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My FREE Freelancer Turbo Charge Program For NEW Writers

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

Update – 17th August, 2016: This free offer ended a few years ago.

As you all know, I always unleash something new every couple of months to help you to make more money online and also to help me stay online. Like a famous movie once said, “Everyone loves happy endings”.

This FREE program will help new freelancers to get the PAIN out of bidding.

It is targeted solely to writers who are totally green on, are extremely talented but they hate bidding, don’t know how to bid or have simply not been successful. It is aimed at helping them to get started on freelancer, get some awesome reviews and later move on to high paying clients.

Why This Free Turbo Charge Program?

“I hate bidding! If what you’re telling me will involve bidding, then wacha ikae, I’ll stick to this site which doesn’t involve bidding at all”, a friend of mine said when having a long conversation 2 days ago.

I’ve trained this guy for a long time but still bidding is a hustle to him. He got lucky though to have an awesome account in one of the best online non-bidding sites but I still believe he’d earn more should he decide to bid and get personal, reliable and dependable clients.

I have also checked my mails over the last couple of weeks and discovered that there are many talented, awesome writers (and other freelancers) who equally hate bidding but are still struggling to make ends meet in terms of their freelancing income.

My first reaction has been, “Why not bid if it will literally help you make a decent and consistent online income?”

This comes from the fact that I’ve literally made thousands of dollars out of bidding sites. In fact, my current income mostly comes from Elance and I still bid/send proposals to date. I double up as a client on Freelancer, iWriter e.t.c.

Who should apply?

Below are the people who should apply for this free training program:

  • Excellent new writers
  • Good writers who are not new but would love to start getting some bidding income from (but don’t have any reviews yet)
  • Writers with excellent profiles elsewhere that are willing to do lower paying jobs so that they can also boost their Freelancer profile and make it easier to get clients from this giant site.

Let’s get the PAIN out of bidding, shall we?

Yes, we shall!

Below is how we’ll work this out together:

  • Send me a sample of your best writing (Relax, I won’t use it anywhere, I just need it to help me determine your eligibility)
  • Sign up for a Freelancer account after we talk. I need people who have not signed up yet or are willing to sign up afresh and I’ll give you the exact guidelines on how to create a winning profile and account. Please, please don’t sign up before we talk.
  • I’ll personally look for bulk jobs from reputable clients in Freelancer and elsewhere. I already have a great profile so this should not be hard for me. Note that bulk jobs are generally low paying, but the aim of this program is to get you going on the site with great reviews, therefore consider it an investment!
  • I’ll train you, hire you in Freelancer and give you real jobs with real clients. Since I’ll already have vetted your quality beforehand, you’ll already be a great writer.
  • After each project I’ll give you an excellent rating/ratings that will make it easy for you to bid and get other better paying clients.
  • You’ll start making money in Freelancer and will be good to go in the giant bidding site Elance and others.
  • I’ll teach you how to write a good proposal and share my proposal writing/Elance secrets.

Points to Note

This training is not intended to make me your client, it is intended to do the following

  • Get started on Freelancer with great reviews
  • Get better paying clients
  • Learn how to use your acquired skills on Elance
  • Start making some real income through bidding sites (which are the best according to me)
  • Please be ready to earn at least $1 per 500 words for the program period (since I’ll be paid a little amount by the clients and some project fees will apply) but consider this a great training that will give you
  • In case you succeed in this and prove to be of extraordinary diligence and  awesome as a writer, I can consider hiring you for better paying jobs or linking you to great clients on other arenas

How to Join this FREE Program?

  • Send me an email with a sample of your BEST writing to [email protected] Let the subject be “Freelancer Turbo Charge Program“.
  • I’ll only respond to those who qualify. My personal stand is that I can only give great reviews to great writers. I therefore cannot mess up the Freelancer system by getting poor writers on this and then giving them excellent reviews.
  • Kindly note that this can only have limited people since it is a free program that will consume lots of my time so in case you are an excellent writer and you don’t receive a response, chances are that the slot is full
  • Please, please don’t send me your CV, we don’t need those in freelancing, just a sample of your best writing will do. You can also add a paragraph or two about yourself in the email.

Join the Freelancer Turbo Charge Program NOW!

Kindly send that sample of your best writing now to [email protected] so that I can review it and get you signed up to the program.
One of my 2012 resolutions is to get as many Kenyans as possible online making reasonable income. Note that this free program may not run for long and the slots may fill up anytime soon – most of all: I

  • It’s FREE to join
  • You get excellent 5 star reviews
  • You don’t have to bid, I’ll hire you direct!

Share this with everyone you know!

See you on my email!

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George Ogutu

Hello Walter,

This was a noble idea. I have been struggling on and other “bidding’ sites. Is there any chance that the program could be revived or redone or something like that so I can get an opportunity to be part of it. I cannot believe I missed this. Kindly respond.


Christine Mwikali
Christine Mwikali

Hallo Walter
I have just seen this info. It sounds quite a cool idea and I’m wondering if you have closed up the training or you ca put me on board.

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