Confirmed – Withdraw Money From PayPal to Equity

PayPal to Equity

Image Credit: Equity Bank

I did an experiment the other day with the newest withdrawal option in town – withdrawing from PayPal to your Equity Bank account.

As usual, I promised to give you all the juicy details.

…and the BIG NEWS is – you can now withdraw money from PayPal to Equity!

I received the little cash that I had withdrawn yesterday on my Equity account, after slightly over 8 days of waiting.

What’s more?

  1. There are no other charges, just 1.5% commission on the amount you withdraw
  2. The dollar rate is superior to any other

Of course the downside is the fact that you get the cash in your account after 8 days which is a long wait. This leaves you with two things:

  1. Use them for withdrawals if you can handle the waiting period
  2. Use Payoneer or ePay-Kenya for cash that is needed faster and send some to your Equity Bank account as your savings.

Everything else is as I said in my previous blog post – Equity Bank joins the PayPal withdrawal race.

Here is more from Equity’s PayPal withdrawal portal..

As usual, let’s talk on the comments.

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