Equity PayPal Withdrawal Service

The Official Position of the Equity PayPal Withdrawal Service

Equity PayPal Withdrawal Service

Equity Bank officially states that their withdrawal service is now on point but experienced an error that led to the recent delay that caused a lot of buzz in the online world.

Spencer Okach, a Product Manager at Equity stated, “There was a problem with the a couple of transactions so the cash was reversed and the process had to start again.”

This was the reason for the huge 14 day delay in some of the October PayPal withdrawals that sparked off this discussion.

Spencer states that the issue is now fixed and members can go ahead and make their withdrawals.

This has been confirmed by recent comments on this blog where some are saying they even got their cash in 5 days. All those who were affected by the delay that started on October 29th have now received their funds. Below are the screenshots of some of these confirmations:

Received PayPal Money

Received PayPal Money on Equity Account

“Note that the withdrawals take 5-8 business days, excluding Kenyan and American holidays” said Spencer. This was in response to the question on why the withdrawal sometimes takes even 11 days. Here is a list of American Bank Holidays. Note that also Payoneer doesn’t operate on these days.

So I guess that means its all systems go on the Equity PayPal withdrawal system. My advice though to Equity is to empower their customer support stuff so that such stuff is quickly handled whenever a customer calls or tweets. That way, things will never get out of hand.

According to the Equity PayPal withdrawal website, the service will be unavailable between Friday, Nov, 15th 2013 to Monday 18th in the morning.

So, go ahead and withdraw from PayPal to Equity (from 18th) and let us know how it goes. I am looking forward to responding to your comment on this 🙂