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The training has really helped me. At least I can do part-time jobs while I focus on my medical studies. It’s barely 2 months since I did the course and I’m already earning $500 per month working only 3 hours a day. I’d rate this course 10/10.

I started earning after a month of training. In my third month, I earned $1,268 working part-time. I’ve landed more clients ever since. I am no longer running an anxious family that has no idea where I am taking it. My children seem happier, and my wife seems more relaxed and assured. I believe that in itself is the greatest reward I have received for joining online work. And all this started by me taking a leap of faith, joining Walter’s course and taking swift action with what I learnt.

Just one month after the course, I landed a client who was paying $400 per week. Without this course, I would still be on my phone looking for jobs. I get prompt responses on all my (very) many questions. The course has incredibly useful information and is not rocket science. You just have to follow instructions, which are clear and straightforward.

Martha Ngaruye

Two weeks into the training, I landed two jobs. The long-term one is worth $2,000. I’ve just withdrawn $230. Thank you, Walter. The fee I put into the course, the many rewrites to my samples and the close guidance paid me back many times over.

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