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Kenyan Affiliate Marketing Opportunity – How to Make Money As My Affiliate

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

Kenyan affiliate marketing opportunity
Finally! A Kenyan Affiliate Marketing Opportunity

Update on 5th Dec, 2017: I’m no longer looking for affiliates.

A great Kenyan affiliate marketing opportunity is here. For a long time, I have been wondering how I can give back to my readers and Kenyans at large as I teach them different ways of making money online in Kenya; including affiliate marketing. If you join my list on the left, you will get emails on a lot of stuff, including how you can become a super affiliate.

After a lot of thinking, I have decided to give back to my readers and all those who are looking at this page right now. I have been selling an eBook called How to Make REAL Money Online in Kenya and it has been doing well. I now invite you to become an affiliate of the eBook.

How does this happen? The eBook goes for Sh. 500. As my affiliate, you’ll be selling it at Sh. 300. For every sale you make, you’ll get Sh. 200 commission. Therefore if you sell one book at Sh. 500, you’ll get Sh. 200.

How to sell the eBook

Talk about it in emails, status updates, tweets and forum posts among other things. Strictly don’t over-promise anything, it is a training on how they can make money online in Kenya through either freelancing or creating a profitable website. If they want to see more about the author, they can see my services page and this page in Wazua (akowally is my user name there). Scroll down and on the Wazua page you’ll see someone asking for proof of my credentials.

Here is how you’ll sell the book. Let the prospects send you an email, a Facebook inbox message or a Twitter direct message asking you for the details on how to buy the book. Tell them that they can buy via M-Pesa or PayPal and ask them to confirm to you when they are sure they’re buying. Once they convince you they are buying, send me an email at [email protected] with the details i.e. your name, his or her name and both your numbers. I will give you my number where they can pay. I will then sell them the book at Sh. 500 and send you Sh. 200. Sell 10 a day and you’ll have made Sh. 2,000!


I am sure you may be worried about the security of the cash. See, this book is online and I have put it up in different platforms including Amazon. It therefore will not make sense for me to run away with your cash knowing the potential damage you can cause. I have already sold it to many and they are sending great reports via email.

Get Selling

Start marketing the eBook now and feel free to ask me any questions at [email protected] I personally recommend that you first buy the book and read it before marketing it but for now the floor is open to everyone.

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Hi. Are you still selling this book and can I reccomend it .?

Reply to  Walter Akolo

How does one ascertain that the sale was made / canceled?


Hi walter. Forgive the timing of this comment (years later) but I’m glad to see these two words associated with Kenya (affiliate marketing + Kenya). Sometime back you couldn’t even get content on Kenya anywhere online. I’m happy that you are at the forefront of mapping us online. We are doing okay but still have a long way to go. Keep the battle raging on. I got in to affiliate a while ago, it’s been atleast 3 months since I started as I write this and haven’t got a dime yet. I’m getting really good though. Please feel free to check out me amazon affiliate site at and leave out comments. And Walter, I would your comments here please.


is it too late walter to promote your ebook


Than. Walter for the insightful piece.

Am a beginner at affiliate marketing and was just looking at click bank. Would you advise on the best affiliate markets and what products work in Kenya?

Kind regards.


Hi Walter is this too late or I can still join and become your affiliate?


Hello fellows,
just started a marketing blog and am taking ads direct to be featured. I would love to promote your ebook. How can i join!


i’d love to be your affiliate, but my blog has a US audience. Will they be interested? I’m yet to get Kenyans to know about my blog.. is the blog.


It is great to see you trail brazing. Keep on helping Kenyans realize that money can be made via the internet. You are giving more than you can ever imaging. 5 star rating!


hey fellow freelancer, am always happy to read your post becasue you inspire me. i have joined this affiliate markeiting company i need some assistance in sponsoring.
important: i have published an a ebook listed in amazon kindle “agonies of the kenyan youth”. some help with regards to promotion is very welcomed. regards and keeep the good work

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