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The 9 Year Old Champion’s eBook

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

This is a great and inspirational story from a 9 year old chess champion. It is up for grabs for only Sh. 100.

Yes, she may be 9 but she has a champion’s heart. And she is now earning money online selling this amazing eBook.

Hard and Smart Work

Gilliane Otieno is someone who doesn’t give up easily. She started small and grew to become an internationally renowned chess player.

Her story is not just about chess, it shows what determination, hard work and finding the right coach can do to someone. It is a story of a person with passion for what she does, a person who is determined to grow at all costs.

An Inspiration to Adults and Children

Gilliane inspires both adults and children. I have read her story over and over again and I love it. Note that she writes this story herself, in her own words, making it sound more interesting and authentic.

In case you want to take this amazing dose of inspiration from a 9 year old, then feel free to buy it with the details below:

Payment Details

M-Pesa Payment

Send Sh. 100 to her father, Gilbert at (0722784194) together with a follow-up text with your email address and Gilbert will forward the eBook to your email address.

PayPal Payment

Simply click on the button below to initiate your purchase for only $2.

Thanks in advance and I believe this will inspire both you and your family.

Disclaimer: I am not making any commission selling this eBook. It is just a valuable product that I thought I would post it here on behalf of Gilliane and it would be useful to you and your family. So go ahead and support this brilliant 9 year old by making your purchase.

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Did the book eventually make it to Amazon?


Thanks.After being converted automatically thats it?About the cover i think i will hire you….and iff possible would like you to help publish


Hallo.i have written books.i wanted to publish them as
ebooks.The only
problem is,i dont know how to publish them especially
help me on that.I also need you to help me link my equity bank
things like paypal.and lastly i would like few teachings on how
publish ndio in future nisikusumbue…So how much do you
charge to
publish a single ebook na training pia


As an avid chess player from a family of champions I can relate to most of what she says in the book. Great read

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