Discover How to Build a Thriving Transcription Career

You keep hearing out there that transcription is awesome! That people are making way more than $1,000 per month doing it. You know you can do it, but how? 

Even if you've tried it for a while, you may have given up since you just don't know how to get the right clients.

What's worse? Some experts will keep lying to you that you can't earn as a transcriber. But you know deep inside that they're wrong. Yes, they're dead wrong!

Here are some of the problems today's transcribers face

  • Not knowing how to transcribe
  • No idea where to get transcription jobs
  • Getting stuck on low paying jobs
  • Lack of proper transcription tools
  • Bad advice that you may get out there

To succeed as a transcriber you need the following

transcription training
  • Access to a computer and internet
  • Good quality headphones
  • The right transcription tools
  • Fast typing speed
  • Comprehension skills
  • Listening skills
  • Good clients who value you and pay you well for your work
  • Time management skills

Introducing the All About Transcription e-Guide

This is the only training you'll need to become a successful transcriber

Here you will learn about strategies that work TODAY for transcribers. 

If you strictly follow the lessons and take action with what you learn, you'll get into the big leagues of the transcription industry.

So what will you learn in this All About Transcription e-Guide?

  • What transcription really is
  • Types of transcription
  • Common terminologies
  • Skills and equipment needed
  • Where and how to apply for transcription jobs
  • Expert tips on how to earn well as a transcriber

About your trainer

Nelly Mutua

Introducing Nelly Mutua, one of the best transcribers Kenya has ever had.

There are very few people with her level of success and accuracy in this skill. She started from scratch and is now able to give her young daughter the great life she deserves. 

Transcription gave Nelly her big break!

She's been transcribing from way back in 2009, gathering an immense wealth of skill and experience. She has some of the best ratings in transcription sites and has worked for both local and international clients.

That's why here at FreelancerKenya we decided to have her over as our official transcription trainer. 

How the training will be conducted

This is a purely online training. 

It will be done through a training website where you login and access the training materials and tasks. 

You'll then read, learn and implement. In case of any questions, you can contact the trainer via the email address or phone number given and you'll be promptly assisted.

You'll be expected to go through all the lessons and actually implement what you learn. Note that there is no success without effort. And this is definitely not a get rich quick scheme.

We give you one month of support, where you learn and ask all the questions you need. We'll also assess some of your abilities and tell you where you lie. Take as much action as possible during that month.

Pricing and payment details

This e-Guide goes for only Sh. 1,500 ($15). 

If you're a Kenyan, order by sending Sh. 1,500 to Nelly Mutua at 0724595950 then text her your email address. Nelly will then send you instructions on how to go sign up to our world-class training site.

Click here to pay via PayPal.

Alternatively, you can reach out to us through our contact page to make alternative payment arrangements e.g. Western Union, TransferWise, MoneyGram etc. 

Note that at FreelancerKenya, our training prices don't go down. They keep increasing as we add more features. We really want you to succeed, thus we strive to equip you with top-notch, world class skills.

Order now and finally get the expert guidance you need to become a successful transcriber.