Elite Plus Writer in iWriter

How To Get Many 5 Star Ratings, Continuous Special Requests and Become an Elite Writer in iWriter

Do you want continuous special requests or to become an Elite Plus writer in iWriter? iWriterDo you want to get many 5 star ratings?

Are you getting too many rejections? The tips below will help you become an iWriter success story.

1. Write Quality Articles

This is an obvious point but it still remains true.

It is hard to judge the quality of your articles yourself so it would be great to bounce your first articles off someone for a review. You can also use PenStars for professional content assessment.

If you are new to iWriter you may need to check my other article on how iWriter works.

2. Start With Short Articles

When you join iWriter, you automatically become a Standard writer. You’ll need 25 reviews with an average of 4.1 stars to become a Premium writer and qualify to be paid more money.

Why start with short articles?

The answer is simple:

One 5 star is one 5 star, whether you wrote a 150 word article or a 1000 word article. As a Standard writer, you are looking for more stars to get to the Premium or Elite ranking.

It will take you approximately the same time to write one 1000-word as six 150-word articles.

If we assume that all these get a 5 star rating, the 1000 word article will give you one 5 star while the 150 word articles will give you six 5 stars.

Of course there are times when there are no short articles in the queue and you’ll have no option but to pick the longer ones. The key here is to strive to write as many short ones as possible when you are starting off.

3. Choose Specific Requesters

Here is a little experiment:

Quickly go to iWriter.

On the home page, you’ll see a list of the most prolific writers and another list of highest rated writers. Their names are hyperlinked therefore click on any writer’s name in either list.

Now, check who has rated them. You’ll notice that there is either one or a few repeated requesters rating them.

This shows that they are doing one of two things; either getting special requests from those requesters or repeatedly writing for specific requesters.

Why is this? If you write for a requester and he accepts your article with a high rating, there is a high chance that he will accept and highly rate other articles from you. Try as much as possible to write for requesters who have rated you highly before. This will give you a high chance of getting better ratings and more special requests.

4. Over-Deliver on Special Requests

This cannot be over-emphasized. A special request not only pays more, it also gives you an opportunity to build a great relationship with a requester.

If all goes well, you can have a steady flow of work from that requester leading to more great ratings.

One point to note is the fact that some clients will request for work on different niches. You may deliver great content on one niche but if they request for work which you are 90% sure you can’t deliver, tell them in advance to avoid messing up your relationship.

Making sure you always over-deliver on special requests will get you a stream of such requests and in turn a stream of 5 star ratings.

5. Don’t Forget The Queue

If all the above steps go well, there is a high chance that you will mostly be servicing special requests. The temptation here is to forget the queue.

Now, imagine you’re a requester with a website.

You’ll not need articles all the time. You  may need, say, 5-10 articles per month.

As a website owner, your site may stop bringing you profit, forcing you to pull it down.

Additionally, if all your work is being written by one writer, your content may start looking stale and you may need some fresh ideas, therefore change writers.

Knowing all the above things from a requester’s perspective show the importance of always going back to the queue and writing for new clients who may also start sending you special requests.

This will keep your workflow constant and your income steady. When one requester goes, another new one will come in to replace them.

6. Diversify

Continue writing on other platforms and not iWriter only. In fact, you can use my guide to getting high paying freelance writing jobs.

There are many times people have lowered their iWriter ratings by trying to submit lots of work in a short time to make ends meet financially, especially when facing a cash problem.

Imagine rent is due next week and there is no viable writing project on iWriter.

Instead of rushing to write poor articles for clients with very low approval rates, you can simply tap into your other writing platforms and personal clients.

In fact if you have more writing work outside iWriter, chances are that you will be writing top quality articles on all these platforms since you will never lack work or have to resort to desperate measures.

Ultimately, with diversification, you may never again need sites like iWriter for writing jobs. You will  be getting enough high-paying clients from outside sources to meet your writing demand. Imagine getting to a point where you are being paid $25-150+ per article (which is actually the market rate out there).

At such rates, 2 articles per day will be more than enough!

7. Follow Up With Rejected Articles

Doesn’t it just feel bad when an article is rejected?

Well, always crosscheck your rejected articles to see if they have been reused by the clients. This can simply be done by going to Google Advanced Search and keying in either the title or a long sentence from your rejected article on the box named “this exact word or phrase”.

In case it was reused, your search results will show you where it was posted. Tell this to iWriter Support and the crooked requester will get banned from iWriter.

Do this after a couple of weeks since some people take some time to upload content. In case you wrote a high quality article and it was rejected, feel free to post it elsewhere; on your blog, on an article directory or on a Web 2.0 site.

Never let an article lie wasted in your computer or your rejected articles list while it could be making money online somewhere. For reused rejected articles, iWriter support used to remove the bad rating. Sadly, nowadays they just ban the client but keep the rating – which I believe is not a justified move.

8. Write on Specific Niches

It is always important to think ahead.

As a writer, you definitely do better in 2 or 3 niches as compared to the rest. Make sure you optimize those niches.

Let’s say you love writing about weight loss, making money online and self improvement. I would advise you to start your own blogs on these topics and post often on your blogs.

In iWriter, look for projects on these topics and maximize on them. This makes you an authority in those topics. You even get to a level where you don’t need to research to write an article on them.

In case any of your articles gets rejected and you are confident it was great, simply add it to your blog and you’ll be okay. It goes without saying that you should make sure you monetize your blog properly so that any post you make on it will have some monetary value.

Being an authority in certain subjects will soon make iWriter too cheap for you; requesters will not be able to afford you. You’ll be beyond Elite Plus!

9. Keep Increasing Your Typing and Reading Speed

Do you know your typing speed? If not you can take a quick online typing test here. The faster you can type and research, the more you’ll be able to write and submit top quality articles on iWriter.

There are many tools online that you can use to help you increase your typing speed. Two that I can recommend are Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing and TypingMaster. I personally used Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing many years back and can now type at 103 words per minute.

Speed reading is very important for research. With it, you’ll be able to eliminate distractions, read very fast, get main points quickly and be able to collect relevant information that you need for your article in record speed.

When these two skills combine, you will be able to finish an article in a matter of minutes. You’ll be surprised at the number of articles you  can write in a day.

Bottom Line

Remember not every good writer succeeds in writing for cash. It takes a lot of interest, passion and persistence to make you a great writer in iWriter and other platforms. Using the above tips will help you become a successful Elite writer in iWriter. You’ll in fact soon outgrow the site and move on to better things.

Are you an Elite Plus writer? Are there any other tips I missed? Feel free to share them on the comments section below.