PayPal to Equity

Has The Equity PayPal Withdrawal Method Stalled?

Update: 24th November, 2017. Equity Bank stopped the method below and now uses an even better one. Click here to check it out.

Update: 16th Nov, 2013. This withdrawal method is back to normal. Here is Equity’s official position on the PayPal withdrawal delays.

PayPal to Equity
Image Credit: Equity Bank

When Equity Bank first introduced their PayPal withdrawal method, I did a blog post and titled it Equity Bank Joins the PayPal Withdrawal Race – Deal or No Deal?.

By then, my hope was that this was not going to be a similar case with NationHela which was widely publicized but soon became unreliable and was eventually called off. I personally tested the Equity method and confirmed that it worked.

However, from reports that I am getting on my blog comments and social media, people are wondering if this method has stalled. People who withdrew their cash on 29th October have not received any money yet, a whole 14 days later (at the time of writing).

Below are some of the comments I’ve been receiving. Click on a comment to see exactly where it was originally posted:

 Equity PayPal withdrawal delay

Equity PayPal Withdrawal Problem

Delays With PayPal to Equity WithdrawalDelays withdrawing from PayPal to Equity My advice is that you avoid using this method till this problem is cleared.   In recent news, there was also a problem withdrawing money using a Payoneer on Equity Bank ATMs. This had a wide response in my Facebook page as seen below:

The best alternatives you can use to withdraw your money from PayPal are currently Payoneer or ePay-Kenya. It is my hope that the Equity PayPal withdrawal method will be fixed soon. I love Equity Bank but believe they should upgrade their systems and customer care on this. Have you encountered any of these issues? What do you think is happening? Feel free to drop a comment below.