8 Excruciating Mistakes To Avoid in Your Online Business

Online business mistakes

Avoid these mistakes by any means necessary; otherwise you may have to start all over again.

When you were getting started with your online business, you most likely were so excited! You were told that you will have no boss, work at your own hours, make a lot of money and buy that car that you have always dreamed of.

Immediately you started making money online, you realize that it is business as usual.

You may have sleepless nights. Some clients may con you. And worst of all you may be bored and frustrated after doing the same types of jobs for 6 months straight. I remember once writing about “Getting Rid of Acne” daily for 3 months. Imagine.

On the other hand, earning online can change your life. You can actually work for less hours, get paid more, avoid the traffic jams and actually live the life you’ve always wanted.

In short, there are guys living their dreams online while there are some who are extremely frustrated.

How do you join the happy group?

Simply avoid the mistakes below.

1. Delivering poor quality

Haraka haraka haina baraka. Don’t let your lack of planning and discipline cost you a job. Always deliver quality. Over-deliver!

Over the last few months, I have been called by all sorts of people being told that Kenyans are not up to par when it comes to quality. I didn’t believe them due to the “Kenyans” bit. I hate generalization.

But unfortunately, there are many of us who do not deliver quality stuff.

Whether you are doing academic writing, transcription, academic writing, article writing, web design or whatever else online, you need to make sure that you deliver quality.

Sorry to say this but if your quality is not good, you cannot survive this business. Unless of course you hire people who can deliver good quality.

I repeat, submit high quality work or hire someone who will give you high quality work that you can submit.

2. Late deliveries

Last month I was called for an interview at the Homeboyz Foundation. Hopefully it will be put up on YouTube soon.

One of the guys there said he keeps giving work to Indians instead of Kenyans.

In his words, he said, “I am fed up with these Kenyans who promise heaven but they do not deliver. Delivery is a big problem here man. Please send this message out there. I would give a lot of work to Kenyans if they can deliver good quality work in good time!”

Imagine. We are losing opportunities because of lack of delivery.

So here is the message – ALWAYS DELIVER ON TIME!

I hope that’s loud enough. On to the next point…

3. Do not assume it’s an easy game

This will get you out the fastest. Many people see a post on Facebook as below:

Making money online has changed my life. I am now driving my first Toyota NZE. I can help you.

Below the post, they see lots of comments on how online income is great. Due to that, many sign up for some trainnig without thinking. Just because they saw the “Toyota NZE” part.

Once they start the training they realize that they need to do a lot of stuff before they get the NZE. A few remain while many fizzle out slowly – having parted with the training fees.

Do you want to sign up for any training? If yes, please note that you will have to work hard to make money. No two ways about that.

4. Thinking it’s too hard

The word easy and hard are relative.

By saying that it’s not too easy, I don’t mean that it’s too hard. It is just like any other business. It requires passion and determination. And a backbone.

This point means that you should not be afraid to start. However, you should take time to understand what it is before you start. If you have a passion for what you do, you will make it.

If you are just joining because of a fad, then drop it immediately.

Give yourself time to grow. Don’t join today and expect 100k next month. However, take your time to learn, implement and grow and soon you will be making that good income.

5. Trusting too much

When earning online, you will deal with a lot of people who you don’t know. When starting, you may come across people who promise you heavens but are wolves in sheepskin. They may pay for a while then pull a fast one on you.

Yes, there are many good people out there. However you need to be careful at all times. Each type of online job has its own security measures. Take your time and research on how to protect yourself from online scams.

6. Not getting any training for your online business

There are plenty of free and paid online trainings. I always advise people to get some form of training every few months. Remember even corporates and NGOs take their staff for trainings. Any good business does.

Let me explain.

When starting I wrote about getting rid of acne for 3 months. Imagine how boring that can be. My client was on Freelancer. He was in fact one of the best clients I ever had to date.

After a few months of doing purely article writing, I took up a training on affiliate marketing called AffiloBlueprint. This training helped me learn a lot about how I can become an affiliate. I still earn affiliate commissions to this date. The course also has a lot of material on blogging, advertising and email marketing. Later I did another course on Fiverr Sales and another one on blog post promotion.

Currently I am not on any paid training but I still train myself different things on internet marketing. This helps me enjoy the business more and of course earn more!

7. Depending on one stream of income

I always mention the saying I once heard.

Even the garden of Eden had four streams. Everyone should ensure they have at least four streams of income. This way, when one runs out, the supply of cash doesn’t totally run out.

Let me tell you a story.

At some point in 2013, my wife got really sick. While running up and down taking care of her, admitting her, staying by her bedside, praying for her and raising funds (it was serious) I wasn’t able to work online for a whole month.

Guess what! I still earned $300 through my affiliate income and about Sh. 8,000 from my eBook (I had only one eBook then).

I had some little savings that helped me get by but from this point on, I decided to create so many streams of income so that my income is never heavily affected in case of a tragedy.

As of now, below are some of the things that I do to earn money online.

I am still learning stuff and adding to the list. Through this, I am able to heavily increase my income every few weeks. For this reason I was even named one of the 5 fastest rising entrepreneurs in Kenya by Kuza Biashara.

You can do that too. Once you master one skill, go ahead and learn another one and add it to your portfolio.

8. Not having a blog

Take a look around.

Almost all big sites you know have a blog. Right now celebrities are also going into blogging and so are many consultants and professionals.

Blogging is a huge part of content marketing that cannot be ignored. It helps you build a name, give back information to society and at the same time build a list of leads and prospects. Eventually you end up making repeat sales, especially if you do email marketing in addition to blogging.

For this reason I always give out my blogging eBook for free so that as many of us as possible can learn how to blog – in whatever industry.

However, note that there is a difference between blogging for cash and blogging for fun. Blogs like “Walter’s opinions on daily life” cannot go as far as blogs such as FreelancerKenya.

Therefore, it is high time you started a blog. Remember to grab the free eBook on blogging here. Please read it.


It is my absolute passion to see you making it big online. I would love to visit you on your beach house one day. I would love to see you on TV driving your dream car. It would be great to hear that you pay all your bills purely from online business, and that you still have enough to go for a family vacation once a year. All this is possible if you avoid the deadly mistakes above.

What mistakes have you made in your online business? How did you correct them? What can you add to the list above? Let’s talk on the comments :)


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  1. Peterson says

    This is great sir. I have just learnt a lot that I never knew before despite being in the online business for two years. I have attained some of my dreams and I plan to attain more in future due to this business.
    I am really in love with the online businesses.
    Thanks for the additional tips you just gave me. You have really motivated me and I will also motivate my friends.
    Thanks a lot Walter
    Peterson Munyi Njiru

    • Walter Akolo says

      Hi Peterson

      Thanks a lot for your kind comment.

      I am happy to hear you have learnt some new things and I wish you all the best in your online business.

      Thanks again.

  2. says

    Walter, First let me say I am proud of your good work.
    I also made a few mistakes. When I started I only wanted to write eBooks. I soon discovered that I need to diversify to make money online. Patience pays as well. It is not a get rich quick gig.
    However, in the long run it pays.
    Being the World-wide-web, you can get jobs from any country. I get more jobs from the UK than the States.
    What I love about online business , is that you learn something new everyday.
    For me, it is both a business and a hobby.

    • Walter Akolo says

      Thanks a lot Joyce for your comment. I appreciate your kind words. Congratulations also for being listed among the 5 Top must read nursing blogs. I am proud of you too.

      I totally agree that it is very important to diversify. It’s key to consistent income. Yes, learning never stops in this business.

      The fact that for you it’s also a hobby makes it even better! You enjoy what you do everyday.

      Thanks and God bless you.

  3. Ndanu Musyoka says

    Very informative piece! Every time I read your blog posts I get the energy to start working on all the things I’ve said I’ll do but haven’t. This is the year I must increase my streams of income! Thanks so much Walter. It’s great to see how far you’ve come :-).

  4. Edwin says

    A brilliant article it is. The information will help many to move to the next level and ultimately realize their dreams. This is a club I should have joined long ago.

    Congrats for the brand you have build!

  5. James Ouma says

    I have just remembered another mistake that most writers, especially the ones who studied journalism commit.

    I remember the time I was addressing media students about getting a break as a TV Producer and many of them couldn’t believe that there are so many avenues, so many opportunities out there. Though these tips target writers and journalists, they cut across board. It all begins with using the tools that are available at your disposal. Ever wondered why in the Bible God asked people like Moses what they had at hand as opposed to what they needed to get the job done?

    Believe me, I value education but the lack of it shouldn’t stop one from pursuing and achieving their dreams. If you are lucky enough to be in university, college, high school or primary school and happen to be reading this, I just one thing to tell you: forget about your academic accolades! At the end of the day, it is you who will report to work and not your CV and array of certificates!!!

    We all set high standards for ourselves but the truth is, no one climbs a tree starting from the top, unless they have descended by a parachute. But that is not climbing up the tree, it is coming down the tree! Here are a few tips for getting your dream job …

    1. Gain an entry and kick off your career as… a cleaner, tea girl, office messenger or security guard. Once you do this, start doing your work with a positive attitude that will shine and make use of the company’s library and start studying and creating networks with the people you serve

    When they announce job vacancies you will be the first to know and the company will know you will be a valuable asset based on how well you work.

    2. Specialize in a niche. The fact that Nicholas can sell charcoal, cement, mboga and provide transport doesn’t mean you can also be a Jack of all trades!

    3. Have a vision, a goal, a road map and stick to it. keep telling people about it, keep believing, keep working at it and keep praying until you get what you want.

    4. Invest in business cards. As a cleaner, tea girl, security guard you seldom get cards printed with your desired destination on it instead of investing on a smart phone! Create your own business cards and keep calling and believing in your dream. Keep calling things as if they are and soon they will be!

    5. We all have 24 hours and a time limit on earth. Spend it well. And if you must be on social media, for Pete’s sake, spend it on worthy causes that will add value to your CV and profile.

    6. Let Google map do its job! Unless you are planning to work as a tourist guide stop discovering new joints and focus on discovering new opportunities for your career development.

    7. Shake the tree. Develop a thick skin and shake the establishment. Yes, it is prudent to book an appointment but go in even without it. the CEO might be dying to meet a courageous soul for a change and it might be you. Hebrews 11:1

    Sorry Walter, I hope I didn’t turn into a Doctor Phil or something else. Not that I know what I have just said means! Anyway, thanks once more

  6. Gracie says

    Thanks Walter for another insightful post. You are and have been a blessing to many people ME included. Diversifying is a wise choice, as you never know what might happen…I know this all too well. I need to get to affiliate marketing but do not know where to start from but will contact you for help, tips and advice. There IS a saying that if you want to go far..Do not go alone go with people… You are proof that earning a good income online Is [possible..Thanks and God bless. Thanks again for the post

  7. says

    Dear Walter,

    Thanks for the information it is really valuable. I love this one because i once messed up an employer on freelancer by missing the name of the company which was mentioned only once in the guidelines – everything else was disaster; was late in delivering and he was not happy.

    I learnt a worthy lesson – like you clearly put it; deliver quality and in time. I also wrote 9 articles for one employer and he accepted them all for 14 nights but he never paid me. Its sometimes hard to distinguish between legit jobs and scams.

    My request: i would like to polish my article writing, academic writing and SEO skills. Please advise me through my email how you could help.

    Keep up the great work.

    Thank you.

  8. Samuel Wachira says

    This is a great insight. It is important to note that there are many opportunities online but which require time and patience to build an amicable income. Online entrepreneurs as well as those aspiring should take heed and learn the tricks of the trend otherwise they will end up in frustrations

  9. Annie says

    Having four streams of businesses is good. It all depends on where the four businesses are situated. If all those businesses are online, you are not safe.(my addition) I remember a time when there were interruptions with networks and network upgrades and power interruptions. At that time, online businesses did not do well. Just imagine how it would be with all four online businesses and poor delivery of service. Out of the painful lessons, I have now adapted a balance in life. Online and offline businesses is the way to go. There is an advantage to this. Offline businesses, keep me fit. When I sat for long hours doing online businesses alone, I realized I gained a lot of weight and become sicker often. I had to pay my medical bills using my online income. What a waste of time! My secret now is to have the sun give me the vitamin D on my side sales hustle, which gives me one hour walk. To top up, many people who combine online businesses and agriculture do very well. You have a guarantee of online income, fitness and food. I prefer to call this three my superb wellbeing streams. I appreciated the role of vitamin D last week on a television episode. Did you know that you can get prostrate cancer due to lack of vitamin D? I am not a guy but I believe it helps many ladies as well. Lastly, the businesses should be diversified locations too. If for example, you own 5 buildings in one area plus your online income, you are not safe. By now you have seen that buildings in one town can all be torched. I hope to read more from you. As usual, I have learnt one thing that will help my life.

    • Walter Akolo says

      Thanks Anne for the addition. Yes, it is better to diversify as you’ve put it. Online plus offline give a perfect balance. Awesome response :)

  10. Alex says

    You are absolutely spot on! Telling it as it is-no sugarcoating.
    Mistakes will always be made in building a successful business but if we know them before hand, why waste precious time and precious money making them? Why struggle when you know you don’t have to? As the saying goes, ‘You prove nothing by struggling.”
    “You prove Everything by Succeeding.” Thanks Walter for going before most of us and clearing the way so we can be MORE Successful in lesser time than it took you in the online business world. And some of the Business Principles you teach are applicable in other businesses as well! You are a hero!

  11. Kim Mwangi says

    Walter congrats for your continued journey from one glory to another. I must accept you are an inspiration (to me), among others. The article just brings out what many don’t like to hear, but it’s the hard truth. As for diversifying income channels, it’s the only way to ensure you keep surviving online, nothing but the truth. It also applies for other jobs. I recently attended a talk regarding online transcription and one of the main speakers (a foreigner), talked of how the transcription industry has been disrupted. This is as a result of customized software coming into the industry, software that will easily convert many hours of audio into text while requiring one operator per day. That brings in something else, the quality done by machinery may not be as good, but if our output QUALITY is lower than the machines’, the clients will be left with no choice but embrace the new trend. Meanwhile, thanks for this and I look forward to reading more articles from you, articles that will stress on the ABCs of avoiding and/ or recovering after falling to the mistakes above. I mean, many have the potential but on that very time they got work rejected severally, they bowed out, many are our friends, relatives etc, and it would be a pleasure seeing them rise again. God bless!

    • Walter Akolo says

      Thanks Kim. That’s great sharing about transcription. I appreciate your kind words and yes, I’ll strive to help people to dream again. To rise again. To make it online and in life in general. God bless you too.

  12. Matt says

    Indeed Walter, online business needs total dedication and concentration in order to attain one’s goal. Am glad you’ve mentioned such mistakes because, one might assume that it is a normal thing. Well, this means we need to pull up and aim higher in order to meet our clients requirements and, at the same time enjoy our work.
    GOD bless you for the effort you are putting for us to know all this.

  13. Eric says

    Hallo,its true most of the people working online are finding it hard coz of poor work plans.
    Being in haste without taking things into account is making newbie online people ending up in mess.I started working online Dec 2013,and I had a very difficult task to deal with people whom i dont know.Trusting them becomes very hard and therefore lot of headache.

    As you have said patience pays.For now,even though am not earning much,atleast am getting something.I have
    developed a positive altitude assuming everything is possible and I know my dream will never be invalid.
    Congrats for being named among the top 5 arising entreprenuers.May God bless you abundantly.

  14. says


    While reading your post I did what I always do… skim across the writing to pick up what stands out for me, which believe me, has been my biggest mistake, my main undoing. Unlike the other times I had to really read between the lines and understand what the post is all about.

    That is how I found the mistake that almost made me lose my mind! As a writer, I don’t know whether other writers go through this, I am very trusting when it comes to matters to do with getting paid I don’t fret because if it were not for paying bills and what have you, I enjoy writing for free.

    There was this time when I got a call from a guy who had seen my profile online. Since I had not done any SEO writing, he offered to train me and two articles later, I was good. Then he started giving me work to do and I started delivering, and with each bunch of five articles written and submitted daily I begun doing the math. I knew my days as a broke creative writer were going to over until shock on me, it turned out the guy wasn’t going to pay for my hard work.

    I am still looking for work, still working on my writing and believe it or not, I am still trusting and taking people’s word to the bank. The only difference is that, thanks to people like you, I am learning what to give and what to take.

    • Walter Akolo says

      Thanks James. Sorry for being conned. We learn through such mistakes. Your writing is really good. If only you could join the freelancing and writing sites and just use their FAQs and help pages to learn how they work and how to stay safe, you would soon start earning six figures. As stated in the post, do not trust too much. It can hurt like hell when you lose. All the best.

      • James Ouma says


        Thanks for your comments. I am soon going to start writing once I am done developing our juvenile prison mentorship programme, which is taking much more that I anticipated. I think most people will be inspired by the story behind my writing and work as a TV producer. I meet young people who are in media school and most are amazed what we have managed to do without ever stepping inside a journalism class.

        All one has to got to do is start. My writing has become better, not because I have the right tools, but because I am using what I have at my disposal. Right now I am using what they call a mulika mwizi phone to post my stories. All I am saying is that a good writer starts from where they are with what they are and as they learn from mistakes they become better

        • Dennis says

          Hello there,

          Like Walter has pointed out, we learn from our mistakes.

          Lucky us we have Walter to help guide us through the complex nature of online money.

          But always remember, writing is not just an art, but a fine skill, too. Your fine skill ought to help you make ends meet, financially-speaking.


  15. victor kosgey says

    My friend walter thank you,thank you very much have learnt something great.I think have made those costly mistakes and most of i had given up because of being scammed but now i get the direction on how to start all over again.Nimeshukuru umeni upgrade knowledge and i have learnt a lesson too.good day brother!

  16. nicodemus says

    thankyou sir,one time i thought t is an easy way of geting cash,i tried with one but only to know that it was a scam,am happy coz i now hav the knowledge .l wil not take it easy and i have to work extreamly hard.

  17. Dennis says

    Hey Walter, sorry I almost turned out to be your blog’s moderator there

    I have always liked what you do here

    Colleagues, what I would like to share with you and newbies out there:

    Online entrepreneurship is booming at the moment. And chances are good that it will continue to blossom as long as the millions of websites and blogs on the WorldWideWeb require fresh or re-fresher content. As long as audio files need transcription, data needs to be entered, affiliate sales need to be generated e.t.c. The future looks great then? Not if you are not already doing something relevant to earning money online.

    Get the information (Hi Walter), start slowly (with a single stream of online income, first), be consistent (in quality, time-consciousness and communication), and wear some pride (if your skills demand it) or you might have to lick some dirty shoes only to be conned of your hard earned money. It’s the internet and trust doesn’t seem to roam in most hearts and heads. Those “internet jobs” ads on OLX Kenya might just land you a great client…or one that will take advantage of the fact that you two have never laid eyes on each other.

    It’s not like I’m the most successful of all online freelancers, in fact I started out as an online freelance procrastinator. Something else, learn to know when you’ve learned enough to get you started. Don’t research forever, that’s procrastinating!

    • Walter Akolo says

      Thanks Dennis for your excellent addition. I appreciate the good work you have done going through other people’s comments and giving them pointers. Your comment above is also fantastic. You are one of the winners of the Sh. 1,000. Kindly email me your number so that I can MPESA you. God bless you :)

  18. says

    Spot in Walter !

    I agree strongly with you on the point on lack of training, the online world is changing fast and what works today may not work tomorrow especially with regards to search engines. I believe that even the experts in the business need training.

    I once followed the advice from a friend to just follow one thing ,that I would spread myself too thin if I tried a lot of stuff online, I was so wrong. You actually need to try a few things and have a few plates to eat from,that way you actually get to find out which avenue makes you more cash and which one works best for you.

    Kudos for the great post.

  19. Anthony Ndirangu says

    Hello Walter. Congratulation for receiving the recognition. You surely deserve it. The content of the post is worth for every freelancer with an urge to make cash online.

    There are the do and the don’ts in this field that many freelancers ignore. One should remember that in the freelancing world, the entrepreneur has to take various tasks for themselves that would normally be handled by distinct departments at a bigger organization. As a freelance writer, I have realized that there are the keys for success in the game. We have the list of the do and don’ts. A successful freelance understands them clearly and practically. The list of Dos and DON’TS is very long, but I will mention few.


    Create a professional profile- People want their work to be done by professionals. How you organized their profile speaks more of you. Make sure you have all the information the client may need in your profile. If some information is missing, the client will go elsewhere. For instance, an iwriter.com writer (though Walter I have come to love it) should have a nice and professional profile.

    Be independent but do not despise your mentors-You should be good in your job, and deliver quality work. Avoid revision on every order you complete. Remember practice makes perfect.
    Ask questions. Through asking questions, you will know what exactly your client need. In this way, you will meet the requirements of the order. No revisions or rejected orders (the term reject does not sound good in the ears of a freelancer).

    Respond quickly to customer’s messages-Show concern for your clients. This will build more confidence in them (and you too). Checking your mail twice a day (or even more) is advisable. Taking two days to reply your client’s messages will earn you a ticket home empty handed.

    Be active and flexible-Do not rely on one site as the only source of income. Look for other ways of earning extra coin. You do not have to stick to just one site leaving others. Try putting your eggs in different baskets.

    Be a knowledge seeker- Do not be contended with what you have (in terms on knowledge). Look for more information about your field and read what others write. Make sure you have something new every day.

    Help others-They say a candle does not lose its light by lighting other candles. Help others to improve on what they are doing.

    Be cheap-Although some people love cheap things, other prefer expensive ones since they understand the meaning of the saying, cheap is expensive. When you sell yourself short, people will think that you are unqualified. Sell yourself according to your standards.

    Spam client’s email. Spam emails do not go where they are intended to. It is advisable to ask your clients for more work but it should be done with the right email and not a spam.

    Be late. Always stick to the deadline. Nothing hurts the customer the most than a project delivered late. It is your duty as a writer to follow the rules. You will not like it either. Always bite what you can chew.

    Deliver less that you offered- Always complete the task to the end.

    In sum, freelancing can be an excellent way to earn some cash, but only when you master the tricks. Always know yourself and what you can do. Make sure you satisfy the customer’s need, and you will never get disappointed. You should first LEARN then remove the L to EARN.

    • Dennis says

      Nice post Anthony I agree. Especially on the point about selling yourself short.

      So, what is the lowest rate you will ever charge for a 500 word article, well researched and everything?

      • Anthony Ndirangu says

        Your experience determines what you are going to be paid. For a 500 word article, i would charge between a minimum of $8 and $12 depending on the topic..

    • Walter Akolo says

      Claps! I love your great feedback Anthony. You really know your stuff. I agree with all the points that you have put here, especially the “don’t sell yourself short” part. Kindly email me your number so that I can send you the Sh. 1,000. Thanks.

      • Anthony Ndirangu says

        Wow! Am so happy for this one. This is truly the far you have brought me Walter. Am working hard to improve my skills, teach people how to make money online, and become a winner like you.
        Thank you.

  20. says

    On affiliate marketing- I lost some money through the monthly operating balance operating on the skrill accounts. The deal was that for each friend I was to refer to skrill who subsequently makes a payment,
    I was to earn a commission on their fee income of up to €100 for each friend. Anyone who has a personal account with skrill is the only allowed to participate in the referral program and so I was legit to link my Equity Autobranch-mastercard to the skrill accounts on which they had to deduct the operating cost for each month, I found it to be too costly since I was paying in Euros. I had to close the account so that I would change the mode of payment inform of currency to US DOLLARS since the terms and conditions were that in order to change the currency to another currency the individual had to close the current account. Imagine I had to close as soon as possible to prevent further deductions to be made in Euros since the conversion rate to Kenyan shillings was too high compared to the US DOLLARS. I had to lose most benefits from the Skrill Euro account too in that if you have a website or other web preference, you could get paid more for your referrals by becoming a skrill Affiliate. Skrill Affiliates receive 20% revenue share from transaction fees, up to € 1000 per referral for a whole year. I had to link my web preferences again which was time consuming. I lost my Skrill VIP Ambassador membership that was to earn me a massive € 100,000 and revenue share of all their transactions to merchants by introducing new VIPs to skrill. It was a risk worth taking since affiliation was not something that I was to rely on since most clients that I had were not regular online shoppers in the shopping sites.I had to choose the US DOLLAR’S account since their rates are low considering that each month it’s not necessarily that you have to earn through skrill affiliation. I had to diversify…..
    Before signing up of any online transactions, do proper research and read faqs and terms and conditions of any transaction to access if you are going to be comfortable with what they are offering.

    • Walter Akolo says

      Thanks Paul and sorry to learn what happened with your affiliation with Skrill. I agree with your number 9. Great feedback :)

  21. mercy gatwiri says

    Let me start by sending my special regards to Mr Walter who has been assisting us in our online business to see us succeed.Apart from the mistakes listed above,another mistake that makes us not to succeed in our business is loosing hope within no time.Although i have not been working online for long i believe winners never quit and quitters never win,so we should always hold on hoping a day will come and we shall succeed.lack of following the instructions given by the guider also pulls our effort down.We should also be doing a lot of research to improve our writing.Thanks freelancer for the good work.

  22. kelvin ochieng says

    That was an enriching piece worth reading,common mistakes i do are brought out clearly thank you for the enlightment.

  23. Alex Mugendi says

    This is really encouraging Walter. I appreciate the fact that you keep on adding to my store of knowledge regarding making money online. You are the one who enlightened me about the Equity Bank PayPal withdrawal service after using your service a couple of times. I have repeatedly made the mistake of trusting clients so much of which one has conned me; but i have realized that i can avoid that. I have improved my freelancing skills over time by reading all your posts. Don’t think you are doing futile work, because out there you are actually saving someone. I will get in touch for a training on affiliate marketing and blogging, and i promise to remain resilient in this commitment. Thank you and God bless you.

  24. njunji says

    Great blog. The biggest mistake I ever made is getting into online business thinking like I would be rich the following day. It actually took me a while before I could actually secure a single job. But now I can testify that with the right attitude and commitment this can be the best opportunity to make not just extra cash but good cash. Just take it like any other job and you will not regret but be sure take into account the above mistakes highlighted by Walter.

    • Walter Akolo says

      Thanks Njunji. All of us think we will be rich after one month…not until we start doing the job :)

  25. says

    Hats off Walter.!!!! Congratulations on being named among the top 5. You are always a great inspiration to many, every time I read an article from you it uplifts me from crawling in this online business. These article is just a bomb it a true guideline and an eye opener to all online entrepreneurs. Kudos!!!

  26. says

    Hi Walter,

    Such a rich information. I have been yearning for it, now that I have it from such a generous individual, the sky will be the limit. keep motivating and empowering online entrepreneurs! .

    Sincerely Obuya.

  27. samuel says

    Hi Walter,
    Its so nice of you to bring this to our attention because am sure most of the freelance writers make about 60% of these mistakes,Apparently,I started joining various freelance sites about two months ago but up to now,no fruits have been bore.What keeps me going is the numerous material i receive from you and I appreciate that gesture.Am sure if I am successful I will try not to make these mistakes.
    Another thing i wish to do is congratulate you for being named top 5 entrepreneurs.God bless you and do keep going on and on.

  28. Dorcas says

    Hi Walter,

    Great post well laid on the table,and congratulations for being named as one of the fastest growing entrepreneurs in Kenya.


  29. Jane Gathuru says

    I like your real presence in online business Walter. All the above mistakes are worth noting but my biggest mistake has been thinking that working online is very hard which in real sense it is especially for beginners.But one thing I am getting to learn is that with training and a helping hand like yours one can gradually overcome the challenges. Complimenting passion with learning, patience and taking actions can finally leave anyone permanently working and earning online.Meanwhile,the struggle continues.

  30. Eric Mwaniki says

    Hallo,for real you keep on uplifting my morale to work online.You inspire me every now and then making me feel that positive altitude towards myself.
    I started doing online job last year Dec.I had alot of challenges coz one thing,i was doing my work in haste,assuming everything is hard but as I read your email,i believed everything is pissible.
    I wish to earn much online,trying to avoided the above listed mistake and I know I will achieve my dream.
    Congrats for being top 5 fast growing entrepreneur.God bless you Walter.

    • Walter Akolo says

      Thanks Eric. If you follow the different tips you will soon be earning so much online you will not believe it.

  31. Kelvin says

    Good man Walter,
    I remember subscribing to your training program a few months ago. I have read the material religiously, created the necessary accounts in as many freelance writing sites and started a blog. I am yet to make money online. Nonetheless, it doesn’t escape my mind for a moment that I am wiser today than i was before i came across your training. Despite not having made any money from any of these sites, I maintain my belief that sooner rather than later, my money-making journey will kick off on a firm foundation. So keep writing and I’ll keep reading.

    • Walter Akolo says

      Thanks Kelvin for your feedback. Sorry to hear you have not made any money yet. What kind of feedback are you receiving? How many hours a day do you spend searching for jobs online? Kindly let me know your status so that I can see how to help some more.

      • Kelvin says

        I spend close to 6 hours a day online hunting for jobs. Surprisingly, I haven’t landed any job online despite signing up in freelancer, elance and iwriter. I have submitted bids severally but I seem to get out-bid, probably owing to my lack of ‘visible’ qualifications(I haven’t taken any of their premium exams). Even my gigs on Fiverr can’t seem to get any hits. I am a good writer, and that given, can’t seem to forge a way forward.

        • says

          Kindly subscribe to online writing sites that equip writers with writing tools. Follow the advice and develop your writing. Do not be satisfied by being good, out do the one’s who are better.

  32. Boniface Kemboi says

    I realy do agree with you on these mistakes. I have realized where I have gone wrong several times. Patience has also been a challenge but since am new to the field am learning so fast. Congratulations you deserve that award.

  33. Eric Nguru says

    This piece speaks to me. Over time, I have been a victim of most of the above mentioned excruciating mistakes. From late orders, to poor quality work, to trusting too much and most painful depending on one stream of income. The journey has been long and enlightening and even though I am not there yet, I still have hope I will get there mainly because of knowledge I gain from blogs such as Walters. Indeed there is a lot to do online and we all need the right tactics to achieve success. Thank you.

    • Walter Akolo says

      Thanks Eric. I have also made all those mistakes and probably more. Resilience and passion keeps me going. I believe your dreams are valid too.

  34. says

    I would totally agree with you on those mistakes, but would also hasten to add one more; too busy with other things.When one is busy elsewhere he would lack time to really research on and create good stuff.

  35. annie kariuki says

    Hi Walter,
    You truly deserve that award because in our own way you have made a huge difference.
    This mistakes we overlook them but they do cost us much.
    Lets be keen on our work and work like proffessionals.

  36. Dorothy Achieng says

    Oh Walter, I hear you, one has to have passion for this job to move on with it, because without passion at least you can survive your 9 to 6 job but not online, because nobody will be on your back asking you to do this and do that, you have to have he heart to move on despite the pitfalls. So far I might still be termed a newbie but that does not mean I have not learned the ways yet, I have, it is just a matter of implementing and that is why taking lessons is a great way of for people who want to earn online to do. You do not get degrees here but the learning is constant! Again thank you for the inspiration.

  37. Marto Mwangi says

    Hello Walter,

    Very informative. I will always be thankful for how you have transformed my life. I learn a new thing everyday either through your blog or Facebook. I have even set you as a close friend (which is true) so that I don’t miss any of your post. I have had a fair share of challenges since I started out in December, but I have learnt to work my way out. I remember vividly the time I got the first rejection on iwriter and my average rating wasn’t that good. You helped me believe in myself and move on to other platforms that have turned to be good. My first blog is in the pipeline and I hope to change lives just like you’ve done to me and others. God bless you for your kind heart

  38. stella says

    Thanks for the advice about the mistakes we always make.My first mistake was thinking that online working is as easy as 123.I learned that there are many things i need to to do & now i am taking one step at a time (with your help)I have learned i need to take training first & i am working on that

    • Dennis says

      Hey Liz,

      I agree with you about procrastination being the greatest of problems. That is both online and in offline ventures right?

    • Walter Akolo says


      We all started with capital constraints, or at least most of us.

      Like James said in his comment up there, you need to start with what you have.

      I know someone who bargained with a cyber to get a discount since he would be working there daily. Right now he is earning very well.

      I also started with a borrowed computer and using 25MB bundles from Safaricom.

      Decide what you want, stick to it, persist, learn and you will get there.

      Let me know how things go.

  39. Ambrose says

    Congrats upon the recognition that your efforts have yielded. I must say I have made the steps that I have made due to the generous spirit that you put into helping others, and my online income started flowing in when I even had to use your withdrawal service to get my iWriter payments when I run into the PayPal issue with Uganda.

    As for the mistakes, my comment about people running into trouble delivering on time is that they are at times too eager to get work and promise delivery times that are unrealistic basing on their daily output. It is always wise to work in some wiggle room so that if you know you can do 10 articles in 2 days, offer to submit in 3 days and then watch the client glow when you submit the finished work in 2 days. If something happens and you can’t complete the work in 2 days as you thought, the extra day serves just fine and the client still gets their work within the time you promised you would deliver it to them.

    Otherwise, the mark of a great post can easily be seen by how much more one learns from the comments section since it would be clear that the post hit home and generated further discussion. Keep up the good work, man!

  40. Sally says

    Who is willing to train this newbie on freelance writing? I have too much time but have no clue how to go about it

  41. says

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”, but that is no justification for nostalgia.We should always be looking forward to the future, we should always be trying to grow our ideas, grow what we do; grow ourselves. Nevertheless, sometimes you just have to take notice of a milestone along the way.” – Santayana #Lessonslearnt and still #Learning

  42. says

    I am commenting here walter not that I so much want the 1k but because i read a very amazing consistency in your tips, I did attend your classes one time and these tips keep ringing in my mind as a jewel because i have learned to apply most of them (not all .. partly my fault and laziness). But i want to concur with you that quality and timely delivery are among the most serious requirements to online businesses success. I got started in online business 2008 after college and it was not easy, i met a con who first took 2k from me to register me to do things like post classified ads, take online surveys,post thousands of reference links through clickbank and stuff. Well i got so disillusioned along the way because of that but deep down i knew that online working was possible and of course the logistics of getting the little earned dollars into my account from paypal was such a hustle, thank God i stumbled on e-pay K and later your idea on payoneer, you remember? Definitely online working is a reality for me and is paying all depending on hard work and exercising utmost professionalism. This is all borne from self discipline. All i can say is keep up the good work brother and congrats for the nomination, blessings.

  43. says

    Thanks again Walter for the great piece! I must admit that for the three or four years I have been online, I always knew i would make a decent living online but failed! I fell for most of the get-rich-qucik scams online and so much more. I made most of the mistakes you have pointed out, especially, hoping from one thing to another!
    I wanted to make money online, but i didnt have a credit card, no debit card, I could not sign up for some good opportunities as I was in Uganda… Paypal promised to help but in vain. As I was at the very last thread at the end of my rope, I googled ‘make money online in Africa’ and i landed on your site. My perception changed and I set out to start again!

    Fast forward two months later, I have now written my own ebook (which i will upload next week as the design is delaying), I have also designed an audio course to teach Ugandan/african youths how they can get started online blogging and make a decent living. I have alos outsourced my blogdesign and it will be up and running in a week or two! I now have written over 60 articles… and when my blog launches at the end of June, it will be ‘well stocked’.

    Well I got all that from the advise you give on your blog. You helped me put all i knew in focus! To all other bloggers, my advice: Start a blog. Treat your blog like a business. Remember, a business operates by solving people’s problems and it makes money by selling those solutions. Treat your blog like a business, set hours to work on it, learn as much as you can about your area, and share your expertise with the world … it will pay for you!

    Some one once said, ‘Chop your own wood, it will warm you twice’. Get going and let us make africa, especially the youth, to stand out and achieve their dreams online! Thankx Walter!

  44. says

    Walter, I am a freelancer and employer too. It is true about Kenyans and quality. The current crop of people interested in content marketing are just too lazy to do the job right and on time. Plagiarism is something our education system never addresses and it shows in our work. You train someone and they still think they can get away with copy-pasting. Another issue in quality is that we do not take time to relate to the market we are trying to connect with. I tell all my writers to avoid ESL language (yaani, usikae mshamba writing funny English or Kenyan English. ESL stands for English as a Second Language). If your market is UK, do not use American English. If your market is Australian, use Australian English etcetera. Make your free time opportunities for research. For instance, watch these popular TV series and pay keen attention to diction, grammar, vocabulary, and how each culture constructs its sentences. Learn how to use language to relate to your target audience.

    • Jedidah says

      I agree with the TV part. It does help a lot. The challenge would be, most of these shows are American shows so they influence our English a lot. Additionally, you find that British English is sort of complicated. But as you have said, we should not use ESL in any given professional work. I think what can also help people is to read widely. Unfortunately, I don’t think that our newspapers can help much, though. Their writers’ works are full of strange sentence constructions. Or maybe it’s just me reading the wrong papers

      • says

        Jedidah, you are right about the newspaper part. What happens with most of journalists is they will throw in a British phrase here and an American phrase elsewhere all in the name of trying to make their articles look good.

        If looking to learn proper English from every English-conversing corner of the earth, look into investing in a few books. For example, I have a folder to which I refer at least once a day for referencing on American English, British English and Australian English. The investment into these library is worth it taking into consideration what I get back in terms of $$$.

    • Dennis says

      I would have agreed with you but Hey! you are generalizing.

      I for one prefer to be honest with my clients about assignment’s turn-around-times. One might be afraid that they are not going to land the job, but I have come to learn that the best clients are realistic and can smell desperation from a couple of sentences away.

      And as for content quality, I think It all depends on how far the author is willing to go to deliver a 5 star project, talents and if they were ever reeeeaally interested in the work or in the compensation…but then again, we all got bills to pay.

      Holla if you need quality (shameless self-advertising right there)

  45. Jedidah says

    Eish Walter!! You inspire me every day. I am also testing the freelancing waters. Numbers 3 and 4 have been my mistakes so far. It is a challenge!! When I signed up on O desk, I thought things would just flow smoothly right after that. Like I would start making money immediately, but I was wrong. I am yet to do an O desk job. And then I thought, this is all too hard and complicated. I did realise, though that there are still a lot of things that I do not understand about working online. I had also not taken up any training about how to go about online freelancing, and that way I can not apply for some jobs that seem really easy to do. I wouldn’t want to disappoint a client with poorly done work. I have decided to take it one step at a time. Maybe you should also include somewhere in a post that one needs to network widely. However, I have done one translation job that took me about a day. I must say it paid well.
    Now talking about typos and grammar (Dennis), did anyone see this? ‘Each type of online job has it’s own security measures’….The ‘it’s’ is wrong, it should be ‘its’, without the apostrophe. Walter, maybe you could give me that proofreading job?

    • Walter Akolo says


      He he he…Thanks for letting me know about the typo. Let me fix it right away.

      You write so well and have great command of English.

      Yes, take it a step at a time but make sure you don’t procastinate. I can already tell that you are going far.

      Thanks again for your correction. Maybe I should consider you for the proofreading job :) What do you charge for that?


  46. CECILIA says

    Thanks alot Walter,
    You are a great mentor to me in my online business, you’ve made it easier for me. I agree that there are a lot of struggle you have to put in especially if you have never done the business before. However never despair. I was always failing in my projects and could end up wasting time, internet , and not getting paid. Its really frustrating but slowly i picked up and its a real business. As always, to be successful you have to first fail so as to know where the catch is. Again, thanks Walter and congratulations , you deserve success.

  47. Victor Odhiambo says

    This is so on point and eye catching! I visited a friend living lavishly around Kahawa Wendani, impressed by his living standards, I inquired about what he does for a living. He introduced me to online business but after one month, I was frustrated because I thought I would be rich instantly! I made most of the mistakes you have highlighted and am now wiser. I can now start online business again

  48. says

    Brilliant Article, I think alot of people are oblivious of the necessary steps and guidelines for success in the on-line business, most people think on-line business is this fun or hobby which doesn’t pay well hence are abit casual when it comes to it,Kudos Walter I always learn alot from your articles

  49. Steve says

    Hi Walter.
    Great work. I have been learning alot and been inspired by your work. I have been your client for some time and have really appreciated the way you work and handle clients. I am encouraged to pursue a similar part in the near future. Cheers!

  50. Nancy Olewe says

    Wow! I feel like I’m starting everything all over again. Honestly speaking, I wouldn’t be anywhere without your inspiring words. I have made a lot of mistakes and I intend to rectify all of them; thanks to your blog post.

  51. maureen muthoni says

    This is a very good initiative…It has encourahed me to be more aggressive and work smart to earn more..You are of great impact in my life.Thankyou.

  52. says

    Hi Walter,
    Thanks a lot for this great useful post. I love the days we used to chat and you advised me on how to make quick money online. I started with so much expectations and this led me to become one of the victim of world famous Scams. Currently i have fully recovered from my mistake and i would like to thank so much for the help and support.
    Your blogs have been very useful to me and i can honestly say that i have benefited a lot from them. I am also heading to the same road of success. I am hoping that i will drive my own dream car very soon. I have been selling amazon products on my site and this has helped me to make some extra bucks online without working so hard.

  53. Stephen Wameyo says

    “I want to start an online business where I’ll be my own boss…” Those are words you’ll often hear from the budding online entrepreneur who is so eager to jump into the online business bandwagon. But do they they have the blueprint to running a successful online business?

    Oh yes, they now do, thanks to this wonderful post!

    Running an online business means you become your own boss. You set your own working hours and you determine how much you want to earn. All this is not very easy with just-a-step-away distractions like Facebook, twitter, Whatsapp, T.V and your bed.

    This business requires self discipline and dedication. But the rewards are equally sweet and motivating.

    Happy freelancing guys!!

    • says

      Stephen!. True, social media even email is bad news. This email has heavy weight especially when you have the kind of messages that require response within a day keeps you glued to email. I have personally permanently failed to get out of Facebook so I accept to live with it on. Maybe one day it will go away. Thank s buddy.

    • Dennis says

      Not to mention that working online could set you back as far as your social life (offline) is concerned if you weren’t carefully.

      It can also be a lonely venture-just you and your PC, emails and multiple accounts, passwords, client feedback, whew! The money can be tempting, addictive even, but you know better than to ignore your “your real-life” buddies.

      And you might be surprised that you are more likely to gulp up more junk food while working “kwa mtandao”. A friend of mine (writer) says he barely allocates some good time for a good shower.

  54. says

    Thanks for the article, i think that apart from the income part is just fun, it is like creating and seeing your creation taking shape, i have never regretted buying my computer since now it takes care of all my bills. Am one year old, but it has been really awesome i still trust God that I’ll start having those great clients. Anyway am thankful to the whole community of writers who are ever ready to help. NEVER TRUST FULLY, I WAS CONNED 14 K BY SOMEBODY AND NO TWO NEVER RELY ON ONE STREAM OF INCOME YOU MIGHT SLEEP HUNGRY

  55. Joan says

    I must admit you pointed out mistakes i have made before in my online business which is why i really got impressed with your article.Answers to some of the issues am having in my business have been clearly given.I encourage you to keep up the great spirit of advising people running online businesses.Thank you Walter.

  56. says

    Right on Point Walter, truly you are a rising online entrepreneur, I have been inspired by your articles and other support, It is because of these articles I turned around and started real blogging for business. I am looking forward to inviting you for a guest post soon. Keep on you are Kenya’s Source of Online Education and Inspiration.

  57. Ann Maina says

    Hello Walter,

    Thanks a lot for this eye opener article about online jobs. I have not been in this business for long and I have already earned a lot compared to my last job. I have done these mistakes not once and i have suffered the consequences. However, I am brighter now and I know one day I will be bold enough to say, online jobs really pays. Congratulations for your achievements.

    May God bless you.

  58. says

    You have always been a great blessing and unending inspiration in our online business. Above all you have been a selfless eyeopener who generously share information with amazing generosity. I must admit I have been committing some of the mistakes you have highlighted and as if you were reading my mind, you just came to my rescue. Thank you and may GOD bless the work of your hands.!

  59. Dennis says

    Hello Mr Walter and fellow freelance writers. I must agree that the discussion here is totally true. I have been an academic freelance writer for quite sometime now, and I have suffered the consequences of these mistakes from time to time. May be you forgot to talk about poor prioritizing and poor timing too. Good writing goes a long way. Thank You much, the discussion is being so helpful to me and friends.

  60. says

    Big up Walter. I’m new to free lancing but making great progress . I Currently have one active account but I haven’t earned anything yet. However, you’ve made me realize the importance of diversifying my sources of online income. It is inevitable.

    Since I’m a beginner, I believe the aforementioned ‘mistakes to avoid’ will guide me towards the right path. Thanks for your guidance. May God bless you in your endeavors.

  61. Truphie says

    I am appreciating everything I have read here; hearing it again reminds me never to relent or slacken in my efforts, even when things are seemingly tough. And the new things I hear allow me to remember that there is a LOT of room for improvement thus I need to keep getting better every day. Thanks for sharing without tiring Walter, God bless you!

  62. Ervin says

    Hi there Walter. Thanks for your help not just on the blogs but on the Payoneer Card issue I had. I must say, it’s true that most people don’t value quality, especially in the Graphic Design and 3D industry in Kenya. If only people could see the level of quality at Freelancer. I’ve been there bidding and contesting for the last 2months and I must say, after coming in 2nd in one contest, I’m not giving up…
    Thanks everyone for the encouragement. Glad to see a serious online community in Kenya. 😀

  63. Jackline says

    Thanks for the insight. I wanted to start an online business two years back but gave up because of the mistakes you have outlined here. But now am determined to have a very successful online business. Watch this space.

  64. Eric says

    lack of focus is another mistake – There are may ways to make money in the internet business but you can’t do them all. This is why you need to focus on one or two goals at a time

  65. Carol K says

    Well, where to begin? I have pretty much made almost all those mistakes. Article writing can be tricky when you are sometimes expected to write about stuff from the top of your head. Academic research papers are not easier either especially if you have a separate commitment e.g office job. All in all, writing has expanded my earning pool but has more than anything, exposed me to topics that I never knew about. Being a curious person, let’s just say, writing the various papers has definitely broadened my knowledge and understanding of different things. Thanks Walter for your help! :)

  66. says

    The mistakes you talked about above are really making us “Kenyans” have a bad image. I have been a freelance writer or the past 5 years and truth be told, its paying well. However, there are many people who are coming into the business with very high expectations that they end up ruining everythng. And by that I mean ruining it for even us who’ve been in it for quite a while.

    My advice to those joining the online world is to take it a day at a time. No palace wa ever built in a day. It takes determnation, hard work and TIME!

  67. Dick Kinya says

    Hi Walter you are always an eye opener. I am grateful for all the useful resources you freely give to us budding online enterpreneurs. I look foward to the day I will fully depend on my online business. Dick Kinya.

  68. Victor says

    Thank very much Walter for the great work you have done to help kenyans to know how to make money online. Congratulations for being named as one of the fastest growing enterpreneurs in Kenya. Thank very much Walter for the great work you have done to help kenyans to know how to make money online. Congratulations for being named as one of the fastest growing enterpreneurs in Kenya. Thank very much Walter for the great work you have done to help kenyans to know how to make money online. Congratulations for being named as one of the fastest growing enterpreneurs in Kenya. Thank very much Walter for the great work you have done to help kenyans to know how to make money online. Congratulations for being named as one of the fastest growing enterpreneurs in Kenya. Thank very much Walter for the great work you have done to help kenyans to know how to make money online. Congratulations for being named as one of the fastest growing enterpreneurs in Kenya. Thank very much Walter for the great work you have done to help kenyans to know how to make money online. Congratulations for being named as one of the fastest growing enterpreneurs in Kenya. Thank very much Walter for the great work you have done to help kenyans to know how to make money online. Congratulations for being named as one of the fastest growing enterpreneurs in Kenya. Thank very much Walter for the great work you have done to help kenyans to know how to make money online. Congratulations for being named as one of the fastest growing enterpreneurs in Kenya. You are my personal mentor when it comes to online business. I hope that i will be successful one day having been trained by you. Thank you.

  69. says

    My biggest mistake is being too trusting, It cost me a lot, my business and some point my reputation but now am back and much wiser. It is true that you can make good money online but writing is a gift and people should find out what they specialize in, by the way I used to earn 14k per week from Iwriter and with this encouragement and lots more from Walter,I went back to Iwriter and today got some good money.

  70. Macharia says

    To me you have been a mentor as far as this online writing is concerned,i always refer to your blog to make sure that i get it right.The above article falls no short of those useful articles for a starter like me.Whats amazing to me is your good will to assist.keep it up sir.

  71. Joe says

    Great post and really eye opening as usual. My take away was quality and deadlines are deadlines. It is good that we remain competitive in a global village

  72. says

    You can already see the lazy attitudes on comments here- by just refusing to bother using the capital letters in the right places, it annoys sana sindiyo? Its like saying I care less but pay me huh!

    • says

      Lol Lillian, You’re breaking my ribs. No capital letters! By the way even putting a comment in a blog with a grammar mistake is serous thing. I wish this posting were editable like Facebook. However, there is no way someone can learn unless they see their permanent mistakes. I have many and my main earning comes from writing but I am growing each day.

  73. says

    well, the seventh mistake caught me on spot. I only depend on one content writing site. I am however trying to diversify my scope. I am actually undergoing blogging classes with Walter as my tutor. I now feel the need to have more income streams. Thanks for everything Walter.

  74. Anthony says

    first i got to say congrats on this achievement of being listed a top rising entrepreneur..big up. whenever I read your work it pushes me to take a first step into this online stuff.I have passion for it which is defintely the reason i’m on your email list.thanks Walter everything i now know in this field i have learnt from your writings..and im still looking foward to a lesson from you soon.Great work,

  75. Jesse Mwaniki says

    I cannot agree more. I have worked online for over 4 years now and just like you’ve clearly put it, “Haraka haraka haina baraka”. I have learned that planning is one of the elements that will make your work “quality”. this is what one would call maturity in online business. You win the loyalty and trust of people you work for and they spread the gospel in a span of minutes. In summary, if one aims at achieving a certain goal in online business, they should then be guided by the principle of KNOWING YOU CAN, BELIEVING YOU WILL.
    Thank you Walter. Great words of the right way to go in online business.

  76. says

    As someone who has had my fair share of making mistakes in the online business world I completely agree with you.
    One other thing is to take the job seriously.It may not require waking up every morning to go to the office and this is where a high level of discipline is needed to make it.

    Awesome post Walter.

  77. Joan says

    I do not have anything to add, since you have laid it all out on the table. However, it is inevitable for me to reiterate on one of your points, “Once you master one skill, go ahead and learn another one and add it to your portfolio.” This is the bit that has struck me most because i believe that people should be very determined and committed to what they do. Personally, I am very ambitious and I believe in writing or any other online businesses one has to be very committed to what they do and tackle them with passion. It is true that you say that it is not easy because many people think that the money just comes in. I might be young, but I have a lot from this business. I went for training with many youth of my age but I was the only one that held on since others viewed it too time-consuming. Writing does earn good money but it depends with attitude. I have been able to be independent and it is good to eat the fruits of my labor. lastly, I admire this piece because it explicates what is really expected in online business. Thanks Walter this is a masterpiece.

  78. says

    Quality is always key to any businesses and this goes to show one is professional with what he/ she is offering in terms of services. The time factor in delivery is also trivial to any businesses. Further nothing is easy nor hard if only one tries it. We fail only if we don’t try..thus the step of taking initiative is key. Gaining insights from those who have done it, essential to build the beginners and even those who are already in it..Thanks Walter

  79. Jack says

    The article has been informative especially on the part of expecting too much within a short time. Currently, I am working hard to create a strong income through online jobs. It is true that there are many con artists out there to cheat people out of their cash. However, the one thing that keeps me going is the strong hope that I will soon make it.

  80. Lilliane Bwire says

    The bit about ‘Kenyans’ really got me and I do not think its far from truth remember the little adage said of Africans that if you want to hide something from them then put it in a book! Many of us have no time for self improvement and investing to better ourselves-would rather party instantly once the first dollar is raked in! or unless the value addition is guaranteed to give you more ‘chums’ quickly. The unemployment crisis fuels these even more because its the one thing Kenyans believe they don’t have to bribe to get a job that makes them money. Now that’s a thought, but I concur let it be a passion spending hours in front of a computer is no easy task, your eyes water, dim and sure your back gives way because you wont even invest in a comfortable chair to get out quality work and so its a disaster in the end. The more we read the more we learn and Walter thanks -you are always an inspiration.

  81. says

    are found of using blackout as an excuse when they fail to deliver
    time. I used to be a victim of scams but by reading your posts, I now
    have 4 permanent clients. I also run a team of 5writers

  82. Grace N. says

    Nice read.This is a great article on what to expect on online jobs. It expounds what entails with online jobs that they are not get rich quick way of earning income. Online jobs rather are for those that work hard, research, patient to be able to reap benefits from the jobs. In addition training should be ongoing from those that have made it on the online jobs. Great article Walter Akolo!

  83. Duncan Muya says

    Thanks for that reminder. I confess that I have fallen to at least two of the above mistakes. I trusted too much at a point and lost some cash. I am also a victim of depending on one stream of earning. I appreciate your continued teachings.


    Duncan Muya

  84. Maurice says

    Spot on! I cannot agree any more Walter. Juzi I told someone nafanya Academic Writing and guese what, alisema “Ah! Kucopy paste tu!!!”

    Now that right there speaks volumes about the chances someone can make it in online business. Cheers Walter, Keep up with the good work.

  85. says

    About having more than 1 stream is so true, back in 2013 I had a family emergency that took me away from writing for two months. Since I couldn’t concentrate, I decided to sub-contract just to keep two of my highest paying accounts alive. Lo and behold, I didn’t even have time to edit submissions and I lost both accounts due to poor quality and had to start from zero like a newbie after 3 years in the industry.

    Moral of the story, dabble in more than one source of cash. Now I’m back into writing but the money I make I re-invest in farming, Forex and other small businesses. This way my kids will still go to school and I’ll be able to keep up with rent should something happen.

  86. Edwin Mogere says

    Akolo thanks for another thoughtful blog post. I wish I read your blog before I joined campus. I wasted 3 years of my time flirting online. However, I am grateful of your lessons. I took the iniative and now am making money online and am not depending on one cash stream. I am diversified. Kudos man.

  87. Duncan Muya says

    I am humbled for your reminder. I have fallen to at least two mistakes especially trusting too much and depending on .one stream. I now have to diversify and get more streams to be sure i grow as it should me. I will continue reading your informative blogs. Keep it up!

  88. Sammy Mwatha says

    Walter, these are absolute nuggets.

    I particularly like “The word easy and hard are relative.”. Yes, you may get your fingers burnt initially and occasionally, but preparation is critical. Study the field thoroughly, seek out the gurus and learn from them.

    Rome was not built in one day but it got built!

  89. says

    I just started working online the other day (on iwriter.com) and I can say that this advice is indeed going to help me. I look forward to working closely with Wally and his team.

  90. stephen mutua says

    inorder to invest much on ua online business u need to be active regularly…infact you should do it atleast twice in a day…thanks freelancer

  91. Felix Mwandala Maingi says

    Dear Walter,
    Anytime I read your blog posts i get the energy to move on and continue with freelancing. I have not been there long enough as you, but I understand all these mistakes because I have done them myself and I have paid dearly for some. I wish every young Kenyan out there could utilize all this information you provide because it has helped many. Freelancing is not an easy task as many people think, it requires a great deal of Sacrifice and Commitment before it pays out. I believe that online business is the future. Thank you Walter for your inspiration and May God see you through all your endeavors. Cheers Man
    ♦♦♦With Regards♦♦♦

  92. says

    Hello! Hot Stuff. I like this more and more. I appreciate that I am not sick demanding to learn and dreaming to earn online. Sometimes I think that I am wasting time but the money I have made since March 2012 from writing alone, no employer in this country could have given me. Right now I am fighting with low pay, which is all over online.

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