1. Robert Maiyo says

    Hi Walter, i am a starter and i want to know how to get an online payment account and which one is very suitable

  2. charles says

    that’s a sad news to we the starters. I have just been wondering, how long does it take to receive your payments from PayPal to your equity account after you have submitted the money from PayPal.

  3. Dennis says

    Informative article Walter, as always!

    And thanks for the 1000/- you sent over to my Mpesa account. Being the time of the month when guys scramble to post theirs wares on Olx, just to make the end of month meet the beginning of the next, I owe you a hot cup of soup over a lively chat. You do take soup, don’t you?

    About iWriter’s potential banning spree, I think that is what Freelancer should have done ages ago, so it is indeed a step forward for iWriter. I’m hoping this won’t be encouraging some odd behaviors from some not so straightforward clients over there.

    With Freelancer, scam, peanuts (Indian client’s) projects probably outnumber genuine, well-paying ones. I’ll forever be thankful to Freelancer, though, for having served me some time back with $32.89 , my first ever online income. But it should have been around $60 had it not been for the con client and Freelancer’s own little ways that could drive a newbie crazy.

    Freelancer’s little ways that can drive a newbie crazy? How would you like to be charged some project fee before you even began working on the awarded project? Regardless, that you or the client might decide to end the project before it even began. The project fee would still apply though, and would be deducted the next time you raked in some cash.

    But hey! Freelancer also got bills to pay. Again, thanks Walter, for the post and some mulla.

    • Walter Akolo says

      Thanks for the kind words Dennis. You deserved the Sh. 1,000.


      This is good and bad at the same time. I did a little experiment the other week. I trained a lady and she joined iWriter as a standard writer, she never made much and her articles got low ratings.

      I gave her my Premium account for a week and she nailed all the articles, getting between 4.5 and 5 stars each.

      I later gave her my Elite account details and she is doing awesome.

      In short, there are few good requesters at the Standard level and some few good writers take the fall.

      However the good side is the fact that this move will stomp out poor writers and make the site more credible.


      Yes, this site pays peanuts and has some ill-mannered clients who may call you all sorts of names if you make a mistake. In fact it’s even greedier in 2014.

      However, it’s good for starters to just learn how the biz goes.

      In fact I tell most good freelancers not to work there for more than a month. They immediately upgrade to better paying sites.

      PS: I don’t like soup. We can do tea, coffee or lunch one of these fine days.

  4. Kevinson says

    One more thing to those of us who use iWriter and would like to retain their rating:

    Only pick those articles whose feedback percentage is at least 70%. Reason? Some clients may simply reject your articles on iWriter without plausible grounds. It is also good to accept articles from clients you’ve written for before.

    I don’t mean they’ll approve because you wrote for them previously. Of course, you’ve to write top notch pieces to earn that 4 or 5-star rating. It’s easier to earn trust from a client you’ve written for before than from a completely new one.

  5. Kevinson says

    Hi Walter,

    First off, thumbs up for your newsy style of blogging. My two cents: Well, the PayPal withdrawal via Payoneer is a major blow especially to those of us from countries where you cannot withdraw directly to your credit card. But better a half a loaf than loaf at all! I mean at least, they have not banned the entire service; Those of us who had already linked their Payoneer cards to PayPal are still unaffected.

    However, for those of us who haven”t applied yet, we can still use the platforms you mentioned and i think PayPal – Equity withdrawal is still an option! Besides, people who help us to withdraw from PayPal within minutes, like Walter here, are still an asset.

    On the other hand, iWriter’s move is a step in the right direction. I’ve posted there some articles in the past and I certainly had to reject a good number. Quality is imperative in writing and like any other business, iWriter would like to retain its high-paying clients.

    This also means less competition among iwriters – no scrambling for available articles anymore! So, it’s a win-win for everyone: iWriter, clients and writers. Time for me to start picking some orders there again. I haven’t used my 4.2 rated account since January!

    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi Kevz Libz :)

      Thanks a lot for your kind words.

      PayPal to Payoneer Withdrawal

      Yes, this is a big blow to new freelancers. However there are a few guys who have discovered a loophole that they can still use to add Payoneer. I will try it out and send it my mailing list or consider blogging about it.

      Yes, PayPal to Equity is a fantastic option that I frequently use!


      I think it’s great though it may affect a few good writers – especially those who choose articles from requesters with bad reviews.

      All in all it’s a great move for requesters.

      Tip: When not using your 4.2 account, you can talk to a struggling writer to be using it, as long as money goes to your PayPal account and you take like 20% of it before sending to him/her. Make sure you agree on a good percentage before they start.

      Your tip on the right articles to pick is spot on!


      • Kevinson says

        Thanks Walter for your insightful reply which has subheads! :) I am going to look into your suggestion of allowing a good writer to use my account. I am so busy with other writing gigs so I will definitely explore your suggestion.


        • Walter Akolo says

          He he he…you’re laughing at my sub-heads :)

          Great! Try it out with your iWriter account and let me know how it goes.

  6. john says

    HI Walter,

    Fantastic info. Now I have most of what I need to get started. Please continue to update us on new trends and happenings.


  7. says

    News is really here. Although I was shocked with iwriter, I am not feeling sorry for anybody because I also use the site for outsourcing some of my work when I want them done quickly. Poor writers are the order of the day. That is not to say I don’t get 3 star there when writing. I do but very rarely. Thanks. Writing is all about experience. That is what I have come to discover. Sometime before, I was never able to write when I have travelled to a new destination. I mean, I am living in Nakuru and was unable to write when I come to the city. I have been able to write papers on a bus until I complete thanks to the night travel. I writer is only doing a favor to clients its not bad news. Imagine paying your articles and you want them in 3 hours and what you get is not even editable.

    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi Dennis

      Thanks for your feedback.

      iWriter’s move is good and bad at the same time. At the end of the day it’s good news for requesters. I have also gotten some bad work done there mpaka I order premium when I choose to source work from there.

      Otherwise, new writers have to really know what they are doing so that they are not flashed out while still new, especially the good ones.

  8. says

    Glad that you find the How to Start a Successful Blog ebook useful. Your readers too will learn something, at least one thing, they can put into use immediately to grow their online presence on a site of their own.

    And Walter, even though you have a lot of commitments, you made this happen. Thanks for doing the interview.

    • Dennis says

      Hey Phillo,

      Nice ebook.

      I’m still reading it but so far, it’s welcome news.

      Great of Walter to share of it with us

      • Walter Akolo says


        Yes, it’s a great piece. I am sure they will learn a lot. Those who take action will go far.


        Glad you took your time to download and read. Keep us posted on how things go.

  9. Rosemary Kirwa says

    hi Walter,
    i sent you an email n am anticipating for your reply. good stuff, am loving the whole thing. kip it up. God bless you

  10. john says

    hello Walter am liking every article you writing, and am always encouraged, keep up the good work.
    As for Dennis and Anthony i have read your comments and you guys deserve accolades.

    i will keep it here

  11. anthony ndirangu says

    Hello. I have already gotten myself the free eBook and it is awesome. It will help me improve my blog that i am almost through with design and development.

    Thank you for the timely updates.

  12. c-mone says

    Hey, thanks for the update. Little wonder I could not link my Payoneer to my paypal even when I followed steps out;lined in your other blog. I am now thinking of getting rid of the Payoneer acct seeing as it may not be relevant…your blog is spot on, glad to be getting alerts on my mail


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