Increase and Secure Your Online Income With These 5 Incredible Tips

increase online income

At the time of writing this post, I have blogged for 2 years. I have seen people come and go. Some friends have come with a storm, gotten good cash, got a tragedy (e.g. sickness, death of a loved one e.t.c.) and left the business. Others keep growing and growing; starting from below poverty level to a place where they live in big houses and drive good cars.

This leads us to the big questions: how do you secure your online income? How do you ensure that you still earn even when sick or away for an urgent commitment? How do you make the most of what you earn? How do you ensure that your kids and future generations eat from your sweat?

Below are some tips that I use that may also help you to be able to withstand any weather when it comes to earning online.

1. Get an online income

Obvious point, right? To secure your online income you need that online income in the first place, right?

Yes, totally. But because there are some reading this who still haven’t started earning money online, I had to include that here. If you belong to that bracket, feel free to join my mailing list so that I can give you regular tips on email on how you can earn online. Feel free to also drop a comment below in case you have any queries. Or use the search bar above to search for different topics.

2. Increase your streams of income

No, you don’t just increase your income. You need to WORK HARD FOR IT. I wish I could put that on a billboard or shout it out loud on a megaphone. You have to work hard and smart to make more money.

Let me explain.

I started working online in 2011 April/May. By August, I had more than tripled my income. 2012 stagnated a bit due to a few issues so I earned nearly the same. In 2013 I doubled my 2012 income. In 2014 I have doubled my 2013 income per month.

How did I do it?

  • Online courses – I started doing online courses towards the end of 2012 on blogging, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, internet marketing e.t.c. I took both free and paid courses at 3-4 month intervals per course. I still do. Through these, I was able to multiply traffic to my site and market my products better.
  • Self-hosting – I decided to self-host this blog, which as of that time was hosted by (it used to be accessed at I now host this site at HostGator. With a self-hosted site you can do whatever you want without rules and restrictions.
  • Email marketing – There is nothing in this world that converts better than emails. I started using AWeber for that. That’s where I get most cash from and that’s where I first sell all my products.
  • Personal branding – In my first few months of online business, I used to be known by my username on different online sites. Clients wouldn’t call me in person, they would go to Fiverr (or any other site), look for a freelance writer and get akowally. He would do a good/bad job then they would review and forget about akowally. I decided to be Walter Akolo. Through my blog and social media profiles, I was able to craft my own name. I get more orders through my blog and Facebook than anywhere else at the time of writing this – as Walter!
  • Follow the leader – It is good to follow the leaders in the market. You can’t claim to know everything. I personally always follow local and international blogs such as Quicksprout, Social Triggers, Alex Maina among others. This way I can easily tell what’s trending on the market that can help me increase my online income.
  • Implement! Implement! Implement! – Don’t be the person who just says, learns but never does. When you learn something great, implement it immediately and to completion. For example, if you take Sheeroh’s transcription training, give yourself 3 months implementing what she teaches you. You can do some additional transcription research based on her training before taking my article writing and blogging training.

3. Increase your access to credit

How credit-worthy are you?

Yes, FreelancerKenya will teach you to make money online, save money online, borrow money online and even spend money online. Let’s have a life talk here.

I still remember when I was once caught up in a fix, went to different banks and realized that banks don’t recognize freelance writers. In short, even with 6 fat PayPal statements, I couldn’t access a loan which an employed person earning 1/3 my income could easily access. Sorry but that’s just the way it is.

Not to worry though!

Here is how to handle that:

  • Join SACCOS (Savings and Credit Organizations) – There are many SACCOs out there that you can join. Here, whether you are employed, a freelancer or even a farmer, you can simply save your money then access 3 times the amount you’re saving as credit. E.g if you save 100k, you can borrow 3ook. You can get a loan after 6 months of saving. Some SACCOs have heavy barriers to entry. One that you can easily start with is Kapital Options Sacco. For more info call Zarina at 0725783018. Tell her Walter referred you. I also hear Stima SACCO is great. With a SACCO, it will be easy for you to borrow money and get it in a 1-3 days.
  • Insurance packages – Protect yourself and your family by getting different insurance packages. Get health insurance, life insurance, education insurance, pension packages etc. from an insurance company. I usually get financial advise from Lisa Muthoni. You can call her at 0722869586. She is an accredited insurance consultant. She has an excellent eBook that you can buy and learn how to manage and increase your finances. If you hold an insurance package for more than 3 years, you will be able to take loans from the insurance company and repay at your leisure :) Tip: Pay quick lest you forget and don’t get your full benefits when the insurance matures.
  • Chamas – Are you part of a chama? These force you to save money. For example, if you are 12 in a chama and you each pay 5k monthly, you will be getting 60k when your turn comes. Let’s face it. It’s not that easy to do much with little cash. But with 60k at once you can do a lot. The chama model combines both saving and borrowing. When your turn comes (when you receive the cash) it’s like you take a loan. When it’s other people’s turn it’s like you’re paying it off.
  • Buy assets – With your savings/loans above, start buying assets. In Kenya you can never go wrong with real estate. Buy pieces of land at different strategic places. They can range from 50k to millions. Make sure they are legitimate. Depending on your level of income you can even develop property e.g. housing units. It’s okay to buy a car when you can afford it (not first priority). At the end of the day, with assets you can easily borrow money from banks and financial institutions.
  • Zidisha (online borrowing platform) – If you are completely at zero with zero assets and no way of accessing credit, you can feel free to join Zidisha, an online lending platform. All you need is a Facebook account and a few referrals to get a loan. You can get a loan of as little as 4k to as much as Sh. 862,470. Tip: Don’t only take a loan to pay rent, fees or to sort an emergency. Take a loan to do something that will make you money. See how Zidisha works here. I have personally gotten two loans from them.

4. Automate and celebrate your achievements

So how do you automate?

There are a few things I refer to as automation in this post:

  1. Specialization – This is where you do something so well that you feel like it’s in your blood. You do it without thinking much. This is what I do in my PayPal withdrawal business. It works almost perfectly, without lots of effort or energy.
  2. Residual income – This is money you get without putting in as much effort. Money that you will still make even if you were in a comma for one month. This includes affiliate marketing, email marketing (partially) and having an online shop. Therefore if you are an academic writer, freelance writer etc., start thinking of other ways in which you can earn income without as much active effort. This will supplement your income and eventually can even become your main source of income.
  3. Automation tools – These are free and paid tools that help you do something that you would have done manually. I personally use Google ads, Facebook ads, an email marketing software, blog scheduler, text messaging apps etc for this purpose.

Motivation is very important in life. At the end of the day, you only live once, right? Therefore feel free to once in a while recline, go out and have fun with your online income. Whether it is going for a mutura hangout in the neighborhood or to Mombasa for a one week holiday, make sure you enjoy life in one way or another.

When you are out on holiday, your automation tools will do the work for you and bring you the money wherever you are. For example, I sell my first eBook, how to make real money online in Kenya through an email autoresponder. People receive the marketing email, send me the money wherever I am and I email them the book through my phone!

5. Help others

You get more so that you can give more.

Helping someone does not have to be for direct financial gain. Like the Swahilis say “Tenda mema, nenda zako” i.e. “Do good and go”. Somehow God finds a way to reward you.

I can tell you something from experience.

There is nothing such as someone who you helped making it in life. In fact if they MAKE IT BIG, you will have lots of people who market you without your knowledge. You will not have to drive traffic to your blog, it will come by itself.

Once again don’t be fooled to think that earning good money online is easy. It’s hard work. It’s being smart. It’s persistence. After all that sweat, use the tips above to ensure that you secure your online income so that it can help you and your future generations. As usual, let’s talk on the comments.


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  1. Pavros says

    Hi Walter, first i have never writen other than exam materials in school . Two i have good writing skills and portential. Having read your articles and those of Sheerol i believe strongly that am a poor sitting duck(broke, desperate and frustrated). Its time i take that key step to the freedom of earning you people are enjoying. My big problem is that i dont know the way. Kindly lead me into the work. I Will follow faithfully. Thanks

  2. says

    Hi Walter,

    Just found your blog today through researching iwriter.

    Congrats really like your honesty and style, and wish you much continued success.


  3. says

    Hello Mr. Walter,

    I agree 100% with your tips over there. Salt to taste, I think one another way one can increase online income is by designing web images. This requires you to pair a good aesthetically sense + use design or photo editing software such as Photoshop. You can create and sell these background graphics for web logos, computer icon packages or social media pages et cetera. Of course this is for those with an interest in graphic stuff :) If this doesn’t work well with you, please try to sell photos. You just require a nice camera with a great sense of color, light and composition after which you can sell them as stock photos.

    Dear readers of…Freelancer Kenya, be sure to try these tips and those discussed in this resourceful blog! Take the ACTION bit from this blog people! They have worked for me, so I just felt I could share them on a great platform as this one, if you allow me, Mr. Walter.

    I forgot to mention product reviews. Most companies nowadays hire people to review their products for pay. Personally, I think this is one of the great ways to boost your income for being opinionated. I tend to think these type of projects don’t require a great writing background that most jobs do. Hang out on success related blogs and avoid spending your entire day on social media (I’m not saying it’s wrong) Be pesky and search for Ideas like you’ve never done before! That’s all. It’s a pleasure to invite your visitors to check out for some more of these tips. Share some of these tips you read here to your friends who are also struggling out there. Sharing is caring.

    Thanks Walter, you’re an inspiration to many young people out there. Keep on the good work! I’m proudly your product!

  4. josiah says

    Hi i sent you a massage on your contact page asking for some information regarding on line work did you receive it?

  5. fredy says

    hi walter it is extremely inspiring to come across this article and i must admit that i am encouraged. The only worry with me is that i have never got even a single job online currently i am a web designer and also good at writting. Kingly if there is a way you could assist me get my first online job please do.

    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi Freddy. Which sites have you been using? You may want to perfect your profiles and include excellent samples. Try different sites and soon you will land that much needed job.

  6. Nelson says

    This is excellent Sir. Do you have any information regarding the Stima Sacco and the requirements before joining their SACCO. The information on their website is not conclusive. I appreciate this advice. Keep up

    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi Nelson. I don’t have much info on hem. I will visit their offices early next week. You can call me on Friday I give you the details.

  7. Samuel Wanjohi says

    Hi, Walter i have gone through your articles and feel so inspired.inspired. I am an upcoming academic and research writer but i feel my growth has been very minimal over time.I would like to share with you my woes and get some advice.I will appreciate your assistance.

    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi Samuel

      Thanks for your encouragement.

      Sorry to hear about the minimal growth.

      I don’t do academic writing but feel free to share here I’ll help wherever I can.


  8. henry cheruiyot says

    hallo sir i have thank you for those things that you have told me from the first time up to date i;m at home home but i will come to you soon thanks god bless you amen.

  9. Monicah Manyara says

    Hi Walter.thankx 4 ua invaluable advice.i feel desperate wen i read that pple are making money through online writing n am still stuck.i lov writing n i need to make mo money n stop earning peanuts frm my current me start out(online course n hw to start)Thanks

    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi Monica. Thanks a lot for your comment. Yes, if you are earning peanuts then no need of sticking with your current job. Please shoot me an email via the contact page I give you more details on how we can start the training. Thanks.

  10. Fredrick says

    This is some good piece of advise for all of us who earn a living as online freelancers. Keep up the good work Walter!

  11. Dusman says

    You did it again,

    Great and valuable information all in one. Words of wisdom right from the horse’s mouth.

  12. says

    Great I was online the whole of yesterday and had not seen this great post, Walter you are amazing and indeed a Webmaster. I have been inspired by your articles and I know many are too. Good insight will be implementing most of what I have learned here.

    Thanks Bro

  13. says

    Great words of advise and encouragement for all and newbies.Always on target Walter, I will keep on learning n then will implement, implement, implement.

    God bless you.

  14. says

    As for Me. Currently I am treating online writing as my second permanent job. I will still find a journalism school to acquire a certificate mass communication or something like in coming years to make me a certified writer. I am still educating myself.

  15. chrisphine says

    Thanks Walter for some good insights,i followed you and now I can confidently earn online. though not so well established ,I look forward to helping many people,I have been instrumental in showing some of my friends .As for zidisha,I really love it,I just finished my first loan and will be filling for the second.I am an open minded person,I try things when my colleagues are in doubt and they have noticed how sweet it pays,its fun just clicking and money appears on my phone!

    • Walter Akolo says

      He he he…I like the part about clicking and money appears :) Thanks Chrispine. Helping people will always take you far. All the best in your second Zidisha loan and online business in general.

  16. cellestine says

    great article walter
    you are such a great person always willing to help.
    i really want to start training. i love writing and believe my children can eat from that.
    please help. what are the costs.

    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi Cellestine. Thanks for your lovely comment. I charge Sh. 997 for the article writing and blogging training. The whole training is done online via email. You get training mails for two weeks then two weeks of support. Thanks.

  17. Felix Odete says

    Hey Walter,

    Must have subscribed to your blog a while back. Got an email today, read through what you have here. Must say, there really isn’t any better advice out there. I’d love to get started on the business. The free e-books a good place to start? (Hehe)!

    Good looking out bruh!


    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi Felix. Thanks a lot. Yes, you can start by reading my free eBooks. Read, ask a lot and implement a lot :)

  18. marishaka gachiii says

    i just like freelancerkenya, walter u always find something new to inform freelancers. The info is not only beneficial to specific type of freelancers but to all freelancers.

  19. says

    First of all thanks for mentioning my name hapo juu. I’ll have to show my wife that I’m becoming famous. lol

    I love the part of money management. That’s a serious issue for most online enthusiasts. When you will need it, the banks will fail you. Probably guys in this arena should seriously consider doing a sacco or something close to that.

    No need to fail when all you needed was 3 weeks to get back on your feet.

    Great article

    • Walter Akolo says

      You are most welcome Alex. The pleasure is mine. I agree that money management can be a difficult nut to crack. The SACCO idea is great. I will consider mobilizing guys for us to form a SACCO for freelancers at some point. Thanks again.

  20. Sammy Mwatha says

    Follow the leader!
    I followed you Walter when I began online writing in January 2014 and things are moving up rather nicely. Tried and succeeded with Zidisha first time, planning for a second loan.

    Kweli yako ni “Tenda mema, nenda zako”

    • Walter Akolo says

      He he he he he Sammy. Thanks for making me laugh. I appreciate your humbling words. All the best with the second Zidisha loan. I got mine in less than two days. I will write a post about it soon so that more people can benefit. Thanks.

  21. says

    Love this article! It has such an ‘oomph’ to it. I’m surprised that banks don’t take freelancers seriously enough to give them loans. Thank God for saccos! I agree about having a leader to follow. My favorite is Pat Flynn and of course one Walter Akolo. And yes, earning good money online is not easy. That’s why its called ‘working’ online. Very good article. Superb!

    • Walter Akolo says

      Thanks Sheeroh. Wow. I am glad to be part of your favorites. Woooohooo :)

      I like your attitude about “working” online and getting people to follow so that we can always be on our toes.

      Thanks again :)

  22. Ambrose says

    Thx for the tips. What are the many ways one can use to add value to their writing in order to be paid more? An example I see is raising your rate because you conduct a plagiarism check on say Copyscape so your clients pay more since you are taking care of that on their behalf. That would help you increase your income without necessarily putting in more hours.

    • Walter Akolo says

      Thanks Ambrose. Yes, doing the plagiarism check can help partially. They might argue that it’s only $0.05 per article. Personally I prefer upgrading my skills and moving to other sites or online ventures. I started with Freelancer which paid peanuts, went to iWriter which pays better, moved on to Elance which paid the best and now I am in Fiverr but I earn more from my blog. You actually end up putting in LESS hours as you grow. Thanks again.

  23. says

    As always I have learnt a thing or two from you. Great post Walter and am glad I chose you for a mentor, I am still implementing whatever I learn from you although I’ve not started earning but believe it will eventually happen.

    • Walter Akolo says

      Thanks Karis. Keep at it. You will soon make your breakthrough. Let me know which areas are still most difficult so that I can guide you better.

  24. says

    I am honest, I do academic writing. I have not been doing it for long. But I started working for some guys. Then I worked for a friend who made me believe that I could work on my own and there I was doing my thing with my new academia-research account. I plan to grow the account and begin to earn hundreds of thousands. One I have a daughter to take to school two I want to buy a car and build my house. I have friends who live and drive from academic writing. Before I forget, I joined a chama that changas money every month and I can take shares or a loan. I want to take my shares and do something big then continue with the chama as usual. Kudos Walter, nafurahi kuskia uko kwa chama pia. hehehe.

    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi Richard. Good to hear you are doing your own academic stuff now. That’s a great leap in growth – to stop depending on others. Yes, if you keep the momentum the hundreds of thousands will follow you. He he he…yeah, niko chama tatu.

  25. Geoofrey Odotte says

    Hi Walter,
    It is amazing reading your comments.thanks for the awesome tips.I will keep them at the front of my mind always.Thanks a great deal.

  26. says

    Those Chamas are great and yes they FORCE you to save until that time when the culture of saving becomes a part of you and you are not forced to save anymore, it becomes automatic when you see the benefits.
    Thanks for this Walter

  27. Dorothy Achieng says

    Those Chamas are great you can do a lot with them. I know that first hand and yes they do FORCE you to save lol.
    Eventually you learn to save without being forced

    Thanks Walter

    • Walter Akolo says

      Thanks Dorothy. Yes, I love chamas. I am in 3 of them as we speak! In fact one of them fines you when you pay late. Eventually after paying one or two fines, discipline kicks in.

  28. Wanjiku Hatibu says

    Thanks Walter, this is great advise. Am a multilevel marketer and i can relate with these tips especially helping others. I can only be successful if i help others (Together Everyone Achieves More – T.E.A.M). Unfortunately so many Kenyans are stuck on the mentality of getting a job and earning a salary they don’t want to consider any other option of making money yet people are earning millions and royalty income out here. Keep on educating us, there is still hope and so much that can be done. Keep up the good work.

    • Walter Akolo says

      Thanks Wanjiku. Yes, helping others should be mandatory. Great points of view. I appreciate your compliment.

  29. Gerald says

    we keep praying God to straighten our online paths, fill us with wisdom and lead us through paths that are full of knowledge. Walter, you are our anwered prayer. May God bless you abandantly. Through your posts, we see God smilling upon us.

  30. says

    Thanks a lot Walter, about saving i think im very poor about it and im going to call the number you gave and seek more information.
    I also need more training on online jobs. I will keep in touch.


    • Walter Akolo says

      Thanks Francis. You are not alone. Most people including myself are poor savers. That’s why we join chamas, saccos, insurances, investment groups e.t.c. so that we can be “forced” to save. It’s good to cultivate the discipline though. I will wait for your call. I will also be happy to train you. Thanks.

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