that natively supports Grammarly, helping you fix spelling and grammar errors as you write. 
  • Provides valuable insights and data: In addition to helping with the actual writing process, Jasper AI can also provide valuable data and insights about your work — including which parts of your story are most popular with readers. This feedback can be extremely helpful as you plan for future projects. 
  • Eases the learning and usage process: Despite its multiple features, Jasper AI has a simple interface that’s easy to use. It has clear labels and menus that are easy to navigate. Even if you’re a new user, you won’t struggle with the interface when trying to find the best tools for your type of content.
  • Improves constantly: As with all technology, Jasper AI is constantly under improvement — meaning that the possibilities for what you can do with this tool are ever-expanding. Who knows what amazing features will be added next? The good news is that the Jasper AI team of developers is always available to provide continuous support and training to its users.

Activate Jasper Boss Mode here and start enjoying all its unlimited features and benefits.

Cons of Jasper AI

While Jasper AI is an extremely helpful tool, always remember that it’s not perfect. Like all technology, there will be glitches from time to time. Some disadvantages of Jasper AI include:

  • It’s not perfect: Because Jasper is AI-powered, it may not always produce results that make sense. There are bound to be some errors in its analysis. That’s why you should always proofread and edit where necessary. If you’re looking for 100% perfection, Jasper AI may not be the right tool for you.
  • It costs money: Jasper AI is not free. You’ll need to sign up for a paid subscription if you want to use all the features. You can begin with the Starter plan. But Boss Mode is the best option. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – after all, good quality tools rarely come for free – but it’s something to keep in mind if you’re on a tight budget.
  • You still need human editing: Even if you use Jasper AI for spell-checking and grammar help, it’s important to remember that this tool should not substitute human editing. Once your work is complete, it’s always a good idea to thoroughly edit it before sending it out to the world.
  • Overreliance can derail creativity: Some people believe that relying too much on writing assistant tools can make you a worse writer in the long run. As a writer, you shouldn’t rely too much on AI writing tools as they may derail your creativity and ability to create original content out of your head.
  • Some clients are NOT okay with it: AI writing is still relatively new. As you’d expect with anything new, a lot of fear comes with it. You’ll need to confirm with your client if you want to use Jasper for their writing task.

How Much Does Jasper AI Cost?

Jasper AI has two pricing plans: The Starter plan, which is suitable for writing short pieces of content, and the Boss Mode plan, which is the best for long-form blog posts, stories, product reviews, and other long content.

Let’s review each of the pricing plans with their features and limitations to help you choose the best plan for your needs:

Jasper pricing

Image: Jasper AI pricing plans

What is the Starter Plan?

Jasper AI’s Starter Plan is the cheapest pricing plan which starts at $29 per month. With this price, you can access over 50 short-form content and copywriting templates, which you use to generate 20,000 words per month. 

It has 600 characters lookback from where Jasper can understand your topic and create more content for you. You’ll pay $24 per month for this plan if you choose to pay yearly. However, if you want to produce more content under this plan, you can pay $399 for up to 320k words per month.

The Starter plan is the best for you if you want to create short content like product descriptions, headlines, sub-headlines, social media posts, and compelling tweets.

Pros of the Starter Plan

  • Extremely affordable for beginners (From $29/month)
  • Access to 50+ copywriting templates
  • Can generate 20,000 words per month
  • You can buy a bonus pack of $10 for 5000 words when you reach the 20k words limit
  • Can write in over 25 languages

Cons of the Starter plan

  • Only good for short content, e.g. meta descriptions, tweets, and headlines
  • No access to blog post templates
  • No access to Jasper recipes
  • Limited to five users per account

Tell Me About the Jasper Boss Mode

Boss Mode

Jasper Boss Mode is the best pricing plan for anyone serious about creating a large amount of content faster. It’s the best for creating long-form content, such as detailed blog articles, stories, sales pages, in-depth product reviews, and sales copies.

The pricing for this plan starts at $59/month all the way to$600 for 50k words and 700k words respectively. However, if billed annually, you pay $49/month instead of $59/month.

This pricing plan is perfect for bloggers and online business owners who want to create detailed long-form content for their websites. If you’re an affiliate marketer who writes product reviews that include Amazon product descriptions, this will also be the best plan for you. Book writers can also benefit a lot from this unlimited pricing plan.

Like the Starter Plan, this plan allows you to purchase a bonus pack at $40 for 30,000 more words when you reach the monthly word limit.

Boss Mode is my favorite plan, and I’m blessed to have the Legacy Unlimited plan, which can generate unlimited amounts of content for only $120 per month. 

I only got this because I hopped onto the Jasper bandwagon way before many others, and locked in the price.

Pros of the Boss Mode

This pricing plan is excellent since it has everything you get with the Starter Plan plus: 

  • A Google Docs style editor
  • Multiple compose and command features
  • Better maximum content lookback (2000-3000 characters)
  • Increased limits on templates
  • Priority chat support (3x faster than the Starter plan)
  • Access to Jasper recipes for faster content creation
  • Long-form AI content up to 50,000 words per month
  • Access to Grammarly and plagiarism checker
  • Can integrate with Surfer SEO

Cons of the Boss Mode

  • Relatively expensive (starts at $59/month)
  • Limited to 5 users per account
  • There’s a lot to learn before you can maximize this plan

As you can see, Boss Mode is seriously the boss, right?

If you’re ready to create more high-quality, long-form content with Jasper, activate Boss Mode today and see how it actually is THE BOSS! 

Can You Use Jasper AI as a Standalone Content Creator?

Even though AI writing tools help us create more content fast, you should only use them as writing assistants and not as standalone content creators. Jasper AI content generator is no exception.

Whether you use Jasper AI to create blog posts, landing pages, or ad copy, you can’t readily publish the content without proofreading and editing. You’ll need manual intervention to organize the information and give it a more logical flow. 

Saying this doesn’t mean that Jasper always generates inaccurate content, but sometimes the content doesn’t have a smooth flow like in human writing. And yes, a few times, it generates repetitive, illegible, or even non-factual content. 

A little FACT CHECKING is always necessary, especially with statistics. 

If the content generated has a few shocking statistics, do a background check to be sure that the software got it right. Otherwise, you may mislead your audience and lose their trust and loyalty.

Who Are Ideal Customers to Invest In Jasper AI?

Jasper AI is ‌suitable for anyone whose job involves producing text content for education, promotional, or marketing purposes. Some ideal customers who should invest in the software include:

  • Freelance Writers and Bloggers: Jasper AI can help freelance writers and bloggers produce more articles and blog posts that are compelling and engaging to increase readability among their target audiences. It also gives them more content ideas to avoid writer’s block. If the content is for a client, clarify if they’re okay with AI writing first.
  • Marketing specialists:  If you’re a digital marketing specialist or a digital marketing agency owner, you can use Jasper AI to produce catchy and high-converting marketing copy for email, websites, and social media.
  • Vloggers: YouTube vloggers can also use Jasper AI to write compelling video scripts and generate powerful headlines and descriptions for their videos.
  • SEO Specialists: By integrating Surfer SEO into Jasper, SEO specialists can use this software to produce highly optimized content that ranks high on Google and attracts more organic traffic.
  •  eCommerce Business Owners: They can use Jasper AI to write compelling product descriptions fast and without hassle.
  • Novelists and Book Writers: If you’re an author of books and novels, Jasper AI can help you overcome writer’s block by giving you new storylines and chapter ideas. 

As you can see, Jasper has a diverse group of ideal customers who can use its unlimited capabilities to increase productivity while lowering their workload.

If you’re in any of the mentioned categories, take a FREE 5-day trial and see how Jasper AI can be beneficial to you.

Jasper AI + Surfer SEO – Write Blog Posts That Rank on Google

Do you want to write blog posts that rank high on Google? You’re lucky! Jasper AI and Surfer SEO have teamed up to offer a powerful tool that makes it easy to write SEO-friendly content. 

When integrated with Surfer SEO, Jasper AI can generate blog posts that are optimized for Google’s search algorithm. If you’ve optimized content with Surfer SEO before, you know it lets you see exactly how your article stacks up against the competition and helps you make changes accordingly.

Surfer also offers detailed keyword research tools that make it easy to find the right keywords to target in your article. Surfer literally takes the guesswork out of SEO.

By using Jasper AI and Surfer SEO together, you can be confident that your articles are thoroughly researched and optimally structured for maximum visibility on search engines. This will attract more organic traffic to your blog and bring you more success as a writer.

How Does It Compare To Other Tools?

In a world full of AI writing tools, it’s hard to know which is best for your needs. Jasper AI is a relatively new AI writing tool, but it’s the most advanced on the market.

So, how does it stack up against its many competitors? Let’s take a look.

Advanced Technology

Jasper AI helps you capture thoughts quickly and efficiently. If you use it well, you’ll get creative and high-quality content. The tool uses cutting-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to understand your thought process as you type and then provides suggestions and resources to help you develop your ideas further.

Ease of Use

Unlike other writing tools, Jasper AI is quite user-friendly. If you’ve ever used a word processing program like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, then you’ll be able to figure out Jasper AI with no problem. The interface is clean and simple, and all its features are easy to find and use.

Wide Range of Features

Jasper AI comes with a wide range of features designed to make your writing process easier and more efficient. Of all the writing tools I’ve tried, Jasper’s features are incredibly diverse and give writers the flexibility to choose exactly what they want. 

Some of its features will blow your mind—for instance, you’re less likely to find another AI tool that’s integrated with Grammarly premium to fix grammar issues for you as you write.

High Accuracy

Thanks to its advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, Jasper AI produces far more accurate content than other writing tools. You can trust it to catch errors you might otherwise miss. 

However, remember, it’s a writing assistant. You’ll still need to fact-check and copyedit everything. But compared to other writing assistants, its accuracy is at unprecedented levels.

Fair Price

Jasper AI is reasonably priced and affordable to writers at many levels. It is subscription-based, and prices start at $29/month for the Starter plan and $59/month for the Boss Mode plan. 

You’ll get two months free if you decide to go with a yearlong subscription. 

Right now, Jasper AI is offering a 5-day free trial so that you can try out all the features before committing to a paid subscription.

Thanks to its innovative design and powerful artificial intelligence algorithms, Jasper AI is quickly becoming the go-to choice for writers of all levels.

How to Make Money with Jasper

If you’re a professional writer, you know that one of the best ways to make money from your content is to sell it online.

Jasper AI is a tremendous money-making tool as much as it’s an excellent writing assistant.

If you’re thinking about making money using Jasper, here are a few ways you can do so:

Marketing Your Own Content 

You can use Jasper AI to help you write blog posts and other website content, like service pages, sales pages, and landing pages. If you’re having trouble coming up with content ideas for your website, Jasper AI can be a valuable resource to help you find topics that interest your audience and keep your website updated.

Creating and Selling Digital Products

With Jasper, you can turn your articles into digital products like eBooks or courses and sell them on platforms like Amazon, Kindle, Direct Publishing, or Udemy. Jasper AI could be what you need if you have an idea for an eBook and need help fleshing it out. 

It can help you develop topics to cover, shaping your eBook into a comprehensive guide that your audience will love.

Selling Pre-written Content

One of the quickest and easiest ways to make money with Jasper AI is to sell pre-written content. You can use Jasper AI to generate ideas for articles, which you can sell to online publications. 

Many writers need help with coming up with ideas for articles that interest editors and readers. Jasper AI can help by suggesting exciting and trending topics related to your expertise.

Writing for Clients Who Order AI Content (Not All Clients)

Another way to make money with Jasper AI is by writing custom content for clients who want AI-generated content. 

This involves taking on specific assignments from clients and writing original articles, ebooks, etc., according to their specifications. 

Note that I’m not talking about creating AI content for all your clients. I mean clients who have expressed interest in AI content. Here’s an example from Upwork:

Upwork client who wants a writer who uses Jasper

Getting Direction on How to Write For Other Clients

As a professional writer, Jasper gives you directions on writing for other clients. 

This can be especially helpful if you’re struggling with what to write about or have what’s known as the ‘blank page syndrome.’ 

I’ve done this a lot. Here’s exactly how you do it:

Remember that with AI content, you need some form of consent before using it to create actual content for clients. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it to get a useful angle to write from.

For example, if you’re told to compare two tools and don’t even know how you can start the article, you can go to Jasper, ask it to write for you an outline, an intro, and some content. That can give you a good angle to start with, even if you’ll write entirely using your own words.

Creating and Selling Jasper Art

Another way to make money with Jasper is by creating and selling Jasper-themed artwork. This could include anything from high-quality images, vector illustrations, logos, and icons to digital paintings or sculptures. 

If you’re an artist interested in exploring the possibilities of artificial intelligence, this is a great way to do it. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to command top dollar for your unique art creations.

Earning from Jasper’s Affiliate program

Jasper provides another great opportunity for you to partner with them through their affiliate program. 

When you sign up, you get affiliate links through which you can recommend Jasper AI to your friends and anyone in your network. You then earn a commission when someone subscribes to any of their pricing plans through your affiliate link. 

So, what are you waiting for if you want to make money with AI? Sign up for Jasper AI today and start catching the dollar.

My Experience with Jasper AI

I’ve been using Jasper’s Boss Mode (unlimited) plan since 2021. I can use it to create unlimited content.

Jasper boss mode unlimited

From my experience with Jasper AI, it’s the best fit for everyone’s content needs. 

When I first heard about Jasper, I was skeptical since the previous AI tool I tried was a flop. But when I finally tried it out, it significantly improved my writing and took my content creation to the next level. 

I love it! — it saves me a lot of time and bails me out when the dreaded writer’s block hits. However, I try to use the writing assistant sparingly. After all, I’d feel terrible as a writer if I was to use a whole article written by AI. 

The Boss Mode is my favorite (and the best) plan, and once again, I’m blessed to have the legacy unlimited plan, which can generate unlimited amounts of content at only $120 per month.

Here’s how I personally use Jasper.

I Use Jasper to Write Social Media Content for FreelancerKenya

Jasper writes some of my social media content.

Of course, I do some editing. And I manually write the bigger percentage of things. But Jasper helps a lot with a few—some of which have earned me decent cash.

I Use Jasper to Write Some FreelancerKenya Email Content

Jasper is great at creating marketing content. So, when I’m marketing my course on email, I may use Jasper to create some parts of the email.

For example, right now, I’ve asked Jasper this:

Jasper command

And here’s what Jasper has come up with (unedited):

Jasper wrote this email

I can quickly edit this, add a few things, and send this to my subscribers. But you can all agree with me that it’s created something that’s better than what some average or below-average writers come up with.

The best part? I can create 20 versions of this in seconds, each coming up with different outputs. For example, I’ve used similar instructions on Jasper’s “PAS Framework” template.

Jasper PAS framework

After clicking “Generate”, Jasper has come up with three outputs in seconds. See the unedited versions below:

Output 1:

Jasper output 1

Output 2:

Jasper output 2

Output 3:

Jasper output 3

Remember, it has taken me literally seconds to get those three versions and they’re all better than average. I can take two minutes to edit each, then use them on emails, social media, and anywhere else.

I Use Jasper to Create Sections of Articles and Website Content for FreelancerKenya and Other Approved Sites

I’m a progressive person, so I keep using different technologies to stay ahead of the competition here at FreelancerKenya. I never use Jasper to create an entire blog post, but I may use it to craft parts of it.

If a client is okay with AI content, I can also use Jasper to write for them partially. I love what Jasper produces, especially sales and marketing content. It helps with ideas, frameworks, outlines, descriptions, and crafting valuable content.

I do not use Jasper to write for clients who’ve not approved AI writing. However, I may still use Jasper just to get ideas, structures, and helpful writing angles in seconds. Then I write everything else manually.

In cases where I don’t believe it will do a good job, I simply hire expert writers to create my content. I can assure you that AI will not replace writers entirely. We still need a human touch. Even with Jasper, my content is still over 90% manual.

The best part about Jasper is it writes better than a below-average writer. You can use it on your own site to generate massive content in seconds. But first, make sure you learn how to use it well.

If you’re looking for a writing tool that can help you improve your writing skills and revamp your content creation, then you should give Jasper AI a try. 

FAQs About Japer AI

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about Jasper AI:

Does Jasper AI really work?

Jasper AI works excellently in producing high-quality content for blog posts, websites, and other digital marketing purposes. If you go with the Boss Mode plan, you’ll be amazed at its many features and how fast it can help you produce great content for your website and clients who are okay with AI content.

Is Jasper AI good for SEO?

Absolutely! Jasper is good for SEO since it uses artificial intelligence to research from powerful websites on the internet. 

Integrating Jasper with Surfer produces unique SEO-optimized content that can rank high on Google and attract lots of organic traffic. Note that integrating the two is only possible with the Boss Mode plan.

There’s talk about Google cracking down on AI content, but that’s not yet been proven. What Google wants is helpful content. 

There’s ZERO EVIDENCE that Google will penalize a site that produces accurate, unique, well-researched, properly edited, and immensely helpful AI content. 

Even Google itself uses AI, e.g., Gmail can now automatically complete sentences for you and Google’s search engine heavily relies on AI.

On the other hand, there’s TONS OF EVIDENCE on sites that majorly use AI writing to rank on Google and other search engines. 

Does Jasper have a free trial?

Yes. Jasper AI offers a free 5-day trial during which you can access all its features, write content, and confirm its reliability. At the end of the free trial, you’ll need to subscribe to either the Starter plan or the Boss Mode plan to continue using the software for content creation.

Is Jasper AI worth the price?

Considering its many features, outstanding performance, and unlimited capabilities, Jasper AI is definitely worth the price. 

The content you can create in a month using this writing tool is worth more than the Starter Plan price of $29/month. You can also get massive returns if you create tons of content using the Boss Mode plan.

Will Jasper Replace Human Writers?

The answer is yes and no. Mostly no.

Why no? Jasper may write better than a below-average writer, but it doesn’t always create ready-to-use content. It always needs some human intervention to perfect the output.

Why yes? If a writer does a terrible job, then this AI writer may blow them out of the water. As you’ve seen in some of the unedited outputs above, it creates pretty decent content.

Solution? You should always work on perfecting your writing skills so that you stay ahead of the game. There will always be a demand for excellent human writers.

Should You Fire Your Writer and Replace Them With Jasper?

No. Keep that top-notch writer. You can use Jasper to increase your output. Make it part of your workflow.

It can boost your writer’s productivity many times over and help you create multiple types of content.

Remember, the outputs from Jasper always need some manual intervention. You’ll need your brilliant writer for this.

Where Can I Get Training on How to Use Jasper?

I’m glad you want to learn how to write content using AI. Check out Jasper’s FREE detailed course.

Jasper AI Review: Final Thoughts

From this in-depth Jasper review, it’s evident that Jasper AI is an artificial intelligence tool that helps writers in many ways, from generating blog post topic ideas to researching and writing content. 

In other words, it’s a one-stop shop for all your content needs.

Since it’s AI-powered, Jasper content assistant is constantly learning, evolving, and improving.

If you’ve tried using other AI content generation tools and felt disappointed by lousy, illogical, and inaccurate content, here’s to a new experience! Also, if you’re looking for a way to streamline and fire up your content production process, Jasper AI is definitely worth checking out.

While Jasper is no match to a skilled human writer, it beats a below-average writer. 

This means that as a writer, it should NEVER replace your learning efforts since your natural brain can write better than artificial intelligence. Many who succeed with Jasper are already great writers and can quickly improve what it produces.

Did you find this review helpful? I hope it helps you decide whether Jasper AI is the right content creation tool for you. Let me know what you think in the comment section.

Have you tried using Jasper AI and loved it? Shout it out in the comment section too, and let’s hear about your experiences.

Share this review with your fellow writers to let them know there’s a better way to create more content with fewer cups of coffee in the middle of the night!

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