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Disclaimer Policy

The results freelancers have gotten in the past depend on the time and effort they put in. In other words, the ability to master the skill we teach in FreelancerKenya Training programs and apply them will help you get unique results. These factors will differ from one student to another. Therefore, we cannot guarantee success, results, or income level. Most importantly, we are not responsible for your success or failure.

The testimonial and examples on our websites are results our students have been able to accomplish from the FreelancerKenya Training Programs. They won’t apply to all students, but they do differ from one student to another.

Like any business-related program, your experience and results from using our courses will vary from students’ testimonials published on our websites and social media pages. Of course, they are aggressive students who complete the course on time and get employment immediately.

We also have students who take a slow approach to understanding the course material and still get the results. FreelancerKenya sometimes compensates past students with either gifts or nominal remuneration in exchange for honest testimonials or feedback about the programs.

Remember that unique experiences and past performances don’t guarantee future results. Some students will have the worst experience, while others will have an excellent experience with the program. We, therefore, urge every student that enrolls in our program to commit to excellence and do the work for better results and experience.

FreelancerKenya is not a recognized institution offering degree programs. However, we act as a personal career development program that equips the students with every necessary skill and expertise that guarantee employment after enrollment.

FreelancerKenya Training programs don’t offer “get rich quick schemes.” The article writing course and Upwork Mastery course require students’ time, effort, and dedication. The more students apply what they learn, the more they increase their chances of success in the competitive job market.

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