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Why Chura Is the Current Talk of Town for Instant PayPal Withdrawal and Deposit Services Paypal Withdrawal Service

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase. paypal withdrawal service

Update: Chura has temporarily suspended PayPal services.

When I first heard about Chura, I laughed. Chura means frog in Swahili, right? So why would a startup call itself a frog?

However, when I noticed that they were featured in Business Daily, Nation and Demo Africa, huge publications, I was totally flabbergasted. In fact, the Demo-Africa article stated that they were sponsored by the US State Department through a [email protected] partnership.

I decided to dig in some more and see what they offer and I must confess I was impressed.

I’ve written about many other PayPal to MPESA services in the past. Some come and go, some still stand strong. I would confidently state that this is one of those huge ones that’s slated to offer incredible services for a long time. After all, the major publications above can’t all be wrong.

Without further ado, let’s dive in for more details on Chura’s services.

PayPal to MPESA Transfers

Yes, I know there’s PayPal to Equity which is cheaper, but it takes 3 days, right? What happens when you need your cash faster? Maybe you have an emergency.

Or rent is due and you can’t tell your landlord to wait three business days for cash to clear.

Or life happens and you have absolutely no money and no one to borrow from.

The list goes on, but in short, sometimes you need money faster. Here’s what you get with Chura’s PayPal to MPESA service.

Get Cash in Under 1 Minute

Chura currently offers the FASTEST PayPal withdrawal service. You literally get cash in a flash. It is the first fully automated instant PayPal withdrawal service in Kenya.

I still remember one day looking for Sam and his team to let me know how they do it. Of course no business can give you its secrets. But it never hurts to try :).

Their automation makes it a service that really fulfills its promise. If they say under one minute, it literally is under one minute.

Competitive Rates

Chura offers competitive instant withdrawal rates. Before writing this post, I checked out many different trusted instant services and found out that Chura is actually cheaper than most. This gives you a win-win situation. You don’t only get the money faster, but also cheaper than most instant service providers.

Superb Support

Do you have a query that you need answered? Chura has got you covered, 24/7. You can call or message them anytime and you’ll get a timely and useful response. Most other services don’t operate 24/7 and don’t even have a comprehensive support team.

Risk Free

Chura gives you risk free services. They give a 100% money back guarantee. This means that if for any reason you don’t get your MPESA instantly, the cash is fully returned to your PayPal. No hassles.

Trusted Services

This company has been providing excellent services online for 2 years now. It is a trusted and reliable service. With them, you’re assured that you’ll not lose your hard earned cash.

No Float Issues

Have you ever tried calling your favorite dealer trying to withdraw more than $300 then you got back the response that there’s no float? Not anymore. Here they always ensure that they have enough to sort you out whenever you need to cash out.

MPESA to PayPal Services

Chura also offers reliable MPESA to PayPal services. This comes in handy whenever you want to buy a product or pay someone via PayPal. This is what you get when you use them for this:


Chura’s signature feature is speed. This is the same for their MPESA to PayPal transfers. You just follow a simple procedure and get the cash in less than 2 minutes.


Their rates are better than most. In fact, it’s cheaper to use Chura to deposit money to your PayPal account, as opposed to doing it from a linked card. Here you get rates that are cheaper than banks.


Do you want to buy something at midnight? Is there a person you want to send money to urgently? You can do this through Chura anytime of day or night. In case of any queries, you can always contact their 24/7 support team. The system here is very easy to use, even for the least tech savvy people.


Chura cares for you and your money. They go out of their way to ensure that your money is absolutely safe and secure. The fact that transactions occur at lightning speed also removes the anxiety of waiting for long before getting your cash.

Other Services

Apart from PayPal to MPESA services, you can also access the following from Chura:

Sam and his team are also working on the following that are coming soon:


This is the company of the future. There is too much noise in the internet nowadays that people now just want simple solutions. Chura is as simple as it gets. It is fast and secure, while still offering very competitive rates.

The team is so innovative and futuristic that it’s now the only company in its league that has been featured on major publications. Try them out now for fast PayPal to MPESA, MPESA to PayPal or airtime-related services.

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Well I never liked them, they has some issues on verifications and limits on how much to transact, like i could not transact over $20 on my first time with them or something. I am just glad that I successfully managed to link my card with equity and would wish every newbie does that. It’s the only option else people will keep been milked lots of dollars by these agents.

Eli B.Uyoma
Eli B.Uyoma

Hi Walter, I opened a Paypal acct. I ve been trying to get some online work but the issue of account verification is a challenge. My details for this account- I live in US- so other details like -SSN, Bank details, phone are incomplete. Its like when I opened this account there was no option to input Kenya. I was trying to link my Equity bank account to paypal & the routing no. its asking for has 9 digits while equity gave me only 5- 68029, thus when entered it says not valid. I have some 39 USD that I want to withdraw and am thinking after that I close it n open another account where I can give my correct location(Kenya). Or is it possible to rectify these anomalies( Ive checked my dashboard over n over, Hamna!) can be rectified?

John Monyjok Maluth
Reply to  Eli B.Uyoma

Hi Eli, this post seems old, but have you resolved the issue now?

I am using PayPal to Equity service and I have written articles about it.

In case you still have issues as explained above, the answer is:

Link the Visa card with PayPal not the account details.
Equity has a web page that guides you through all these steps; their self-service portal.

Let me know if you need more help. I can’t link my post here for some genuine reasons.



What about uploading funds into a Skrill account. What is the safest and most effective method. Kindly help me out.


Thank you for your consistency and selflessness. You will be rewarded right here on earth and you will get your Crown of Glory when you reach your destination.

I am glad that when I eventually need these wonderful services I will not have to reinvent the proverbial wheel.

Keep it up!



My journey with Paypal-Mpesa is funny. My first shot at it, the agent asked for so much in proving my identity, till I felt the 8 business days (Equity) were relatively shorter. I vowed not to use them again (but later I actually did). Then fate forced me to seek for the services and a friend vouched for chura despite the name. It was fast, but the low limits for first time users (don’t know if they’re still there) were hurting and expensive overall, I have used them thrice in total and I appreciate their place.

Mathews Orwa
Mathews Orwa

Besides PayPal to Mpesa, I use Chura Mostly for Purchasing of airtime. I just use Mpesa to buy Airtel airtime for bundles. I send 100/= via MPESA and get 100/= airtime.

The name chura made me laugh too like Akolo did and I had to ask them “why chura” and they replied that your money jumps from paypal to Mpesa and vice versa like “chura” when you use their services.

Wonderful, Thanks Walter for enlightening the mass. a good thing is good how?


Wow, good insights. Looking forward to deal with them.

Marrie Immaculate
Marrie Immaculate

Thanks, Walter, for keeping us in the know about what makes life a bit more comfortable. You are unselfish, and always want the best for freelancers. Will chat some more next week, ok?
Remain blessed.


Yes they are fast, yes they are reliable but they are far to expensive. Withdrawing 10USD and getting Ksh 708 in your Mpesa is just too much.


Thanks Walter for this great 101 info. I knew about chura but never thought they could be that reliable. Am now enlightened and in case of need wont fail to contact them.


Good to note this Walter and thanks for the jewels of information as always

Steve Okello
Steve Okello

About a year ago, a quick online search online search for PayPal to MPESA withdrawal landed me on Chura which was already ranking high on Google regarding such services. I was sceptical about it but using Chura over and again has never disappointed . Thanks Walter for highlighting this. Through your much platform, thousands will learn about Chura and transact hassle free


Always selfless to help. thank you!

Aggrey Amimo
Aggrey Amimo

I must agree with you Walter. Chura is currently the best. They never fail.

Sammy Mwatha

Awesome, especially after the recent Equity debacle…..

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