How to Vote, Rate, Comment and Favorite My Article In

The link below will direct you to an article I recently wrote for a contest.

Thank you for your support in getting my article from number 30 to the current number 3 out of hundreds of articles. This being the last week, kindly let’s give the article a big boost so that it can get to first place and retain that position. To monitor the progress of the article, click here, and look out for the article titled “10 Most Creative Bike Designs” under “Best In The Contest”. They are arranged in order so you can count from the top to see my exact position.

How do you vote?

Voting is simple. Any action that you do on the post will constitute a vote. These actions include tweeting, liking, commenting, adding to favorites, rating it among others. Even just clicking on the link and viewing the article is okay :). I am appealing for you to leave a comment and a good rating if you like the article. Currently, the biggest need is for people to add it to their favorites. If you have not done it yet, see below how to do it and mobilize your closest friends and colleagues to do the same.

How to leave a comment

Unfortunately, you have to sign up to leave a comment. Just sign up with any username, you can even use a username that you’ve never used before or your regular ones. The sign-up button is on the top right corner of the page. After signing up, you can sign in and go back to the article to rate it and comment. To make it faster, just sign up, activate your account (remember to check your mail after signing up for the activation email), come back here and click here to be taken back to the article so that you can leave your comment and rating.

How to rate

Rating is simply giving the article a score out of 5. When you sign up, just near the comment box, you’ll see some stars which you can use to rate, go to the 5th star and click on it if you want to give the article a five-star rating. I need as many five stars as possible.

How to favorite

There is a big star just next to the title of the article, click on it when logged in and the article will be added to your favorites. As stated before, I need lots of these to win.

Thank you

Once again I totally appreciate your support on the contest. You guys are simply amazing :). I am sure you’ll soon be entering into contests and I’ll be more than happy to support.

All voting closes on 10th July 2012, if you are seeing this past that date, you can still take these actions if compelled to but they won’t be counted as votes for the contest.

Warmest regards,