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ePay-Kenya Reinstates PayPal Withdrawals by Invitation

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ePay-Kenya reinstates PayPal withdrawalsAt last, ePay-Kenya has reinstated PayPal withdrawals via their system. When it comes to accessing PayPal money in Kenya, ePay-Kenya have been doing the best job for over three years, making it the most trusted payment processor in Kenya.

According to Esther Kimani, ePay-Kenya’s Sales and Marketing director, users will be notified via email on when they can start using the PayPal transaction services. There are users who have already been notified. Those who haven’t are encouraged to be patient as they wait for communication from the ePay-Kenya team.

It has been a difficult 2 weeks as Kenyans have been doing their best to get alternative payment processors to ePay-Kenya. Viewership from my blog escalated as people stormed in to look for a solution. This comes as good news for this huge number of Kenyans who were trying hard to access their PayPal money.

Money is Still Safe in The System

Esther says that the invitation-mode is prompted by the fact that ePay-Kenya is testing new payment processors. They are taking it slow and still assuring users that their money will be safe as it has always been.

Want to Withdraw Money from Moneybookers?

Yes, it is possible to withdraw money from Moneybookers straight into your bank account. The problem is that this may take some time and may have high fees. You can still use ePay-Kenya to withdraw your Moneybookers’ cash quickly and securely.

Apart from PayPal and Moneybookers withdrawals, you can also use ePay-Kenya to fund your PayPal account or request them to make online payments for you.

Final Thoughts

I personally have used ePay-Kenya’s services for a long time and can also assure readers that their money is safe in their hands. For now, existing users can wait for invitation emails while new users can stay put and wait for ePay-Kenya’s next announcement. As usual, keep it FreelancerKenya and you’ll be the first to know when anything happens.


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Thanks for the post. I opened an e-pay account, attached my id and now i have a verified account. Now i can withdraw from pay pal with better rates. It has also encouraged me to work harder when it comes to online money. Thanks.


im happy that epay kenya has verified my account.


Hello walter,

Yes you are right about sending a support ticket to e-pay Kenya if verification of account is delayed; i had mine delayed and the support ticket had my account verified within 2 days. Keep up the great work, i stay informed right here.


This is good news to hear. For my case on 14th of January 2013, I uploaded my ID card into their account and waited for their response for my account verification. I sent epay kenya a complaint as to why they are taking too long to verify my account. They sent me a message on the 16th of January apologizing for the delay and said that the reason is because they were having issues with paypal withdrawals. Epay told me that they will verify all the pending accounts last weekend (from 19th to 20th of jan 2013) but when I log in to Epay kenya, I still see that my account is not verified. I will just be patient and give them another week to sort out their issues.

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