Kenyan Presidential Debate 2013 Aftermath – Let’s Promote Peace Gangnam Style

Presidential Debate Aftermath - Peace in Kenya
Let’s Promote Peace in Kenya During the Election Period

The Kenya Presidential debate 2012 was phenomenal. If you missed it, you can watch it all below.

There were 8 candidates being interviewed and all of them seemed composed and reasonable. In fact, they were shaking hands at the end of it. As much as we might differ in opinions, I call on us all to stay as peaceful as the politicians were at the debate.

Gangnam What?

Gangnam Style is one song that shocked people in 2012/2013. This Korean pop song went on to being the most viewed YouTube video in the world, making history with over 1 billion views. Freelancers and internet marketers are still studying how to become viral and get that much traffic.

Just as this song shocked the world, I would like to encourage Kenyans to also shock the world by conducting peaceful, free and fair elections.

I know this is a make money online blog but at the end of the day we are all Kenyans and there are some things that we just cannot fail to talk about. I call upon all bloggers to do the same and help me to preach peace, no matter what their blogs are about. As the heading says, let’s promote peace Gangnam Style.

The Highlights of the Kenyan Presidential Debate 2013

1. Safina Goes to Court

For a moment there, people were worried that the presidential debate would be cancelled. This was because Safina went to court, proposing that debate gets cancelled should Mohammed Abduba Dida and Paul Muite not be included in the debate.

Justice Eric Ogolla swiftly ruled that the debate only proceeds if these two Kenyan Presidential candidates are included. This ended up being a great thing since the two made the whole debate even more enjoyable to watch.

I applaud Justice Eric for his great decision to ensure peace in Kenya; ruling in the best interests of the country.

2. Social Media Buzz

The social media buzz started early yesterday morning and peaked towards evening. All through Facebook and Twitter, almost 90% of what was posted in the evening was something about the presidential debate.

The first Twitter hashtag to trend was #Debate254. #KEDebate13 was later announced by the debate panelists and became a hot trending hashtag on Twitter.

If you have never used Twitter before and don’t know what I’m saying. Go right now to and register an account. On the search box, enter #KEDebate2013 and read the updates that people are sharing on the topic. It may just be the thing that gets you hooked on Twitter.

Of course Facebook was not missing in action either. As usual, Kenyans were creating funny photos and status updates on the proceedings of the debate. One that caught my attention most was the Skype government photo that borrowed from the Faimba (Faiba) advert. I had a good laugh with that one :).

See it in action in my Facebook page.

3. Presidential Debate Surprises

Just as any other debate, there were some serious surprises on the Kenya presidential debate 2013.

These included:

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1. Kenyans were introduced to a man called Mohammed Abduba Dida (presidential candidate) who went on to make everyone laugh hard, including the panelists.

2. I was surprised at the courage and professionalism of the moderators. Linus Kaikai and Julie Gichuru did an awesome job, asking bold questions regarding ethnicity and many other seemingly “untouchable” topics.

3. At different points, the moderators stopped Raila Odinga and the other Kenyan presidential candidates from continuing to talk when their time was up. I was surprised at the humility the candidates showed, especially Raila Odinga, when stopped for taking too long.

4. Raila Odinga at one point, talking about the ICC, made a joke that Kenya could not be ruled via Skype.

5. Mutahi Ngunyi had called this whole thing a show of ignorance and yes it was at some point. There are different points where all the candidates either answered wrongly or beat around the bush when asked some direct questions.

6. The 2 horses, Raila and Uhuru both claimed that they were friends and that Kenyans needed to keep the peace throughout this election period. They both said they would concede defeat if either won the elections.

7. Mohammed Dida, when making his final point, did not say “vote for me”. Instead, he said “vote for the best”.


4. The Kenya Presidential Debate Trending in Twitter

It was great to see the debate trending on Twitter worldwide under the hashtag  #KEDebate13. As usual, Kenyans are some of the funniest and most creative human beings. If you are having a rough day, just go to Twitter and as stated above, enter #KEDebate13 on the search box and enjoy the updates.

At some point the hashtag even stamped out some of the major world news such as the Pope story.

Peter Kenneth in his usual style kept giving out memorable quotes and at some point, “Peter Kenneth” was also trending on Twitter. Whether Peter wins the elections or not, I must agree that he has won many people’s hearts in social media.

5. Dida Takes the Day at the Presidential Debate

This is not to say that Dida will win the election. On the other hand, this guy won many people’s hearts. He kept asking the other candidates direct questions on their policies and contradictions. He kept the whole debate live by giving funny stories, quotes and suggestions.

It reached a point that I would burst out laughing whenever Julie Gichuru would point at Dida to give him a chance to talk. Today on Facebook and Twitter, most people are still talking about this man. In fact, there are different Facebook pages that are being created already such Dida for Prezzy.

All the other candidates, Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga, Peter Kenneth, Martha Karua, Mohamed Dida, James ole Kiyapi and Paul Muite also did extremely well in the debate.

6. Debate Ends Peacefully

The Kenyan presidential debate ended peacefully with all the candidates shaking hands and chatting.

The key takeaway was the fact that all candidates said that they would accept defeat and in case of any irregularities, they would use the Kenyan justice system instead of mobilizing Kenyans to take to the streets. Personally, I encourage us all to be peaceful all through as we work on our way to a better Kenya.

Click here to check out my Facebook page for funny photos and updates that Kenyans are coming up with concerning the presidential debate. Feel free to leave your peace comments below.

Promote peace during this election period. Happy freelancing!