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Top Blogs on the Money Online Niche

Make Money Blogging

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

Top BlogsNo blog is an island.

To be honest, there is no way one blog can give you everything you need when it comes to making money online. We have to coexist with other bloggers to make this internet world a beautiful place.

Here are some of the cool, top blogs that I follow that help me increase my knowledge and online income.

Top Kenyan Blogs

1. FreelancerKenya

No no no. I don’t like blowing my own trumpet.

But…the numbers show it.

With up to 3,000+ views per day, 12,000+ people on my mailing list, 10,000+ followers on my Facebook page , 100-300 daily emails received, top search engine rankings, access to international influencers and top Alexa rankings on the Kenyan freelancing niche, the numbers show it. (These figures keep changing every few minutes!)

I won’t say much once again since I don’t like blowing my own trumpet.

2.Tech Money Mama

Tech Money Mama was previously called Work Online Kenya. It’s owned by Sheeroh Kiarie. It has some amazing, actionable tips on how to make money online. I’m proud to have been part of Sheeroh’s journey. Way before the blog, she made a wonderful comment right here in FreelancerKenya. I then hired her to do a paid guest post. The post went viral. She later started blogging and has kept growing ever since.

3. Make Money Online in Kenya

This site ( is currently offline but is one of the sites that made me who I am today. Kevin Njoroge (the founder) remains my favorite writer in Kenya and I hope he’ll get his site back online at some point, even if he’ll just host it and not add any new content.

He couldn’t miss from this list! I used to regularly read from him when it was still online. I also made sure I used a couple of his affiliate links when starting out. That, I consider as one great way of “paying” bloggers (using their affiliate links).

4. Make Money Kenya

Felix Okoli has a very comprehensive blog. Make Money Kenya has loads and loads of great content on making money online. When starting, I used to always check out his new posts and learn something from him. His blog is a bit basic in terms of design but it runs deep in terms of great content.

5. Like Chapaa

Like Chapaa by Kelvin et al is one blog that Kenyans used to love when it came to money online matters. It also has tons of useful content and is still loved by Google to date. It has not been updated for some time but it still remains a good place to learn what used to work at their time.

6. Freelancer Insights

This is a helpful blog by David Mbugua Kiongo. One of my favorite things in Freelancer Insights is the tips it has on Upwork. I gained a lot from David’s site when I was getting started in Upwork. It also has other great tips on working online.

Top International Blogs on the Money Online Niche

1. Social Triggers

Derek Halpern, the founder of Social Triggers, may very well be one of the brightest people on the blogosphere. His blog talks about online marketing using psychological techniques. He gives solid advice that works whenever I follow.

I use lots of his information on my personal marketing and see incredible results. I watch all his videos and read all his blog posts when they come out.

2. Kikolani

Kikolani is owned and run by one of my favorite writers in the planet, Kristi Hines. She shares lots of stuff about content marketing. She’s really helped me in my journey and has once used me as one of her testimonials.

Kikolani has great stuff on content marketing.

I’ve also communicated with Kristi regularly on email, such a kind, helpful lady. I did her course Content Promotion Plan (previously Blog Post Promotion) and it was extremely valuable.

3. QuickSprout

I regularly read from QuickSprout. I love the content in there by Neil Patel. Maybe because he was born in the same year as me (1985) and is so successful…

…or maybe it’s just the fact that he is the master of free premium content (freemiums).

This blog has advanced guides to stuff that you could have paid a fortune for. Look out for his advanced guides to SEO, content marketing, link building etc. I still don’t believe that he gives all that for free. Seriously!

4. Traffic Generation Cafe

Traffic Generation Café must be one of the most beautiful blogs in the universe; beautiful inside and out. It has some of the best content on how to get free traffic to your website. I read posts on this blog as soon as they come out. I love Ana Hoffman’s sense of humor and easy going writing style. Look out for her eBook, “Mommy, Where Does Traffic Come From?”

5. Steve Watson Online

Steve’s site is currently offline. This was among the blogs that made FreelancerKenya what it is today. I used to be on Steve Watson’s mailing list and he was one of the most generous people I know. He gave me a free review of this website and helped me to adjust a couple of things to increase my site’s outlook. Check out the video below to see him reviewing my site.

He once installed BackupBuddy free of charge for all on his mailing list, including me, saving me of a whole $80+. This way, my site is always backed up on a schedule, just in case anything happens.

Smart Blogger

In this entire list, Jon Morrow, the owner of Smart Blogger is probably one of the most inspiring writers I’ve ever known. He suffers from a condition that’s made him unable to move anything but his face. He actually writes using his lips and voice. His articles are packed with value and insights.

He also owns another site, Unstoppable. Read this amazing article and you’ll see why I say his super-inspirational.

Final Thoughts

Starting a blog is one of the hardest but most rewarding things to do. All the blogs above started from somewhere. Follow them and learn from them.

If you simply follow the information on these blogs without buying anything you’ll go far. If you opt to buy something from them, then you’ll go even further. I’ve been following them for quite some time and have even become friends with some of their owners. This has paid off big time.

Which is your top blog (apart from FreelancerKenya)? What do you think about the ones above? Feel free to share in the comments.
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Tech Money Mama, Freelancer Kenya and a new one ( are my go to sites for fresh knowledge about freelancing.


Hey Walter the top blogs that I love and visit often are,,, and These sites have very useful information that every writer would be happy to read.


You left a new site. Its really awesome. Visit it at


Hey Walter. Noticed that we visit some of the similar sites on blogging, internet marketing and related. I do remember Kevin’s site too. Great site you have here. This is not my time to visit your site, but I guess it is the first time I am commenting on one of your articles.

Reply to  Walter Akolo



Hahahaha, I like the number one blog the best! 🙂

Kenyan Simon Says

Nice Article I have also a news an upcoming news blog.How can I best maximize on the advertising options or get clients to advertise on my site or


This is exactly what I personally needed. I only knew three from this list( The Kenyan ones). You are a great mentor for us Walter. I believe that the time is just right to start one of this money online blogs. The potential looks amazing! Thanks for this.


Excellent post Akolo. I didn’t know which blogs are tops in Kenya.

Felix Okoli

Nice review. I still wonder what happened to Kevin Njoroge’s blog. He did have a lot of rich content and he would have sold the site to other bloggers like me or you. I wouldn’t mind buying his site rather than shutting it down.


These blogs do what they know best. They’re authoritative so to speak. You guys didn’t take a day to be where you’re now. You started somewhere and now see where you’re “Top”. This is great and encouraging.


Thanks Walter for this post. One thing people fail to know about going to the top is that the more you teach, the more you learn! Giving turns out, paradoxically, to be a selfish act! Zig Ziglar said it best, “You can get anything you want as long as you help as many people as possible to get what they want.” I sure will be chewing stuff from as many of the resources you have kindly pointed out as gold for the blogger/freelancer. It is not easy getting the best on your own, so when someone points you in the right direction, that is a massive gift. Thanks again.

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